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  1. My idea behind this mask: Different aspects of Warframe -The red eye is the Stalker sigil; the yellow/gold (it should be gold, but I did not have the right colored pencil) is a Vitruvian symbol with lanterns from Cetus attached -The circular object that meets in the middle of the two symbols is supposed to be an Intact Sentient Core with the Ostron emblem in the middle of it; the Five circles directly above it is the symbol representing the Five focus schools that the Tenno can be part of -The three circular objects on the top are, ideally, Ayatan Stars. The main color of the mask is tan and the other colors I tried to emulate from the game and what the true colors are!
  2. Hello! I had a quick question concerning this: Would it be alright if my sister drew it for me? I have zero artistic ability whatsoever, and she is an amazing artist. I designed the mask entirely myself, my sister just made it take shape. I can even post my original drawing with her completed one, if that would help. I can also try to recreate it myself; however, it will not be great at all and it may be difficult to understand what I wanted to do with it, even if I explained. Thank you!!
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