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  1. What would my fellows overplayers think of a system that lets xsFocus school act as a currency to buy universal tokens, or something along that idea? For full disclosure, I like this idea. :D
  2. I approve, the rocket motif could be super clever and a sleek addition. You could use Hilda's rocket syandana on top of that too.
  3. Dear Tennogen creators, PLEASE work w DE to build gauss battery indicator into a helmet at the least. Would be clever to use in other parts as well. This, besides being pleasing, will enable squad mates some idea of his state. The end. Thank you.
  4. It is a pattern over many related posts over the years. I mention the pattern because it supports 'a need' to discuss it more. Since the game is developed for pc and the workshop things usually only discuss and resolve from a pc perspective, and then those choices just implemented to our controllers and that. lends to the appearance of being without our concerns
  5. We definitely need a liason for controller mapping Improovements. I feel this everytime there is a shift or added function translated down from PC. Maybe where a workshop for console players to discuss things. Even looking at the comments made by pc players, you can see they dont really understand the concern and place it as trivial. BTW My current thing is channeling. I can easily slowly reconfigure my hands to do anything, but the channeling is so awkward now I just avoid it altogether, but no sense getting too deep into that until the whole melee conversion is completed. But it is the best current issue that i see.
  6. Forgive me for the title. I would read on just to see how much dumber the author is. Seriously though,I find the sound team awesome and clever. I have been deciding that now is the time ( Starting with Nidus Prime) to start thinking cleverly and succinctly about how Prime frames audio effects can be tweeked just enough to indicate their elite status. It seems like a necessary step going forward to me. I dont see too much against such a thing, other than people wanting it optional because they are attached to the 2000'teens or the late 90's. If that would be way out of the scope of engineering, maybe throw it onto a mod or module that are prime specific or something. If all else fails I guess we could settle for a Peculiar Mod or an Amalgam mod +10 Hz. Thoughts, suggestions, arguments???
  7. ...So far, Ive not had any problems w any substantial self harm, other than my eyeballs in Hydron when people go absolutely nuts puking out rainbows and ludicrous particles in a 4 x 8 space.
  8. Hiya reader, I was wondering about the new 'safety' feature of the new Gauss(with my pronunciation) rocket weapons. Do any of the mods which minimize self damage and related effects are not worth using w that delayed rocket arming feature with respect to just that gun, not other guns or hazards. If you dont follow what I am talking about, let me know where you dont follow and Ill try rewording. Thnx
  9. I think the lore in this fashion is best left to signature guns, armour snd skin for the warframe as opposed to the warframe proper, thst also leaves a spot for augments and not tie the warframe lore so tightly w the frame that it has to be remanaged for every rework or tweeks
  10. Ummm, did you try using grays? If you have unlocked dual energy you can use black and control the effect w grays or colors and the reverse is also true. You might have to pick from a different palette to get your dream effect as not all colors are equal.
  11. Positive people skip ahead to part 2. I was extremely disappointed to read the twitter feed covering the announcement of some future deluxe skins. It was filled w negativity of an epic scale. Let me say that the beauty of the game ( especially lately) is the diversity of skins it has evolved in a way that you can create your own little lore that sits in the scope of the game regardless of how it evolves. That is a most valuable assett.I I think that all those negative posts could just as well express some disapproval from what they hoped for rather than speaking negative about what they think is still missing so that the next viewer or designer can consider working with that info in mind. Like it or not Fashion is what another would never dare wear. That is separate from marketability. part2: The wukong delux is an amazing skin, the fact that is offers such a different look that easily transforms my other concoctions or wukongs looks in wonderous ways so that i want to add a 3rd wukong to my collection. It is the deviation of what was expected from the rigid original that gives it so much beauty. I write this all in hopes some of the people who were remarking so negatively and dramatic on their disapproval of the work in progress in the recent twitter posts of upcoming skins might be slightly be more creative in how they can take that look that they seem to be disappointed with and own it with their improvements and positive suggestions.
  12. How about STATS?? Would love to see more detailed or more personal stats. Would love some unique system wide stats revealed in dev streams, maybe even some comparative console vs pc stats. (2)Of course, the 90 max Riven cap does not even come close to matching my weapon counts. They can make the game so much more fun it doesnt seem right to limit it, especially as the game is always evolving. I would prefer another way than a 90 limit to control the commerce concern, or whatever is the current thought on this restriction. Maybe even a Mastery level scaling.
  13. I think they would be WISE developers to offer the drop after 20 mins, that would really let or help people problem solve because w so many devices you can easily appear 'on' where you dont expect, and a poor connection ...Or twitch thinks you are away even when you are not. Keep active in chat and you get slow mode boot. Its a strange feeling of missing a drop like you are the last person and you got cheated.
  14. How can you complain about free $ . They have have pretty regular w at least 1 new item from Baro (except 1 week). If thet give an exclusive item of a lifetime and your drop gets rolled or you miss the stream, alot fewer tears will fall. I have counted.
  15. Let me piggyback on this. Ive had a few item flip to outside of the ship all in the lower part of ship. How can I get these items back asap, no need to clutter the universe w thing i have purchased for my private viewing during some graphical transformation.
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