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  1. i have a diffrent glyph in game and here i have my old glyph and i don't know how to change it to what i have ingame
  2. TYPE: in game visual bug DESCRIPTION: when you use mirage abillity "eclipse" the skin of the warframe armor and syandana breaks VISUAL: without the abillity with the abillity also doing it on other warframes who has the subsumed abillity: REPRODUCTION: the bug only work when you use the eclips abillity of mirrage, its working in the dark mode and the light mod of the abillity. EXPECTED RESULT: the skin should stay the same with only the effect of the abillity OBSERVED RESULT: the skin of the warframe, armor and syandana gets bork
  3. oh. hey, where is new war quest we are waiting 2 years to end? and, when you will bring back the raids?
  4. for a long time i notice me and other players using wisp or the baurahn prime ephemera was missing the particles from the body. and insted of them to be on the body they are between the legs of the warframe: pls fix this is very annoying to my eyes
  5. הדיסקורד לא עובד יש מצב שאתה שולח אחד מעודכן? אני מנהל קהילה ישראלית רשמית של ווארפריים (לא קלאן) ואני מחפש עוד אנשים שיכנסו
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