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  1. I'm all for making the game harder but definitely not the "you die with one stray bullet shot that hit your pinky toe while you were dodging bullets mid air" kind of hard that happens in Mot Survival after lvl 150. This game's ballance is completely effed up not just because of armor and damage scaling that basically breaks once enemies reach past lvl 200 but also because every mission has a constant infinite spawning horde of enemies where killing them all doesn't really matter. The sense of gratification of setting up the perfect Saryn Miasma bomb and killing tons of enemies is completely trashed once the room is once again filled with trash mobs in a matter of seconds and enemies are coming from ALL SIDES. Playing Warframe is akin to destroying ant nests over and over again. It's not fun after a while.
  2. THIS! I'm tired of having a ton of new stuff being introduced out of nowhere in this game! It's really poor writing and lazy development. And they expect us to take it lightly that one day, out of literally nowhere, someone who we don't even know who the heck is began sending messages in that radio, and then began rewarding us for doing a bunch of random actions that have little connection to the story she is telling. Its just "wow tenno? Did you just murdered 2500 people with a match stick? Good job! Here, have this extremely rare item!"
  3. So you think an item that requires an item that is grindy as hell, in which also requires another grind by itself, will help anyone? Specially "noob" players? You really think that new players will have the competency to clear the plains over and over again, kill a ton of eidolons, wait for days untill all crafting requireents to get the damned Lua lens? Give me a break. People in this forum have a really weird pleasure in agreeing to disagree with people, REGARDLESS of what is being talked. >"It's for newer players" >Item literally requires you to kill Eidolons on a daily basis KEK Also, its not like a greater lens, which requires waaaaaaay less grind is enough to hit the completely unnecessary daily focus gain in less than 30 minutes in ESO...
  4. Because DE is running out of ideas of new mods, almost as if there wasnt literally THOUSANDS of mods in existence to begin with...
  5. Warframe is in a desperate need of a "normal missions" overhaul and actual update and FAST. Currently, its wide as an ocean but shallow as a puddle. 90% of the nodes are just road bumps for new players and there is absolutely no point in picking Generic Defense Mission #4582 from Generic Defense Mission #4581. Not to mention that other missions reward the players with Synthula and other obscure rewards that are no longer usable since 2015. DE, wake up!
  6. So it took "only" ONE YEAR for DE to realize and fix one of the biggest downsides of arbitrations? 👏 The changes seems good and I'll probably go back to play it again, but. It's just basically fixing a giant mistake and a major complaint we had ever since arbitrations were introduced. New rewards are a big plus since there were not enough and variation of rewards were lacking a lot! One thing that would incentivize players into playing it is to try to make Arbitrations be at least somewhat different than just a normal game mode (like survival or defense) and actually make it stand out of the rest, like how Sorties are. Give it some introduction to the mission, add more twists instead of just upping the level of enemies and giving them an imortality aura. That'd be great.
  7. My main gripes about Eidolon hunting is: 1- too "easy": they just walk aimlessly in 1 direction and none of their attacks are aimed directly at you. I know that's kind the point of them, but damn, everything is just so bland. The only real threat is the Hydrolyst and even so the only time you can actually die is when he is spamming his giant AOE hallowed-ground type of ability and that's it. 2- all 3 of them are the same enemy. They have some slight variations of their abilities, but most of it is just cosmetic difference. Not to mention how their appearance is literally the same. DE took the laziest route for this one and just made the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst a bigger version of the Teralyst with a different paint. I still need to complete my Arcane Grace and Arcane Energize sets, but good lord I'm tired of repeating the same missions for the 100th time in this game.
  8. This happens to anyone who didn't start playing the game after 2014/2015 and it only gets worse and worse over time. I seriously thought they would implement a "mini quest" chain after Operation Ambulas reborn because of the intricacies of the story and how you need some prep before fighting Ambulas aaaand they did the same as always. Now what happens is, whenever I'm doing any mission on Neptune and Ambulas drop in all I can read in the chat is stuff like "wtf is this Ambulance robot" or "who is Frohd Beck?" and unfortunately all I can do is tell them to go read some pages of the wikia because its just too much to be explained.
  9. not to mention how there is any hint that players should take The Conclave as any sort of tutorial. I only knew about the existance of PVP in this game after 150 hours and way after TSD
  10. I literally can't remember when was the last time I legit died in this game, as in, was literally overwhelmed by the enemy and couldn't do anything at all. But when it did happen, it was really the most infuriating and frustrating thing. Most of the time we die to actual stray bullets that somehow manage to make us go down from full health + shields while spinning in the air in the middle of a bullet jump.
  11. Warframe is filled with gigantic gaps on their lore that defies all logic because of two reasons: 1- DE is just really, really, really bad at writing a cohesive and coherent story. 90% of what every character talk is in that Yoda-esque enigmatic tone just so that they can justify retcnonning anything they said previously. As in, it is 90% empty words that don't matter and maybe 10% of actual story telling. 2- DE used to progress a good chunk of the story via events that are long dead AND LITERALLY DIDN'T APPLY IT TO THE BASE GAME AS QUESTS TO BE MADE BY PEOPLE WHO DIDNT PLAY THE GAME YEARS AGO. Just take a look at stuff like Operation Criotic Front, The whole Balor Formorian thing blowing up Relays and such. Literally the entirety of the lore regarding Alad V. EVERYTHING is disconnected from each other. When you first arrive to defeat Alad V the Lotus begin to talk about all his feats and you're just left around guessing. Then, during all the following quests the only thing the player can think of is: wait, aren't you dead? Didn't I kill you way back in Jupiter? - And goes on like this and it will probably never change.
  12. Just imagine if 100 void traces were among the rewards of the Lua Disruption mission instead of the totally unnecessary, expensive to craft "Lua Lens"? 😮
  13. I also find that a problem, I really can't be arsed to go down on Jupiter to play the already repetitive normal missions and at a ridiculously low level just to get ONE resource to build a couple stuff and then never use it again for anything else. Disruption feels tiring already specially now that they ported it to other tilesets and made the new warframe's drops be on that node.
  14. It took them 5 years to figure out the whole Vacuum mod drama and they still didn't quite get it. There's a loooooot of stubbornness going on over there. They still didn't figure out that the last thing players want is more of these content that gets released and then forever forgotten and completely discarded by the devs. As I say that I ask: when was the last time we've heard of ESO and Arbitrations, the supposed "endgame" content of this game ? 😄 😄 😄
  15. Main problem with how DE makes their missions is that once you play a single mission ONCE, you'll get the full experience of the mission type. There's not a single difference between Disruption node in Jupiter from the Disruption node in Mars and the disruption node in Lua. And its the same for literally every other mission type available. From Exterminate to Survival. DE said they added more disruption missions to the star chart, and that's false. All they did was ctrl+c ctrl+v the disruption mission in Jupiter to a few other nodes and added it to their RNG map generator (which is the same since 2014). Everyone who played Disruption before will get the same experience they got previously. You go in, get keys, kill demolyst, rinse and repeat until you get bored. At least Disruption is not as mind numbing as defense missions are. Ironically, the devs will be, within a few weeks, asking themselves and scratching their heads thinking why people already got tired of Disruption.
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