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  1. Hey-ho, people! EDIT: Apparently greatswords are held normally when in level. They're only upside down when in the orbiter (tested with Paracesis). EDIT2: So, apparently greatswords are only held backwards while in "defense mode". (tested while having only a greatsword equipped and pressing MB2). I REALLY want to buy some greatsword skins. But holding them backwards makes it look like my character is thinking about offing himself... Or like he just watched too much Samurai X and is full of bad ideas. But anyhow, I suppose the blade should be pointing towards the main hand's knuckles, right? So, could we change them so the blades are facing away from the Frame? Cheers!
  2. Heh!~ That might actually be a good idea! I wouldn't mind hearing this line more often: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/d/d7/NightwaveOfferingsOutro2.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20190513134144
  3. Hm, hm... Makes sense, but I don't know... I figured instead of just doing everything from scratch maybe someone at DE could possibly reappropriate the lower part of one of her animation sets or something, so she could "float" while wielding her melee.
  4. Hi, everybody! Having a great week, I hope? I really love playing as Wisp, also, I'm a great fan of channel-meleeing enemies to oblivion, but here's the catch: When you're meleeing with Wisp it just looks... weird. (And yes, I do understand Wisp uses the same animation skeleton as other warframes for melee, but still... C'mon! look at that!) It's painful to look at those stubs hitting the ground when you're running with a weapon in hand, or how Wisp balances on top of them while swinging weapons (especially the heavier ones)... And for that I must say, that like a bursa, I'm triggered. Seriously, though... Is there something that can be done? Have a good one!
  5. Alright. I've played through the main quest far enough to see the Lotus gone, so can I now please have the ability of turning off her transmissions? Seriously, with space-mom gone I was hoping I could get a break from her endless droning. (I'm sorry, Ms. Ford, you're a great voice actress, but with over 700 hours of gameplay, I feel like we need some time apart). I mean, I was already fed up with it quite a while ago, but now not only it's pointless, it's also weird. I mean, not only it makes sense gameplay-wise, but it also makes sense story-wise: The Lotus has abandoned the operator, so he/she needs to grow on his/her own now. Having Ordis emulate what the Lotus would be saying is like getting a bad pacifier in exchange for a breast I had stopped sucking on five years ago. So, what do you guys say? How about we get one of those cool slider switches in the options for turning "Synthesize Lotus' mission directives" on and off? Thanks!
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