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  1. Isnt it a conductor hat? Or are you a limbo w hat envy. I like it because it give you more options, and anything to not look like the rest, is good. Besides, anything I ever use turns out way better than their depictions. Now if they made a small version that the roller ball could wear...
  2. Oh how I yearn.... , for the industry jargon to return. 1st line of poem. Sent to cert was the statement they once used, meaning in a day or two new content could be perused. The end.
  3. Here is a loose description of a bug, but if it is not across the board I can provide more details about my particular trigger situation. The new Sentinel Nautilus, is capable of pulling a drop ship from the sky down in top of me allowing me to be inside the dropship and see the crew inside even. This is an In mission bug and my two attempts in openworld did not seem to trigger this action.
  4. LICH concerns. Will converted Lich continue to spawn into perilous matches? If yes, could they get listed on the stats page. It would be great to know which ones spawn in and it would be nice to see how they helped if their performance stats are not part of ours. When hunting Lich, it would be really great to see how much progress was earned on the ending stat page. I think this might be helpful as a strategy with what path forward or to see which is best or has become problematic. I am assuming that the final command intrinsic will allow you to put a lich on call. If that is no
  5. I think you may be missing the fact these mods are part of a set and when set mods are used together their power increases. I know exactly what you are talking about however w the melee, there does seem to be an unfair trade off, but looking at all the current mods, I see why and am looking forward to seeing how it may play out.
  6. How about that new way forma works. I have lost that loving feeling of leveling up. What crazy way will I be able mod my guns into the hall of fame at max rank? This new manner is really only welcoming in on the mechs.... or was it felt necessary for railjack harness and stuff coming soon, or rank 40 across the board, honestly that extension of ranking is the only thing that seems to make sense?? It is probably far to late on the topic, but I was wondering what or how others are with it all. As a noob it was a little scary at first, using this first forma stuff, feeling cheated for a brief tim
  7. * I am still WAITing for the cool gun skins From UnReal tourny style. PC has had them forever now and my sony and xboxers have not been sqeeking loud enough for these.
  8. I second that a situation ^^^ similiar can happen on ps4. Im jus leaving my crew alone 4 a bit, they are amazing so no need for me to go experimenting any more right now. Update is awesome though.
  9. OooMmmmm Ggggg ! SIMPLY Amazing that you: stuck the DeLux! Super grateful for that. Super.
  10. Dont say it is not fair! There is already a Giant unfairness of PC always first to get new content, by weeks. We do not need to add any more disparities between platforms. We shall just accept this and continue our regulsr struggle.
  11. Wow, i had no idea i just assumed my hired hands were handling everything now, burt I havent had a real grineer battle in space with my greed for greedy corpus loot. Ill check it out when I get back.
  12. I just discovered for my Sevagoth appearance F ( which is as fabulous as a-e) The selected pallete colors are not indicated as what they are (appear blank) for the corresponding accessory colors those are properly displayed. My second Sevagoth is still building, when it is done i will try to link the look and move it to the second to see what happens. It took hours to get the exact shades just how I want them so I cant provide any more incite yet. This seems odd, but perhaps it is masking a more complex bug considering it has a second related form that is also customiziable.
  13. The real world is pretty cluttered. It sounds like your problem is about lighting and effect. I think there are plenty enough settings to get your situation under your control. Granted, that you may not like having to do it, but it is unavoidable with the changing of everything all the time. It is pretty rewarding to tweek your stuff and finally get things to what you like. To be honest I think the new capacity to handcraft your menus and themes is a step for your benefit. I think it was important to implement some of these measure so that various visual handicaps can enjoy the game. I get su
  14. Bug. Type: In game Description: Repeatble Game Freeze w Hired hand When trying to change my railjack first slot worker who is on call engineer on my ps4 pro. I wanted to not be on call, but an attempt to change the position or put on call freezes the game and must quit and restart. Before this I put a Lich in my 3rd worker slot and wanted to make him my on call. I will try to replace the worker 1 slot w another worker to see if that matters and if I gather any more useful info I will try to update. I replaced the first hire w another, I went to swap a lich and he became invis
  15. You can have a crewship disappear breaking the mission completion requirement. Looked around extensively to see if I could find one or cause a new one to spawn.This was in Void veil playing solo in the new mission type w reactor overheating system. So painful to abort with a ton of beautiful wreckage. If it happens again ill report, but if anyone knows a work sround please share. It is similar problem to the issue when rj first launched
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