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  1. LOL! I wish it was...my own fault for accidentally pressing return before I was ready!
  2. As of the 13th, the second Nightwave season has ended, and with it all the "keys" we spent time grind but did not use have vanished into the ether along with the new boss fight. This seems like such a wasted opportunity, as keeping in the boss fight would have kept something interesting for people to do whilst we await the mainline and are getting no updates. Instead we are left with no real interesting new content, ass everything has essentially been taken away at once. Especially as DE said that the boss fight would be staying, this feels really bad. How do other people feel about this?
  3. Personally I think right now there are two core issues: Veteran players remember a time when Warframe was getting regular, small parcels of content. Yes, a lot of those were simple things like new weapons, but it meant almost every week there was something new to try out. Right now Warframe has become something more akin to a conventional triple A game, like Destiny, with large parcels of content delivered infrequently, with long content droughts in between punctuated by updates with cash shop items only. From a business perspective, veteran players do not enrich Warframe as they are far less likely to spend real money than new players, as they have already likely invested money into the game and have reach a stage where they are now grinding for all the items they want. There will always be exceptions to this, but as with Games Workshop and the transition from it's 2nd to 3rd Edition of Warhammer 40,000, the focus has shifted to the detriment of veteran players. The fact that a number of the Content Creator for Warframe are either abandoning it entirely due to burnout, or are simply not making videos and streams due to a lack of things to talk about indicative of this transition and it honestly makes me worried about the long term future of the game unless DE pauses to look at what is happening and actively decides to try and do something to slow the departures.
  4. Easy list of questions: 1. Is there any news on Melee 3.0? 2. Is there a rough estimate for Empyrean? 3. Will Ember get a rework after Vauban?
  5. Seconded. It does seem that gradually the founders are being forgotten about, first the solar monuments were removed and now even the list is being phased out. I know it is a small thing, but is it really so hard to have a little console to let people see the list of people who helped the game come this far by investing in it during the very early days?
  6. Can you give us an indication of which rivens you actually changed? If you have a lot of rivens you are keeping for your own use, it is very hard to tell what has been altered. Could the inbox message give us a list?
  7. A little disappointed that all we seem to be getting is Hotfixes, five weeks into the new year and no new content? Not a good sign. I am hoping the Dev Stream will be showing some more concrete things that are scheduled for this month, rather than the broader scope that the first one of the year had.
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