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  1. *****Just remembered that the derelict tones and icon are suddenly non functional on Octavia's musicbox in my private Quarters....Ps4 at least.
  2. I encourage to try solo, or maybe keep trying to get your intrinsics up so that solo is super fun, especially w the nerfs to enemies and their numbers. If you, or you may find that a certain 'thing' is leading you to fail , take a look at the mods and see how to rectify. That was how I quickly mastered it. I might feel terrible at first but march on. I almost gave up, but the problems w squads and conections in the beginning forced me to try solo. ALSO, when you are solo you can search through the space and find the 'exotic' parts that make a huge difference.
  3. Please, spelling is not relevant. I play on ps4 where tiny letters on a tv screen a room away w inferior vision using this trashy forum system which cannot handle jpegs. Not to squander an opportunity to mention that I live in a countrty of idiots w a orange face baby brain con-man criminal in charge who is able to reach out and misdirect the mindless fools to do his bidding. Spelling is only important when you cannot follow the meaning. If you were looking to characterize me to determine if I was educated, worthy and sincere for a discussion on my topic but, based on spelling, I apologize.
  4. So I think there was only a 2 casche grineer sabotage mission. It was a Kuva siphon adaptation and there was a tile where 1 of the better hidden casche in the game was duplicated in a row. I call it the Tbone stairs. I actually had a feeling that I had moved through so much of the map without an encounter, that i decided I would look. None of the more common tiles where cashes live were not around either. I went through the whole map twice to make sure and even looked in places things are never hidden in because that would be news too. Also there was a high number of marker icons that did not
  5. (PSN)jockhotty

    Browser ps4

    On ps4 pro, using the browser to get to your website (abrv 'warfdotcom' . The message for entering an incorrect code is repeatedly being displayed for no obvious reason that I can find.
  6. A railjack skin would be very cool. I think though they had intended that but had to step back to preserve the actual playspace inside and out of the ship. Even a railjack mod that just adds a visual effect like seeker volley w a unique effect, or the look of hyperspace travel.
  7. Would really be cool to have had a railjack related Anniversary item/decoration. Maybe no one designed such a thing yet for them to offer. I wonder if anyone can create something cool and or have DE think about such a thing.
  8. It also ate 5 forma and I had a second one ready if some alternative polarities might make the gun more useful using different mods
  9. I do like the way the weapon looks, for use however, for that particular gun that function offsets it lack in performance in other stats. It was the only gun that I had that had that ability. From far away you could clearly id the enemy, you could tell exactly the target in dense enemy location. As a tactical you could easily see what direction the enemy is heading in a wink. Just the outline robs you of time trying to determine what is exactly outlined nevermind a direction vector. It best use was in poe bounties, especially when solo Liberating a camp. It was so valuable to find which direc
  10. What I would like, is another node path to be added to the various schools, there were some changes forced upon them w the whole melee changes, and in hindsite there is one school that is almost foolish to not have on exclusively w your operator. That energy dash should be added to every school and that woud open up exploring the other schools unique abilities and paths in more clever ways
  11. It would be cool, but late implementation is probably not worth the balancing act needed for those implementations, however if they add another spider boss that would be an opportunity on Fortuna, but also you have the Ticker/bond system which does work similarly. Another thing though, is it does give a sense of variety by having systems evolve w the game. If everything goes to that it might be less interesting for new player experiences. I think it was extremely clever, though I will say, I would bevery excited/ curious for the next economy evolution.
  12. Btw what is up w the derlikt sound tones they have a brokeness in the octava music box
  13. Are they absent from the newer mods that specifically enhance those ?
  14. Yes, it is a pain, also for Sorties, if you get a mostly skilled squad, there is no need to have it break all up because of a situation like this. So either end the 'leaver' or rest of squad can suffer. Also this is the leading cause cause of relic missions starting without relics that were selected.
  15. I think we NEED a setting, a button, toggle or some other way to immediately exit a squad, or more precisely, to not be pulled into another mission with that squad if you know ahead.The new results screen is very slow and long to load and IF you are full of Rivens you have to Navigate that little warning sequence and If you are at the Daily reset upon return you have to navigate those options or for the other players even, they have to sit there and wait for a vote that isnt coming so wait to only have the whole squad break up anyway. If you have to go to the bathroom, it becomes an eternity t
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