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    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    I never assumed anything. I used the mutalist cernos as an example. A fair amount of Saryn players that I've seen use a corrosive + blast Torid
  2. blacksage81

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    I'm a Saryn main and I am 100% on board with the Molt and Toxic Lash changes. I do not like the spores/Miasama element swap, please do not do it. A 100% status Mutalist Cernos modded for Corrosive can strip armor faster than the proposed spore changes. However I do like the simplification of increasing Miasma's damage and scaling mechanic on spore damage. As a previous poster mentioned spores would be less useful against Corpus, specifically Corpus Tech's, furthermore spore would be even less effective against most infested units.