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  1. well energy transfer exists. But by all means, thanks for the comment.
  2. Here are some of my equinox rework ideas I'll start with her passives. Current - picking up energy orb grants health, picking up health orbs grants energy My ideas for the new ones - Picking up energy orb grants nearby ally bonus energy buff upon their next energy orb. The same for health orb. Switch between forms will grant one of the buffs stronger effect (Ex. If you're on day form your buff will become more potent, same as the night form) Another one - Dodge to switch between day and night forms. Day forms will have a slight chance to blind enemies but the enemies will most likely target you more than anything else. Night forms will take more damage but the enemies will take longer to notice you. Metamorphosis - After switching the forms will create a decoy that emits buffs based of the last form before switching (Ex. day form decoy emits damage buff. Night form decoy emits armor buff) Metamorphosis 2 (In case if the second passive idea is accepted tho) - Form-specific ability. For day, radial blind-like ability, radial blinded enemy takes more damage. For night, slowly calm the enemies and completely sleep them. Allowing for finisher. Rest and Rage - Rage, casting on enemies will make them deals more damage but also take their own damage and take more damage from the player, casting on ally will give them speed and damage boost but make them take more damage. Rest, casting on enemies will shortens their field of view and slow them cast again to make nearby enemies to fall asleep. Casting on ally will give them health boost and regeneration but they will move slower. Pacify and Provoke - Provoke, enemies within will move faster and may fight each other instead of players enemies will also take more damage. Ally within range recieves damage and ability strength buff but will most likely be targeted by nearby enemies. Pacify, enemies' armor will reduced within range by percentage of 3% / 7% / 15% . of their max armor. The percentages based on ability strength. Ally within range recieves additional armor by numbers 100/300/900. The numbers are not based on ability strength. Mend and Maim - Mend, ally within range gains health upon damaging enemies within range, combine with pacify will double both buff effects. Maim, ally within range gains additional ability range and strength but reduces their ability efficiency. Enemies within range will suffer slash damage based on their health by percentage of 1%. Mend and Maim can charge the damage and release the multiplied damage upon recasting. Charging up damage can be 2 ways. Ally within range taking damage will charge up two times the damage **IF the damage is not fatal and ally is not downed/died** . Damaging enemies within range adds to charged damage based on damage number you dealt. Future umbra frame ideas - to get the new umbra you need to upgrade your primed warframe with umbra forma. Then there will be an item to unlock/uncap warframe's performance. After everything's clear you have to do a quest like forging umbra-augmented warframe. The objectives can be like this. Also, keep in mind that upon completing the quest you will agree that you will lose your warframe but you'll recieve a stronger one. But you won't lose your forma progress. That's why I keep mentioning Umbra-augment. mission 1 : You and Ordis will work together on gathering orokin codex on lua in a spy mission. mission 2 : You discovered the orokin's top secret umbra development augment much like a warframe core that remain sentience and also have a better performance but the technologies are decayed, you decided to raid the sentient outpost for a tool to repair the technology. mission 3 : Ordis will have to access the viturvian for more information about umbra warframe augment. You will have to gather more information on lua. mission 4 : You discovered that you have to forge the umbra augment on your warframe. On that mission you cannot use your warframe which you're forging umbra augment on them, Natah found out about your activities and sent the amalgams to stop you from forging the umbra-augmented frame. You have to survive and defend the objective in operator mode. mission 5 : If the forging is successful, the new umbra frame will help you escape the force with it's new power and strength. mission 6 : You must use the new umbra frame to raid the sentient base to unlock the sentient outpost planet. Maybe a hype quest after that... like fully sentient ballas chimera? The End. Misc. - Please do make deluxe weapon skin the universal skin for weapons. Like, I bought the whole limbo deluxe pack but i cant use the skin on staticor? What the hell is this. - NEw cOncLAvE Ui plZ (lol) - New arsenal and foundry UI? - Customizable warframe ability cast animations/Warframe moving animations/Warframe dodging animations. Works much like an emphera or smth. - Emphera for operators or maybe pet/companion - Warframe animation set onwoperators? - Ship decoration : Weapon display - Ship decoration : Ordis noggle - Ship decoration : Simaris noggle - Ship decoration : Suda noggle - Ship decoration : Ballas noggle - Ship decoration : Chimera noggle - Ship decoration : Theme - Orokin - Ship decoration : Theme - Cephalon - Ship decoration : Theme - The Infestation - Ship decoration : Theme - Corpus - Ship decoration : Theme - Grineer - Ship decoration : Theme - The Sentient That's about it. Thanks for reading.
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