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  1. First off all by saying that you contradicted yourself. But what I am trying to say is that yes you can but the set not a problem however sometimes the extra added amount is ridiculous that I what I was talking about in terms of naivety. Let me use a comparison for this one you don't go and buy the first fridge you see you do spend a bit of time looking at various ones at various prices and seeing if they're good then you pick the most suited one for you and for most people they will tend to go for a cheaper one. It's the same principal in theory in Warframe if you just buy a set after the fi
  2. I agree the trade chat is just awash with seller selling well everything and anything. By trying to sell individual parts you're limiting the amount of plat you can make but by seeing the set you're being copied by hundreds of other players and even if you drop your prices down a bit you still won't get the attention because of the amount of sellers there are
  3. Considering you're buying at such a high rate then you may not have plat left over. Furthermore, igoring rivens and legendary cores which alot of players won't hve gotten yet. Frames are the easiest ways to get 100 + plat quickly and guess what most if not all the frames that are over 100 plat are vaulted and unless you happen to have done endless missions or used to play before they were vaultra ypu probably won't have a chance to get these through RNG. AlsI you can sell mods and other frames for abit and make 100p like that sure but the WTS market is flooded and your message will get oversha
  4. How about you even the playing field abit. They both have 250p and have 5 consecutive days free
  5. I understand that but the price difference for most of it can be completely ridiculous and that even if they spent a little bit of time they'd be amazed at what they can get
  6. To be honest you don't really see people whom have just bit's and pieces of warframes and weapons advertise them mainly because the masses for some reason seem more lazy and interested in buying whole sets for a much greater price
  7. Honestly even if the weapon isnt exactly good
  8. I understand people are eager but if let's say my example I get Mag Prime for 80p but it takes me two days but someone else pays 210p for it but gets it immediately who really wins at the end of the day.
  9. Now I don't consider myself as a expert on the Warframe markets but there is just a huge basic that people don't understand. Buying a whole warframe set will be most of the time more expensive than buying it individually. For example Mag Prime (on PS4 anyways) goes for approx 200 plat (rounded) by buying her parts individually so far I've bought the rarest parts for 30p each (Blueprint and system I think) and I'm expecting to get the rest for 10p each. Equalling 80p; more than half her set price Now obviously for alot of the cheaper frames like Mirage this may not work or is even worth t
  10. Is it just me or do you guys also like running Nidus on a half decent efficiency because of your playstyle. Do you guys have any builds where the efficiency isn't affected too much
  11. Do you guys think that Junction bosses should be a lot stronger I mean like if you use Excalibur Radial Blind then gg. i just think that DE should really strengthen the junction bosses as they can be taken out in 30 seconds
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