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  1. The Orokin worm in the war within wasn't real. That whole sequence was a dream quest inside your tennos head.
  2. Just about to post a similar bug, but Huras kubrow doesn't cloak Wisp either.
  3. The grineer asteroid tileset which has the tram, no longer needs the tram to be hacked to move it out of the way to continue. Both sides are open to just walk around it.
  4. When playing archwing nodes having this toggle on makes no difference. Left mouse immediately swaps back to archgun and doesn't continue to melee attack.
  5. As title, this toggle in the settings doesn't work when you are a client. This video shows it not working, note I was client in this https://youtu.be/RrOtJqkBLB8 However when I'm the host it works, as shown in the next video. https://youtu.be/rECspc8X-4A
  6. When you mind control an Embattor moa in the Orb Vallis, if it then drops any bounce mines they still affect you and bounce you around/proc you. https://youtu.be/l1Lh3M71ifo
  7. The jumping puzzle will be the Simon says part of vault c. To to op, if you go back to the present ruined state then you can bypass this by heading around the corridor to the side. As with the other w lua vaults there are multiple options to get through it.
  8. As title running today's sortie 2, bow only interception, I ran out of ammo. At which point I was swapped to an unarmed state, collecting ammo and using an ammo restore did not prompt me to swap back to it. Pressing weapon swap or trying the archgun deployment didn't help either.
  9. Nyx is a fairly easy to use against the profit taker, I've used her several times to solo successfully. I usually run max chaos sphere build to keep the mobs at bay whilst I focused on the orb herself. Otherwise you can run the assimilate tank build.
  10. Playing through steam with a Steam controller Unable to use controller to login, login button below password box doesn't accept any input. Melee only accepts first attack command. Right trigger (mouse melee toggle on) or b doesn't trigger any further attacks.
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