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  1. Grind Frame is recruiting new members! We are a growing 18+ Warframe clan and alliance for new and veteran Tenno alike. All of our Tenno eagerly await your arrival and seek to guide you through the stars or stand alongside you and fight as comrades. Mission Statement - To provide a warm and welcoming community focused on reducing the infamous learning curve of this game. - To give veteran players a sense of family and encouraging them to teach newer players, giving a unique perspective on the game. Clan Requirements - Age 18+ - Any MR - English - Relaxed and friendly - 30 day inactive in game kick Clan Offerings - Rank 10, Storm Tier - All research complete (excluding Ignis Wraith) - Alliance/ Clan Discord, mic optional Please check out our website and send a message if you are interested in joining us! https://www.grindframe.org
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