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  1. I have defeated 6 Kuva Liches during the weekend and receiving a new Kuva Larvling was no problem then. But after those I haven't been able to spawn a new Kuva Larvling when soloing eligible missions, I tried more than 40 times. If I have a friend who hosts the mission for me who doesn't already have a Kuva Lich, I can kill the Kuva Larvling during that mission and still recieve a Kuva Lich though. I suspect the game somehow thinks I still have a Kuva Lich somehow even after one of mine was defeated and converted. I am currently playing the game and might have a Lich when you read this (that I got from my friends hosting for me). But would like to be able to get them by myself later. Should i contact support about it? If so, under which category?
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