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  1. Aura forma drop might actually make reviving someone a worthwhile mechanic should that be the trigger... hope not though.
  2. FInally this one seemed to take forever ( I know I take new content for granite). DO you see what i did? Well i was going to take it for Basalt!
  3. WHat do you think would be a good codeword for Arbitrations to let people know you are not interested in the NEW REVIVAL aspect for whatever reason, or that you are counting on that revival for whatever reason. I have the best luck with Survival when people split up and pretty much stay in their own areas until the difficulty has ramped up enough to "check in: on the other players to see how they manage health towers or plan a quick exit. I also welcome people that die tight off the start because they probably arent really suited for things or the campers that have their specific plan despite all others. I mean i really feel that the revival thing should only apply to people that that make a squad and should not be in matchmaking with random people
  4. I have found another problem with the seeding grass ephemeral, its very very minimal visual effect, but if you jump or go down an elevator shaft and related vertical situations, you can see that its effect is occurring below the surface, that is on all waframes other than excalibur prime which i do not have 😞
  5. I dont know what your rank is but you should probably find people that are more clever and you can get all the rewards in two or a few weeks and the rest of the levels are gravy on top or free catalyst. Im on ps4 so i cant be that person for ya. I hate finals but warframe is really great when you need a mental distraction and you can find yourself organizing your thoughts. Good luck on finals straight A's please. 😄
  6. I spend two hours scrutinizing all 90 of my Rivens to find out which one i must part ways with in order to continue to enjoy some of the advanced playing modes. It is excruciating. ok, just counted my primary weapons 121.How does that seemingly lame cap linger on when it could only cover a fraction of the weapons, as you not only add new classes of rivens, but add game modes that are weapon (arbitrations) specific and have new weapons releasing and even more opportunities to build guns through the modular systems. It is worth a cost to have them and I dont think it is unreasonable to base it on the number of weapons you maintain or something like that. Please consider this. The end. Please feel free to message me if you want to talk about this topic in more depth.
  7. there are some extraordinary secret places, i wish there was a place to discuss them without revealing them to the 'unawoken' Strange thing with this game is that there is always so much to do I seldom have time to really look around
  8. oooops, thank you guys for your response, didnt mean to be unthankful
  9. WOw that is the most horrible thing ive heard in awhile. Well it sounds crazy i have 90 and i go through them everyday and cant find any reason that they are not useful in someway. Ive gotten rid of the junkiest ones, but now they are all worth hanging onto. I mean wtf I would pay 20 dollars to have more, its not worth the agony of trying to determine whats worth hanging onto with what new gun is coming down the line. I think THEY are not thinking about it carefully. Once you become heavily invested in the game you will see 90 is a number only useful for those annoying people in life that want to only want to own 1 sweater 1 coat 1 pair of shoes.(juliana!) I could see if there were 90 weapons in the game end of story, but no there are tons and tons. AND then they launch a weapon specific mode which further makes the idea of not hanging onto seldom used guns rivens much more strategic in your decisions. DO i have to volunteer to solve some coding problem to accommodate them????? challenge accepted.
  10. I have tried searching to find out if there is a change in the RIVEN capacity so as to accommodate the archgun riven thing situation that pc people have already gotten. Can anyone comment on that or have heard if it is considered or anything of the sort?/??
  11. Honestly the one life thing forced me to get strategic and creatively clever so as to not die. The host migrations were a problem more than i care for. Anyway that new revive thing should only apply to a home made squad and not a matchmaking. Its too hectic when someone dies that I dont really see me wanting to bother reviving someone that isnt playing smart. I think if u must allow 1 revive, then it should be instant and a penalty of 2 dragon key equipped, the penalty will expire at the next reward should they survive.I also would support a faster rise in difficulty. The people who have trouble staying alive should be advised to practice in Sanctuary perhaps. What do u think of any of these ideas. Also to keep players playing it, you should offer some glyph or or emblem at 100 v.Essence . No matter how stupid the reward would be, its guaranteed high value and prestige for those who put in the work.
  12. There is some sort of visual mishap collision aboard the lander when wearing the smoky ephem and Vitus Illumina. Im pretty sure even on lower particles settings. If you cannot duplicate the problem i will be happy to investigate further or be more specific. Have a good day.
  13. *****One important note That sissy Stalker seems to show up the second you use a forma cuz he knows your weak. Make sure you are not marked by him or other strong advesaries, or have a strong team to help you
  14. OMG Do this as often as you can. It is an important step to excelling in the game. THAT being said, you shoulld be smart when you use it. So if something new is going to happen, you might wait til you see how hard it is. It wont take long to levl your equip back up but the increase in power and options are totally worth it. I have 5 or 6 forma on every good weapon and frame.
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