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  1. It is definitely not pay to win, but we must keep after them to voice our needs and what starts to feel unfair.Everyone is busy with the new stuff so we have to help them stay on top of what is needed by Talking about it!
  2. Nidy says move out Gara, love ya, but see you later the show must go on. Yep, I heard it exactly like that.
  3. Well , I feel cheated as well, I bought Yareli bundle after looking everywhere to see if there was a supporter pak. There wasnt, so I did the mission to feed her to the helmith, the SUPRISE supporter pak. Then I wasnt recognized for Riven w the correction scrip they ran. Of course that may be rectified w the support ticket but it still feels like i wass cheap cheated both plat and cash.
  4. Well folks, thanks for your advice. The trick seems to be to go into the forum and complain and the lawnmower man at DE will fix it in a jiffy. Now, all I need to do is solve for the missing variable. 1 ephem/ 17 sisters = 6 ephem/X. Since i dont want duplicates I think I have to multiply by 6! .....So, how about that new war content
  5. I have been FORSAKEN by DE. Why why why? Here are the facts 15 sisters 0 (zero) ephems! Any tips for being the most unlucky warframe player of this era? Every time I go to granum land, chin held high, embracing fate only to get a haggy troll sister w a face not even a mother can love. See, it has happened, they have worn me down , I am filled with bitterness. -signed Hopeful
  6. You need not worry, I was just clarifying for you, that it is not an issue to be solved, although I do appreciate your concern for clarity.
  7. Hypothetically we can test w the first tennocon drop, then you have how ever long to try every half hour to get it working if it doesnt at first.
  8. I want to report what looks like optimization thievary. The pre-frontal Elevator spawn hallway on Jupiter has been wiped clean of all the goodies. It's not fair that the guys upstairs get to keep it. Hopefully they will catch that crook and make him/her/other fix it. - your local Jupiter citizen watchdog
  9. Steel path is new home they all eventually can spawn in endless.
  10. Well I have a combo of all these issues but waited in hopes of a fix. But it seems it has not, is there a post that brought this forward or do I have to conract support.
  11. This has been repaired w Sisters of Parv. I noticed and Thank you!
  12. I just discovered the ARE YOU SURE? has been added to the remove all mods function. It was hard to explain for the PC players why this could be so devastating. I am so greatful yous took the time to add this function. It payed for itself today, especially while trying to reconfigure mods w the update!
  13. Buy the power invested in me, I demand a nextgenPro Switch console to be created and released (Effective immediately) Limitations shouldnt be a thing.
  14. What a great live stream it would be to watch the devs in action on launch day. :D
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