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  1. (PS4)jockhotty

    Warframe Prime Time #225: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    I believe now ( Since the last drop) that there is more advanced tech at work to predict if you are really watching, like what is in main window, keyboard or movement buffer, frequency of away maybe even camera tech. I have overheard about the tech but not how it is configured to actually work. And i saw that it was effective on my system when i put it aside to play
  2. (PS4)jockhotty

    Warframe Prime Time #225: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    What is the condition called when you cannot bear to watch someone play a game when you can play it yourself, your way, but you fear missing out on a unique item you might treasure? I think I have a 'touch' of that.
  3. (PS4)jockhotty

    Gas city Syndicate

    Some of the rooms are super huge with really crazy spots for hiding up in the rafters and stuff, that is why I was wondering...... for time management. Not to mention the sudden boost of medallion related riven veils
  4. (PS4)jockhotty

    Gas city Syndicate

    hmmm i have remastered tiles already
  5. (PS4)jockhotty

    Gas city Syndicate

    Has the remaster for the gas city tile set also come with all new medallion hiding spots and are they currently active in syndicate missions?
  6. (PS4)jockhotty

    PS4 Cautious Shot

    Well before i knew anything and decided that i liked warframe enough to buy the little gun pack they had i learned on a Zarr not knowing I could have worked for it. ANyway the Zarr totally got destiny put up on the shelf for good after their lame 10 year plan way forward was revealed. So I guess i learned how to compensate well for self damage with the Zarr. I got an insane riven for the kulstar, but its so ridiculous I dont even use the gun for the way i feel it was meant to be.
  7. (PS4)jockhotty

    PS4 Cautious Shot

    On ps4, Why can one not equip cautious shot on Kulstar, basically the only weapon that really really needs it.
  8. (PS4)jockhotty

    Warframe Prime Time #224: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    WHAT? No Rail jack? Luckily I am only kidding I know you need another werk or two.Fortuna is a blast in the interim though myhoverboard paint job keeps reverting to the launch pattern?
  9. (PS4)jockhotty

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    That sounds sensible but it ought to be as is to encourage people to buy or try new weapons and allow for the trading economy to be however it is. I keep all mine so far, it determines which weapons i might catalyze.
  10. (PS4)jockhotty

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Can you point calculated paths from operator immediately to frame and back, the new delay is extremely problematic and the time to resolve correctly has become a major impediment to make or break in sortie. Above and beyond relying on good intuition any warframe visual effects really make having the right direction necessary. Is it like it is now for supporting teleporting like functions of warframes?
  11. (PS4)jockhotty

    Warframe Prime Time #221: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Many moons ago I had trouble with twitch drops, it is only solved for me by: ps4 must be powered all the way off and then starting twitch on the PC will correctly function as described. Anyway I offer that to others that have trouble. MY real point is though, DE, ****** Why do you not run a drop for the individual streams of X box at 1 and another ps4, where every 10 or 15 minuts you award 25 credit token, that really gives an opportunity to trouble shoot problems, it is a smaller audience view and a credit drop would hardy have any effect on game economics and is sufficient time to try and test account linking. If you are poor getting something for free is wonderful, not getting something for free when everyone else is is heartbreaking to young fans.
  12. (PS4)jockhotty

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    I have a ghost clan, how can i determine if i even have enough stuff to compete w other ghost clans?
  13. (PS4)jockhotty

    Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

    Why not leave melee as is, and introduce a new system of melee for all newer going forward. The channeling mods, arcanes, set bonuses , focuses ARE Extensive and deeply layered, it is frightening how messing with that could be disasterous and surely seem unfair to so many people in all aspects of its implementation. Seemingly the zaw system is already an opportunity to branch from.
  14. (PS4)jockhotty

    Umbra Mods Plan

    Ok this is my last reply. I am glad that your not offended. I just have been analyzing every aspect to see how this failed to make my point with you. I do not want to know a build, I am sorry you took the time to post your builds. I did not look at them and I rather not see what other people do. That is their own thing with implementing mod combinations. Again I am not objecting to your builds as that is akin to a spoiler for me. This was simply about how i thought that immunity to Zenurik which is typically limiting in itself to augments for example, and that without much adieu it would create a convenient situation for me on many frames, would not throw the game way out of balance, and assist me on how i want to consider another polarity in my builds if this is the future. That was what I was trying to put out there and see what people thought. I get that you dont like it or you are not to benefit by it. I even tried to be somewhat cryptic in which particular mod offers a potential advantage, and it is in all of my general builds now anyway. I thought there might be many people who have considered how or where this might go.
  15. (PS4)jockhotty

    Umbra Mods Plan

    The cost is 18 using a polarized slot, without the penalty other mod combinations of mine that work on a max 16 arrangement would permit their usage. It is fine if or that you disagree, but your not giving the thought on a solution, just what you think I should be ok with. I do not know why you want to be combative about it and appear obnoxious. Claiming that I am trying to avoid using forma is not even the problem its not knowing what will become of that polarity and how to consider ahead what might be best based on what people have seen in the past or whatever ideas they might have and working out how it might be useful in the future. If you do have valuable information of this kind to offer it is unfortunate that it has led to this. I am not here to make an enemy, rather to gather and share thoughts, if you disagree with that, it is also unfortunate. I tried my hardest to explain myself or my ideas or what i was asking as well as i could. I am sorry that you take offense at it.