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  1. Ok, Here is how it seems to work, The black blotch will appear over the older of a duplicate pair (not the weaker). I guess it should help you clean up. Be aware that it does not indicate the only duplicate pair. I mean, when you do junk one of your repeats, the blotch will relocate to another pair. You also must be careful because the black blotch can migrate very slowly vs your finger speed. It will occassionally sit on a nonduplicate apparently while it recalculates. Since you are usually trying to clear your junk before you rush backout you have to be vigilent because it can make you think you mighy have just junked the wrong thing...and that is Never a good feeling.
  2. I want to understand also, at first it seemed to be the lowest rank of a duplicate, but then it was not so
  3. ** I was thinking it might be very cool to add a birembau instrument pak (As in Capoiera) Not only because it is coolsounding, but it only relies on some simple sounds in a simple range for programming and as user composing because it has built in blending w percussion. Any thoughts? A subset to a once suggested reggae pak maybe?
  4. Is it still off on oberon, I was pleased to see the fix note on Hydroid?
  5. OH! This is a major sound concern. The music and sound effects from Corpus ships is some of the most amazing sounds I have ever loved in a video game especially at like 3 in the morning. It entrances you to a space( lil pun ) like non other. In jupiter gas city redo, that Still features some of that. But Im afraid of losing that w new redo of corpus ships. I have the tones in my quarters which has music only and no extra effects. I hope 'yous' have a way to grandfather that if you do replace it w new sound package. I love my warframe sound team!
  6. ** What I am most hopeful for is prime frames having some advanced sound effects that can definitely ID them as primes even when undercover, of course prime guns are easier. I would like seing augment mods triggering special sound effects maybe even a pecuilar mod or two. I havent most recently been playing on the Plains on earth but I have trouble using sound to locate incoming dropships. Other parts of the game are top notch for localizing and determing sound source. Is that anything that could be improved?
  7. I officially now approve of pilot being my railjack pilot voice now, but please ( no offense nolon, but please do not put nolon north whose voice is in 90% of the games or other voices that are so everywhere in every video game i own, [claudia black is ok though]
  8. At the moment, how the heck do you pick a tag when they are all foolish for the matter? Anyway i got a hotfix warning so I went like beeline to the Sentient ship and went flipping nuts killing sentients bypassed all the juicy valuable pikups so I could get to my railjack and head to drydock before I would lose everything? How do you prioritise in these situations, how much time do you really have? Are there different options on different systems. I think I made it just in time, I definitely wont try things like that again when something hapening could involve a hot fix. I would like to know other peoples thoughts on the matter and if there are some valuable resources to point me to look at that might help or explain things in detail.
  9. Did u sink 5 forma yet, its not til then you see their true power, assuming you start w something good???
  10. My new bug is game breaking, at least any bug before the update would just suspend the game and I could get back where I left off, and if the mission elements could be done, it could at least get completed. Now I get a random sudden blue screen bug that shuts the whole game down with no suspended game to restore you lose everything, but what hurts the most is the restart is clearly past the sentient anomaly. I think you might consider some sort of on error one time single token instant anomaly trigger,because you cant even go back and try to narrow down what might have gone wrong. Anyway the whole game just abruptly stops, you can be piloting, smashing a reactor, looting outside your ship. Maybe the sony error report gives some insight? not to me though. Just wondering if you can lure them out past the effect i try to stay as far away as possible for as long as possible, it takes longer but since Im playing solo i try to minimize my risks and that helps me for now.
  11. If you do try again maybe keep your railjack WAY out of range and fly way in with archwing? I only mention because i hate that missle grineer junk and I got it three times in a row. I do solo though so it is probably not related at all, my bug is elsewhere so Ill complain somewhere else but offer my last night experience so if you do experiment with the approach it might help or be good to know or to help them find what is broken.
  12. I have been meaning for the longest time to figure out what wonderful feature I must not be understanding. RemoveFromBucket.exe .
  13. Thats me. I cant stand not being in control of how many relics are going to be used, SO, I dont play them with other people. If i do I QUIT. The solution is make your own squad or find people that want to do exactly what you want to do. The idea of a quasi intention is very cool. Hydron is where I constantly see people immediately on join say 10 rounds or 20 rounds and they can barely stay alive and leave after 5 or you have dueling limbos and you cant see anything around you nor do anything. Thats a quitting situation and quitting is an important way to send a message. Quitting is good for sending the message to the over greedy who want every point and kill. But, then look at onslaught its almost like some secret rule where people stop at 9 SO the mechanics there dictate the behavior there. If you play a public match then you are throwing the dice. Those are my thought points, Im quitting commenting any further.
  14. I heard that the plan for commands for pets are coming and That is very cool, have they mentioned or should we tell them how would these sorts of commands work in say; sanctuary where your gear wheel is restricted. Oh! so Im a ps4 player with a controller and holding down some keyboard letter doesnt cut it as an easy solution, so thats why i want to bring this up for some more deep thoughts on the matter. Thats all.for now
  15. I guess I should add if they were meant to be asymmetric then the problem lies with others. I can clearly see the reason for the accidental shift but not the scaling.
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