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  1. (PS4)jockhotty

    Warframe Prime Time #232: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Try unlinking it and relinking it. While watching look for signs that indicate you are not watching such as 'away message' If you have different devices thst you play warframe power off the other devices, make sure you are watching for the required time or that a specific event that triggers a drop has occurred.
  2. (PS4)jockhotty

    Warframe Prime Time #232: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    How do I start a go fund me page to raise money for a new controller and a replacement right hand. Maybe I can charge admission to my Arbitration Decorated Orbiter?
  3. (PS4)jockhotty

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Pleeeeeeeeeeease make your suggestions because I am struggling to see why you think these are important when it seems like these are not so bad as is?
  4. (PS4)jockhotty

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Please please please consider increasing the Riven cap to align more with your rank or owned guns. IT IS SHEER AGONY selecting 4 to transmute, even just 1 to throw in the toilet to make space. If anything your introduction of Arbitrations is alone, justification enough for hanging onto and for allowing more Riven Mod Space. Riven earning is extremely important to a ps4 player who is forced to watch w envy pc players having the time of their life while we go weeks on weeks w only a Riven to look forward to, I could go on but I will not except to condemn those people who want a simple life w no clutter, only 1 beer in the refrigerator at a time, use only salt because pepper takes up too much room.The end.
  5. (PS4)jockhotty

    Warframe Prime Time #230: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    ****Is this where I can start to rally for Higher Riven slot cap...OR one that correlates w your weapons...At the least? Maybe Devstream?
  6. (PS4)jockhotty

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    Talk about the sounds of temperature cues on Venus, and their inspiration. What about all the tremendous unused assets on POE and the plans to use them. The END.Ooops, no end. Merry Christmas all ! Now, the end.
  7. (PS4)jockhotty

    Riven Mod Slot Issue (90+)

    exactly as above. I do not 'buy' the database space issue mentioned above however I would be willing to take some info from DE and work towards a solution or a way to link in or out for a solution. Every Problem has a solution. I have five or six common use weapons that have more than one riven and they are each strategic in use now and could be more strategically used as the game evolves. All the other rivens the remaining 80 are just hanging around because you never know what weapon will be designated in an arbitration or what vital use it may someday have and that the weapon is definitely more fun and useful with that riven. However with kitguns and zaws you clearly may have a use for quite a few rivens since only a portion of a weapon determines the ultimate use of the weapon riven. Another thought comes to mind though: And that is, will DE or do they plan to improve the riven concept with particular improvements of stats, such as beam weapon or secondary bonuses that are more weapon specific stats not currently involved in riven generation. AND on top of that I could actually see them incorporating peculiar things as a bonus stats or with a peculiar mod attached blah blah blah kind of future plans or even rivens that have an appearance only effect on weapons. Gotta go. Peace.
  8. (PS4)jockhotty

    Moa Action

    ps4: The pet Moa may perish by falling to an unreachable location under the elevating platform on Hydron Sedna Defense. This has happened one time my first time. If knowing the type of components that make the moa is important i shall report on them later.
  9. (PS4)jockhotty


    Two TOP awards go to DE crew: Outstanding rescue of Mining mechanic. Mining has simply become amazingly fun and is now on par with best implementation of Fishing in a video game. Outstanding job on incorporating skill, chance while maintaining a lucrative balance of time investment. Best implementation of force physics weaponry in only a days worth of exploring the new venue. The end.
  10. (PS4)jockhotty

    Riven Mod Slot Issue (90+)

    WOW a topic that I decided to write about and actually can quickly find it using the search forums. The original poster is correct with the request. If for no other reason, The ADVENT of Arbitration should move the developers to understand why people should really have more RIven slots. Specific weapons changing all the time. I want to have the best stats for every gun I own and find considerable enjoyment if building my arsenal. Clearly they are important enough that i have sacrificed my platinum to keep adding them. I think that this process helps fund the game, unless I am mistaken. I want the game FUNDED because it is way better and more rewarding than going to the movies. A quick diversion, DO you remember the first time as a noob and then seeing someone who had wall to wall rivens. It was total awe! Rest assured that I do have plenty more to say in this area, I have not yet read what all the other players said yet, and selfishly wanted to make my Main point and do it concisely with a little bit of humanistic style without being tempted to turn the discussion to a particular expressed view of another. Now, ill go get dirty and read other peoples thoughts.
  11. (PS4)jockhotty


    The world is full of bullies, however if you feel like you have to be carried through a mission, you really need to look at yourself and say WHY am I not good enough to do this yet, then go solve those problems or ask other people for help on how you can improve. For myself, I try to over-achieve and focus on learning to do everything solo, if not providing self confidence, you can at least know that you are not a leech or the likely cause behind a mission failure. Ultimately this is a better path for self analysis and improvement and I find it more useful and rewarding but some people are into watching youtube and trying to be a mimic of someone's style.
  12. (PS4)jockhotty

    Fuse bite and maul into animal levels or their ability mods

    I do not think this is necessary yet. Those are very powerful and expensive drain-wise and that is how it should be, It takes great skill and "sacrifice" to employ them in your build. If it was always easy to do it it makes the whole theme to developing and growing as a better more clever player. I do not disagree with you sharing your ideas. However, I am just a console player and so it will be another month before I can consider the changes to warframe an upper class player is currently experiencing. Consider this; Of all the things that would make things better, selfishly for me, is to have a special mod slot to use augments more generously. What do you think of that? It is just a thought experiment.
  13. (PS4)jockhotty

    jockhotty nothing to see here.

    PS4 ONLY There really is nothing to see here. I am choosing this location of subforum to see if i can kinda hijack it to list all the little things I encounter so i can piece them together to provide searchable situations and advice that makes sense, and of course if anyone else who randomly decides to comment or that even bothers to ever look or search for some similar thing might find it. I have also just decided to include changes that i object to if i think it somehow is related to something that is not necessary. My first point to test since i decided t try this is: is that they changed the functionality of location of caches 'radar localization' so that it essentially really zeros in on the casche location. This should be reverted and only used for an incursion. That should be sufficient to teach a vegetable how to look around look and listen. In fact i was just thinking how smart it was previously handled to keep players alert and actively and skillfully searching. The next step was for the first time was the data mass carrying enemy was in the lake and as it died the data mass also went into the lake, eventially the system picked up that the data mass had been dropped and where it was to be inserted but this was a mission breaking error.
  14. (PS4)jockhotty

    Difficult task. Tennogen

    I had hoped to bring this to the attention of people that might be willing to take a look at Hydroid. I do not know all the rules for designing but I know you can creatively solve some appearance issues by being quite clever. I also do not know how to bring this to the attention of people that have the means to do so, so, that was my attempt. Many of the skins out there now for various warframes are awesome and have improved some characteristics to make the frames more appealing to me. Changing lines and curves, effects, moving or pulsing, smokey or emissive, glittering, transparent parts. Those were what I had in mind to make Hydroid look more lean and flowing. I figured a good designer would not even need a concept to follow for this frame . I will see what i can come up with because it can be confusing to take from someone's words and ideas and create a whole visual.