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  1. Eldritchsqueaker

    Where is Update 22.16.0!?

    When is Khora though?
  2. Eldritchsqueaker

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    "You don't agree with me therefore your opinion isn't valid." Isn't an argument, there is two sides to the argument. The people who are glad they're gone have as much validity as the people who will miss them. No more, no less.
  3. Eldritchsqueaker

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    I get tired of the all vets are this and if you have this many hours in the game you must agree rhetoric. Trials are not raids, nor are they good content. They are a mess that requires too much upkeep and created an elitist community controlling the arcane economy. DE is right on thinking they should go. Edit: I have well over 2k hours by the by
  4. Eldritchsqueaker

    [DELAYED] Damage 2.5 Part 1: Physical Damage

    Puncture needs a more offense based buff, why use it over impact if the CC from impact is effectively 100% damage reduction or slash procs just kill them? Puncture procs should have a portion of the damage dealt just bypass armor, where even does damage reduction make sense for 'piercing' when it should pierce defenses?
  5. Eldritchsqueaker

    (LIVE NOW) 3x 100 Hour Alerts on PS4 and Xbox One!

    No but maybe I have a different idea of what soon means.
  6. Eldritchsqueaker

    (LIVE NOW) 3x 100 Hour Alerts on PS4 and Xbox One!

    3:34 P.M. Friday isn't over until 12 a.m. c.c I was only an hour off.
  7. Eldritchsqueaker

    (LIVE NOW) 3x 100 Hour Alerts on PS4 and Xbox One!

    Friday still has 10 and a half hours in DE time...
  8. Eldritchsqueaker

    Plains of Eidolon: Sniper Review!

    Zoom decrease doesn't bother me but there are two issues I have with these changes, well technically one. I feel like the combo time might be a bit too short, it could basically turn Harkonar scope into a required mod- which isn't a good design choice imo. The other thing is, I think sniper crit chance is too low. I think for most snipers it should be 40% base, and for the vulkar maybe 25-30 to keep it balanced with the augment and the higher mulitpliers.
  9. Eldritchsqueaker

    Update 21.4.0 Status - Coming Aug 10

    >Not RIP in Pisces C'mon man!
  10. Renewal could still stand to be scaled up a bit. Also maybe base energy drain on the amount healed?
  11. Eldritchsqueaker

    PC: Where's Update 19.12.0!?

    I would have rather they brought the Myconians back, also was anyone asking for escort missions? Hardly anticipating this event with excitement, Grineer stuff has been done into the dirt and when was the last time we even got a new Vandal?
  12. Eldritchsqueaker

    PC: Where's Update 19.12.0!?

    Forget about the operation, when are you going to finally release that Corpus spear gun weapon DE? This is getting silly.
  13. Eldritchsqueaker

    Valkyr Prime Arrives November 22!!

    DE can't keep pushing Banshee off forever can they?
  14. Eldritchsqueaker

    [Spoiler] Dev Workshop: New Mods Part 1!

    Just please make sure the MR lock of the weapon isn't a huge factor, some higher MR lock weapons are weak while other OP weapons are too low. If you do make it a factor *please* have a second look at the MR requirements for powerful and weaker weapons.
  15. Eldritchsqueaker

    *24 HR Tenno Casting Call* Be Featured in a Promo Video!

    Loadout name is pretty bland, just assimilate Nyx. I like what I did with it though. My Nyx and my operator.