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  1. Fun fact: there's no difference in the quality, both builds will be broken beyond repair anyways.
  2. DE: "Self damage is important because players would be too OP without it" Also DE: *designs a warframe who dual wields explosive weapons with basically infinite ammo and no self damage*
  3. That's just head canon tbh... 90% of the lore is basically head canon that the community had to fry their heads thinking about the small bits of story the devs laid around...
  4. nope, every single thread gets derailed by people either doing mental gymnastics to try to prove how wrong OP is for voicing whatever feedback or by being super pedantic about anything minor or completely unrelated to the topic and going on about it for days.
  5. I've never seen a topic derail so effing bad. OP is talking about lots of missing links and the way DE "writes" their story, and people go full pedantry mode and decide to discuss philosophy and muck of the sort.
  6. OP makes a post citing a bunch of floating forgotten ideas and "teases" that makes the game feel hollow as heck. People respond complaining about the example he used as to why authors of any story shouldn't do what DE is doing with Warframe. This is the biggest problem with this community, every single problem written in posts goes completely r/woooosh on people. Either way, I couldn't agree more, DE has this HORRIBLE tendency of either pretending they didn't add anything about certain topics of the story or they finally answer our questions 4 or 5 years later. It's just poor story writing. I think that we will finally get some closure about the Orbiter in itself when Empirean comes out God knows when. Took them over six years to finally do that (if they do that). Meanwhile, there are people who still think that the Liset and the Orbiter are the same things (don't ask me HOW they are capable of thinking a tiny landing ship that can barely fit a warframe lying down is capable of having 3 floors with big rooms and enough space to bullet jump around).
  7. which is... not much, and not important :T
  8. Also, I'm not even mentioning the fact that those alerts were 100% randomized, making it literally impossible to plan if and when you want to get the hoard of 10k credits and 300 plastids...
  9. I even am on a clan full of people and I just can't be bothered with those things. I can hapilly go look for all 3 caches in a sabotage mission because I can do those alone and at my own pace, but having to play a single mission for ONE HOUR straight while playing with FRENDS is akin to slow and painful death to me.
  10. It is still possible, you can play fissures or basically anything else. Alert rewards like what? 300 plastids? SYNTHULA? It is not irrelevant because those rewards were pointless and didn't benefit anyone in the community. If anyone wanted 300 plastids they'd just go to any void fissure or farm team in Uranus and get 100 times more plastids + other rewards. Removing that to put a system that rewards the players with crazy stuff like Arcane Energize is an obvious benefit. "easy and convenient option to gain quick credits" - I seriously don't need to explain basic math and how 10k credits as a reward for a mission is in no way "easy and quick" compared to all the other options and even normal missions. "whether they were pointless to you is irrelevant" - Nope, they were pointless. Period. No one played those alerts. No one except you maybe. DE has the statistics to back that up. Those missions didn't benefit anyone except maybe MR1 players. The current system benefits all. There was no concept of "secondary objectives" either, you just can't call the "kill 10 enemies with a pistol" to get 1000 affinity a secondary objective.
  11. Removal of block-glide: bad, I agree Removing auto block: the only difference is that you don't need to press ONE button anymore. It doesn't really change anything in any meaningful way.
  12. "Play Kuva Survival for 47 hours WITH FRIENDS without using life support capsule!!" "Play defence missions for 187 waves WITH FRIENDS " "Complete a sortie mission WITH FRIENDS " "Kill Profit Taker WITH FRIANDSSSS" Holy freaking [redacted] please stop. Just stop with these, it's so freaking annoying. I barely have friends who play in Warframe and even in a big clan its a massive chore to get someone who is willing to spend ONE HOUR playing a boring survival mission or killing a boring boss. I thought that the community provided enough negative feedback behind these obnoxious challenge requirements like playing a single match FOR ONE HOUR or playing "with friends". Let us play the game alone if you will.
  13. I think that puncture procs should ignore armor/shields and deal direct dmg to the enemie's health. Instead of DOT it would be a raw direct dmg. That could make puncture at least somewhat as good as slash procs.
  14. 90% of the game content is "quick play", you can still "quick play" while completing challenges and stuff Those allerts would reward you more or less the SAME amount of credits that any other mission type rewarded. Complaining about not being able to complete those 10k credits alerts anymore is quite laughable to be honest and these days we have a lot more options to get a lot of credits, not just with the index. Yes, I do, and they were pointless at most. Earning 1k affinity for killing TEN guys with a pistol and nothing is basically the same. Not only that but these are essentially what daily challenges are. Kill 150 enemies with melee, gas dmg, etc. Except this time its an actual "challenge" and it actually provides an actual reward. Jesus, sometimes it looks like you guys are looking for stuff to complain about nightwave...
  15. For me the biggest issue with arbitrations is: they are just the SAME missions we've always been playing over and over and over again since day one. It's just so damn boring.
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