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  1. This update seems to undermine lore though. On plains of Eidolon when doing end game bounties the Grineer bare their fangs giving you a taste of what would happen if the Tenno took on the full force of the Grineer which would be suicide because they CAN vice grip us with bombardments. The Corpus in Fortuna are just pathetic. They are so weak that Nef Anyo's reaction to Solaris teaming up with Tenno is underwhelming as if he doesn't recognize the threat of Tenno. Yet even in the hardest regions of Orb Vallis, with max bounty mission level, with max alert status my Excalibur Umbra can solo the entire Corpus army Jackals, Raptors, Hyenas, and all. The Corpus does not respond appropriately if were so little a threat. Not like its hard to walk around the giant spiders, and punch a CEO in the face. DE needs to add a legitimate obstacle enemy for us to deal with that compliments the forces already there so the Corpus can be a threat too. As it is Plains of Eidolon makes the idea of challenging Grineer military forces dangerous, but Orb Vallis makes the idea of walking in on a board meeting and wiping out the entire Corpus Board seem like a cake walk. I am not pleased with this nerfing of the Corpus effecting ALL the areas from the highest alert status to the highest bounty levels. If the Corpus get vicious THEY SHOULD BE VICIOUS. The Corpus are really giving off conflicting reactions do they want to challenge, or do they respect us as a force of profit for themselves? The lore is really conflicting here. This update doesn't help.
  2. I am excited to try this soon! I am probably the only one who opted to optimize downloading cache LOL, but I want to fully enjoy the experience with the fastest loading speeds.
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