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  1. Nitro747

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    except adaptation hardly works properly and the only instances its anywhere near "not useless" is when its used in frames with high health and armor to begin with.
  2. Nitro747

    Hildryn: Devstream #123

    DE must be thinking that the fact that Hildryn can regenerate shields from energy orbs and have a "huge" shield capacity it means that she will be anywhere near "survivable", but they are quite wrong. Shields in this game means absolutely nothing when it comes to defense and helping a player stay alive. The fact that she will be actively depleting her own shield pool in order to cast her powers - including powers that would help her staying alive - makes the situation even worse. This is a horde game where enemies spawns from EVERYWHERE, even from rooms that have no connection with each other. Players are constantly taking damage from every direction possible and at certain levels even a stray pellet from a corrupted crewman is enough to send all but the tankiest warframes from 100% shields and health to death. Lets start with the biggest problem: shields offer no damage reduction whatsoever. It seems fair enough since shields regenerate automatically over time, but it isn't. At low levels enemies deal some 40 dmg per shot. At higher levels, they deal 100s. At further levels the enemies deal THOUSANDS of damage per shot. The only way to survive that sort of content is by having warframes with abilities that offer a buffer health pool ability, damage reduction abilities, invisibility or extreme amounts of health and/or armor. Warframes with very high shield capacity have no chance at mitigating any damage because of their shields, and the fact that players are constantly taking damage + the already high shield regeneration delay coupled with the very slow regeneration rate makes such warframes completely not viable when it comes to surviving. However, these warframes have other tools at their disposal that help their survival and contributes greatly to their overall kit: Harrow can become invulnerable to damage, buff his allies, buff himself, etc; his first ability provides instant shield boosts that also CC's enemies. Mag can instantly replenish her shields while also CC and debuff enemies with the same ability, provide bubbles of safety for herself, etc. Meanwhile Hildryn will have a big shield pool that will also work as her energy pool. That means two things: 1- A couple shots taken and she will be rendered defenseless AND unable to cast her abilities. 2- While unable to cast her abilities (which already don't seem to help too much in the case since none of it seems to add % dmg reduction) she will be in a position where there is no way out, almost as if she was stunlocked, and then she dies. Even with shield gating, the mere fact she can't cast her own powers without shields will render her useless. The situations will probably be something like: lose shields in a couple hits > shield gating activates > she survives for 2 seconds > shield regenerates a little bit > she takes another hit and will lose all her shields instantly since it will be impossible for them to regenerate fully in the mean time. The only way I see this warframe working somewhat decently is by playing it in the worst way possible to play warframe: camping and cheesing the heck out of the game, which unfortunately is the norm for very high level survival missions. It's a bit odd considering that she is supposed to be a tanky high powered big guns big muscles warframes with heavy weapons. She is not Loki or Mirage. Having this sort of warframe locked in this specific, boring play style seems quite bad. I thought at first that maybe she is being designed around the Adaptation mod. However, that mod is quite broken to be really honest and only adds a benefit for warframes that DO NOT rely on a big shield pool. It benefits, again, big health, armor pool warframes and even so it is a gimmick at best and useless at worse. I myself tried using Adaptation in multiple different settings with Mag and Harrow - Remember: Mag can INSTANTLY gain 2.5k shields with the press of a button while CC'ing enemies and Harrow can be constantly generating shields - and the results were sub par at most. Even with Mag, I calculated that her survivability didn't change much. She was able to survive damage for about 1 second longer than with the Adaptation mod (which was occupying a mod slot that could be used for something more useful) even when all dmg reduction buffs were taken in place. An option would be fixing the Adaptation mod and maybe buffing it a little, but creating a whole Warframe around ONE mod is just bad design. So, unless DE wants to have a Warframe already dead on arrival, DE should really do something about shields in general. Shield gating will not be enough to make Hildryn anywhere near survivable, enjoyable and playable. Adding some innate damage reduction to shields would be a good step forward. Add some sort of modifier like shield strenght for instance. Not only that would make Hildryn powerful as she is supposed to be, but that will also open possibilities towards new ways to play different warframes such as Mag and Harrow and will make an entire mechanic useful instead of the good old "don't care about shields, they are useless".
  3. Nitro747

    Forma / Polarity Ideas!

    They could start by giving exilus mods a specific "exilus" polarity so we can swap those more frequently.
  4. Nitro747

    Baruuk Mandala Availability

    I feel the same, I really dislike buying weapons and warframes right off the bat because I like to farm for it and build them myself. They could make it so that the special item would cost more out of the bundle. Like, a lot more. I wouldn't mind if that was the case. Or they could alternatively release cosmetic bundles that include these items.
  5. Nitro747

    I am thoroughly sorry .. (Community feedback)

    This game is what it is today because there are people complaining and providing feedback (AKA: criticizing) and DE listens to it more than many devs do (although they are obviously not perfect and this year was quite wack compared to previous years). One thing that really doesn't help at all is such white knighting posts apologizing to DE because people provide feedback on the feedback category.
  6. Nitro747

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    prime accessories don't include platinum. Spending that much money to get weak cosmetics that probably took a couple of hours to make and a bunch of boosters are definitely not worth the price of an AAA game. top 10 questions that scientists can't answer. But hey, Redeemer prime is something we've wanted for a while and that thing looks beautiful. Also, its the perfect melee to a frame that is focused on guns, like, even her melee wep is a gun :V
  7. Nitro747

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    Half of the Prime Accessories is a Sugatra, the other half is Operator headgear... Is this a joke? I mean, the headgear is cool and stuff but in no way justifies the absurd price.
  8. Nitro747

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Any plan on diversifying the already existing game modes? Every Exterminate, mobile defense, defense, etc, mission plays exactly the same since the tutorial levels. Only exception to the case is the Void Sabotage missions. Other than that, spy missions have different vaults, but the differences lies only there.
  9. Nitro747

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    well, they survive, prey and thrive in infested areas. Including the Orokin derelicts which are adrift for milenia. It's pretty much safe to assume that they are imune. They literally eat infested flesh for breakfast since ages.
  10. Nitro747

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    - How is the new Gas City rework going? Will it be shipped any time soon or is being planed to be delivered at a later date? - Any willingness to update other tilesets? Maybe just tweak and re-touch some? Some of them suffer from big issues, specially the Corpus Shipwreck tilesets... - Any willingness to keep adding and improving the experience of previously released content such as the Plains, ESO, Kuva Survival, Arbitrations? - Any plans on adding more badass enemies like the Nox and various Terra special units?
  11. Nitro747

    tridolons need a huge change

    "they require OP equipment" So what you want? To take them down with a toothpick? Give me a break. We need at least something that can be worth hoarding millions of endo, credits and forma to take down.
  12. Nitro747

    A True Tier Frame list.

    Trash tier: Hydroid
  13. Nitro747

    PSA Upcoming Server Upgrades [DONE]

    Konzu's hunger can never be quenched