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  1. Added 3 more fights and revised some UI / UX stuff. Hovering over the frames now shows clues about the fights. Most people said the AI was unfair, so I will try to come up with an in-game tutorial as well. I am happy with the Mesa Prime's AI; but the other 2 need some love. It has been sometime since I last updated the version and this one includes some bugfixes. So I published it anyways. Learning a lot about fighting AI's. I'm having a lot of fun. Hope you have fun with it as well :)
  2. Oh wow, that's really good idea. Rather than a normal dodge, maybe I can make it look like he enters and leaves rift as he evades. Thank you so much 🤩
  3. 8th Frame Fight will be Limbo Prime with a rapier. I didn't like the AI of Umbra, so I will try my best to come up with a nimble melee fight with this one :)
  4. 7th Frame Fight will be Mesa Prime. Her AI probably will be similar to Ivara fight
  5. 6th frame fight will be Nekros Reaper. Having a lot of fun with their AIs :)
  6. Frame fighter was a love letter to Street Fighter. It was not bad; but restricting Warframe players to 2D might not be the best idea :) This is basically 3D version of that. Glad you liked it, hope you play it also. Would love to hear your feedback 🤩
  7. At first I tried to stick to their actual skills; but it was a bit limiting to my resources. So I just went with their model representation. I couldn't create a spore VFX for Saryn :) I think it looks a bit overboard as well. Thank you for the kind words 🤩
  8. Hey everyone 👋 My name is Taha and I like developing low poly games in my free time. I always wanted to do something related to Warframe. Thought this project would be a nice love letter to Frame-Fighter, so I gave it a try. I got a lot of positive reaction from the reddit post, so I went and completed it. It is going to be completely free & completely unofficial :) I tried to use what I could get from the fankit assets provided in the Discord channel. I am done with the development at the moment. The game build, trailer, site and legal notices are all there. One thing I am missing is an approval. I don't want to share it before being able to contact someone from the DE and get their word on it. It looks like there was a recent fan-game project that went sideways, so I thought this might be a sensitive topic. I will try to contact and wait for that before sharing you the fan-game. But there shouldn't be any issue with sharing what I have done in the meantime. So here are some visuals and videos for you to look at. Hope you like it 🤩 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT: I got the word that it is completely fine as long as there are no monetary practices involved with it. Which is what I was going for anyway, so looks like there are no issues for me to share the link to the game. I tried to make it a bit challenging. I am sure I messed up with the difficulty; but I hope you still have fun with it. I had a lot of fun developing it. https://ahmetahaydemir.itch.io/violet-moon-glade ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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