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  1. Unless they are incompetent with their own key. Which is why when I play a void Defense I always play Frost... Because I trust no one with the job of protecting the pod. Not even those who are playing as Frost. I don't tell people to stay frosty... I SIMPLE AM FROSTY... I take people to Wendy's to buy myself a Frosty, and show them how good it looks as I eat it...
  2. The enemy of my enemy is my friend... That is all you have to keep repeating to yourself. Support them only because they can be useful. Also because in this story they are the good guys. They fight grineer, and corpus therefore they are doing something good. Not going completely insane like Alad V. Plus the Red Veil have actual goals. They are not all over the place. So you can rely on them. They are trust worthy, and you CAN support them because you know where your support is going.
  3. No that is called working together to achieve an objective. Red Veil+Steel Meridian+Tenno=The destruction of Grineer, and Corpus all three factions have objectives that go side by side. You know the saying The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend. For the time being the Red Veil are our friends. They will definitely become enemies in the future when the Grineer, and Corpus fall as they simply fall into the shadows becoming like the Ninjas from the Batman movie killing, and stirring chaos from the shadows. edit: I already know what Red Veil will do. I simply don't care... Every bullet counts when
  4. Once more you don't get it... YOU CAN TRUST RED VEIL... And you keep explaining why every single time you speak. Because we know their objective, and they won't hide it. Yes we know they will destroy themselves, but you know what? WE KNOW!!! With Arbiters of Hexis, and Cephalon Suda we don't know anything. We don't know if Suda has other programing that goes off when certain objectives are achieved. We don't know who programed her. We literally know nothing of her. Then there is Arbiters of Hexis... This guy here points it out plain as day. WHY make us warriors if they reject this pa
  5. Those who act, and fight deserve the victory. Those who hide, and use others are cowards that will use those under them forever to achieve their own goals. Revolution is won through initiative, and taking the first step, not just in words, but in action. Words will bring people together, the actions of those leaders who brought them together is what creates the will to persevere, and eventually win freedom. What the world is now was achieved through great leaders who spoke, and acted. Not just hid in a bubble, and hoped everything would go well. They were out there actively making sure the
  6. The Arbiters are just saying nice stuff. They want to use the Tenno to build an empire for themselves. Combined with the knowledge Suda would gather, and eventually preserve Halo style only to lead to the knowledge being given to the Arbiters to build weapons strong enough to take out Grineer, Corpus, and the Tenno... No one is that nice in a dark solar system that hides behind Tenno with intentions like helping Tenno build an empire for themselves, or just collect knowledge. The Steel Meridian, and Red Veil I can believe because they act, and fight. The Arbiters, and Suda hide behind Tenno th
  7. your arguing with a guy who feels the police should be replaced with termiantors with Judge Dredd authority, and no human intervention as they execute the law on the spot... I feel Terminators from the movie Terminators are bigger Heros than the avengers... They get it... A Hero that exterminates is a far more successful one. Heck Ultron is more successful than the Avengers in the movie "Next Avengers" edit: When you live in a dark solar system you need exterminators... Hence why the Tenno do it.
  8. Red Veil are more like Red Hood from Batman, or Superior Spider-man. Heros with their head on correctly for once. Kill evil, and make the world a better place... Both have seen the worst of society..., and both know how to make it better... Red Hood also never intended to hurt batman. Just like Superior spider-man never intended to hurt New York instead they both did everything in their power to protect people. Both killed villains, and both used anyone they could get their hands on in order to achieve that goal. Whether it was Superior spider-man brainwashing all the heros as his soldiers, bu
  9. Machines think logically, and in self-preservation... Arbiters of Hexis seek a new empire... Put the two together, and you have an empire far worse than the Grineer ever could be... They seem like the perfect team up to over throw us after the Grineer, and Corpus have fallen apart. Starting this new empire with superior tech to hunt down Tenno destroying all existence of them because they have built superior tech, and possibly leading to a Dark Sector-ish Single player game where the last of the Tenno have to over throw an empire they accidentally built... Which would also mean this solar syst
  10. You mean Red Veil is like Red Hood from batman... Hey look they both wear red :D lol... No but really Red Veil is more like Red Hood than they are like Batman, and Red Hood is like Batman if he killed people, and did everything in his power to eliminate criminals...
  11. I HATE THAT... When you play as a Frost with a small shield in order to limit damage from fusion moa, and stuff when they get close the dang shield osprey is flying low, and IN MY WAY of where I need to stand to pop the shield. Its like I NEED TO STAND THERE!!!
  12. No you didn't say we had to agree, BUT you put this in General discussion. What do we do in General discussion? DISCUSS!!! Therefore we have the right to argue your point via discussion in this location. Maybe yo should have placed this in Off Topic... Personal opinion placed in General discussion = DISCUSSION!!! Which since its a personal opinion WILL lead to an argument as to why your wrong because its a discussion. Next time post it some where else if you don't want us to discuss it.
  13. New Loka=Hippies... Perrin Sequence=Russel Brand Red Veil= Radicals fighting for freedom (good guys taking extreme action due to extreme emotions, and possibly been through horrible things) Or like Red Hood from batman Cephlon Suda, and Arbiters of Hexis two organizations secretly in cahoots to use the Tenno by making them feel special getting knowledge, and building secret weapons behind the backs of the Tenno only to back stab them later on. Steel Meridian= G.I.Joe And I Tenno play the role of Snake Eyes...
  14. using any means needed to destroy grineer, and corpus. Red Veil are radicals. Its like real life radicals if they could get their hands on a nuke they would, and use it to kill key members of the organization they are against even if it kills millions, and devastates the location with radiation... The Infested are just another tool for them to use. Heck the Tenno used the infested to destroy the Fomorians in an event awhile back. So I can see why the Red Veil are fascinated with using them themselves they are useful for alot of task.
  15. Would be epic if you could bounce the missile back, and forth lol... It be like pong.
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