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  1. i'm personally loving the saryn rework. I although have 2 ideas to make her even better: 1: that you can see infected enemies through walls maybe with your energy colour or something infesty like 2: seeing that most people now are even more afk with current saryn then pre rework, could we have more range (even only a bit more than current range) on toxic lash kills and less than current on "natural death" spore kills so you're forced to at least play the game thx and pls dont nerf her to the ground, the community would be very very sad
  2. im loving this rework, but i have 1 issue with it that could be easily solved: looking for the spored enemies. Couldnt the spores or enemies that have spores on them be visible through walls with your energy colour to find them better?
  3. im loving thiiis! came out of the blue but u made a man happy ❤️
  4. pepperz99

    Coming Soon: Devstream #111!

    two questions wonderful dream makers: 1 can we have fissures on kuva survival so we can have a type of "scaling kuva" 2 can we have formad slots change polarity without using extra forma? it could promote build diversity instead of only using your min maxed banshee build cause you formad here that way
  5. pepperz99

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.17.2

    please repair the visual bug of the synoid gammacoooor! the rest luv u guys <3
  6. pepperz99

    Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    yayyy been waitin like forever askin all "whens the next devstream" but 2 fasion frame: can we change the colour of elementals to energy colour or even separate (maybe thats 2 much) cause fasion frame is endgame? could we fasion frame gear?
  7. curious to play with the new system, although i am, as many on this forum, a bit doubtful of the utilility of impact. wouldn't it be better if instead of ragdolling at high damage it would open to finishers? love your work and i dont want to judge before i play with it instead of studying for my uni exams
  8. pepperz99

    Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

    can we pleaaase fasion frame our gear? like all the pizzas and especially the spears
  9. pepperz99

    Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

    could we have enemy density scale with hours played/mastery rank?? after a while playin (expecially solo) when you murder all so fast that you just end up alone isnt very nice. then the more you play the more the cough cough focus farm cough cough becomes important so maybe scaling enemy density could make the game more challenging and cough cough focus cough cough for more experienced players thx and love u all <3
  10. pepperz99

    Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

    could we have invcursions after bountys have the same prize list as the bounty? almost as if u where continuing the bounty?
  11. pepperz99

    Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

    FAV THING: just squirming in happiness in my dark room after the trailer for PoE fasion frame complaint: could you take care of some older models, like the hate, and add some metalics? the hate, for example, kinda looks like plastic ps luv u guys. <3
  12. pepperz99

    Coming Soon: Devstream #101!

    could we make smaller fish Worth more standing being hard to catch and bigger fish Worth more organs cause they're bigger? seems to balance things out a bit... bigger doesn't have to be better
  13. pepperz99

    Coming Soon: Devstream #101!

    could we make zaw components reusable maybe raising the price to gilding so you can try out a lot of builds and that way find what you want? love you guys <3