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  1. Hmm, Maybe you should wait a bit to see how destiny 2 is doing after the next expansion. Shadowkeep Expansion, Free-To Play And all that is going live on september 14 From what i've heard, So only 14 days after your buy time. I played base game a bit back with it's giveaway they did as well. Played entire campaign three times while Warframe cannot bring me to finish beyond the tutorial twice. In my opinion you should wait for the base game to go free, Then buy the new expansion that is releasing, But you do what you wanna do.
  2. So incase you do not keep up to date on Destiny 2, And if you do skip this little paragraph, Destiny 2 announce a free-to-play version coming soon, With undecided factors such as DLC up to forsaken being free (Heavily unlikely) And possible cross progression (Likely). And now you must be thinking "Partners may not like this AAA to Free To Play Switch". Here is the thing, They split from Activision. After the split from Activision, They have complete creative control over the game along with the experience dev team and budget to profit from it. They have bigger budget, A larger dev team, A (debatably) bigger following, Now you uncultured swine who are MR5 are like "Welp. This is it. This game is gonna die" Well, Not exactly. DE Has something that bungie does not. Ambition. Destiny 2 players, And i know you are hovering around these forums now, When was the last time you've seen Bungie have the guts to pull something like PoE, Which at the time was a massive switch in how the game is played, Or Railjack, Which the community already has an extremely bitter aftertaste from Archwings? Bungie has almost every advantage at their side against Warframe, Hint at almost, Warframe has the few advantages that can keep Destiny 2 in the projects. They pay attention to the community, Have the guts to pull something everyone thinks is amazing, Hates it for a month or so, Then forget about it cause it's just another grind feast which the truely devoted to that huge chicken wing will succeed in devouring, Or even the devstreams where they talk about upcoming content? Destiny 2 is a great game, It has handled endgame perfectly while warframe still struggles with it after years, Power Creep is not too big a problem in Destiny 2 While Warframe has more of it than the infested in numbers, Overall, Both good, Both will share top 10 and switch between top game on occasion, And you are lying if you think Destiny 2 is not a good game.
  3. Question is just from me sitting alone in my room doing absolutely nothing productive with my life thinking about warframe. Totally me not being salty about being too lazy to farm ropadopalyst Incase you need better clarification, I mean if it is possible to build a warframe, Similar in design to the kitguns, Zaws, All that.
  4. Love the new gamemode, Simple as that. For the emissions, I like it but ehhh barely noticable. How bout a prisma cloud-like effect on them? That's all i've seen so far, So rip.
  5. I think it is not as simple as veriety, i think it is more of what fits best with the warframes on the Prime Unvault.
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