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  1. Booooooooooo :( I had dreams of Nidus frost bubbles in my head. How is Nidus suppose to surf an ice wave. Thats why I have the Best K drive in the Origin system. The end. The workshop answered the question about rank of warframe to infuse. That detail didnt seem to bother anyone lse tho-
  2. With the advent of an increasing number of assymetrical armor pieces, especislly those w no particular matching piece, how about a left and right color channel. That would really even enable some fantastic arrangements. I realize the 'extra' to do all that....but how about linking the current auxillary slot channel w colors, using it for auxillary items and allowing unmatched armor pieces to be colorized from there. Then you can weigh the idea and feasability of left and right color channels goiing forward
  3. What happens to the new corpus fountains that award reliefs when you donate a coin, after you collect them all. Is the whole appearence of these spaces just randomly show up, or how are they paced to appear?
  4. Well the value of drops is very sensitive to what is going on in the world. As you can clearly see they are of great value now. I will also say this, I have to watch a stream to get free item is much more pleasing to say to 'my mother' vs Im not cutting the grass because I have to watch a video for videogames which you hate. There is a balance to be struck in giving away free stuff in a stream. Namely how extremely angry ( myself included) people get when the drop fails. Which on the newest of players is most likely to be possible while they figure stuff out and get set up. So during regular times they would not need that incentive or potential problem. Also since streaming from home is a complicated process which sometimes leaves us waiting while they fix or connect stuff they choose to be more generous to us for our patience. Now, add the fact that Tennocon is all digital they want to get as many people logging in so that they can test every possible problem to prepare for the event. Im tired of typing enkoy my thought process on it all.
  5. Like a 2020 beach ball._.._.._wearing a protective mask
  6. The following items will be a list that I may compile into a more formal thing, but for now will be a reminder for me and an opportunity for others to criticize. 1. Loss of airlock related mechanics and sounds. As many days I have cursed them, they were an epic part of the space experience and the sound top notch on par w Deadspace. 2. Have not yet encountered hackable moa deployment which my moa pet loved to use w my approval. 3. Fume/gas vents which players could glide on or otherwise have fun on. 4. Although there are some huge spaces, there is not any area like on the old corpus ships where horizontal and vertical space are just awe w the matching sound effects. Like the 3 parallel walkways under the glass ceiling of the sky. 5. There should be some elevator mechanics on the ships they become important areas for sense of size or ambush, 5 sec rest as in gas city. 6. There seems to be alot less hidden areas and rooms so far which you guys are pros at hiding stuff.
  7. I think it was applied to at least channelling, and a complete armor set would have a visul treat. Im pretty sure it was at least the set w the glowing energy and some others. I read about it a long while ago before I even owned tge ones that were mentioned. If it is still this much of a mystery, or no longer functioning (no channeling) it doesnt matter
  8. DO not dispair. I look at it as an amazing opportunity to be more involved given I could never make the trip, I always felt cheated loving the game but not able to make the connections necessary to improve things and share that like the others. Making posts and crticisms too often risks moving ideas forward when there is little other way to compete with all the others. As I try to understand the (actually needed shifts) in the industry and partner programs going forward it offers more time to heal those that felt hurt the most. That value will be realized mostly only from looking back from future successes.
  9. *******Ok, well I Mean when you have all the pieces of certain armor sets there are visual treats and other effects that activate, But those were before my time where I would have known better.
  10. What armor sets have a quorum for an effect?
  11. Suddenly Hyldrin has her Right Kuva stragh leg armor mounted backwards (Facing the opposite of the normal one) Removing it and reselecting it results in the same positioning error.
  12. Yea those all sound plausible, earlier in a multi match a dude got booted and reunited twice.
  13. I was playing a solo defense, someone joined message was given, but the name didnt show up in roster,I figured they quit. After extracting that person showed up in my squad, wich I then exited. Checked last mission resullts that person did not show up. So, checked friends for recent played w players and their name wasnt there either. I saved the video to upload and started uploading it so I can go through the whole thing soon, but WHAT was that all about?
  14. Is this the same thing as Cephalon Joke a Sabatage Ceres? *****
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