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  1. As title, trying to re-farm Grendel for Helmith. Not sure if this is related to the corpus ship update or recent Nezha hotfix. On entering the survival mission using an ability once locks you out of using any others, it says ability in use. Also my clones were stuck in place not following me. Secondly the life support modules were not able to be interacted with, effectively breaking the mission. As seen in the attached video I was solo at the time so not a host/client issue.
  2. Incubator segment requires 10 codes to craft. So you used them. You then need another 10 to breed your kavat. For your first kavat you need 20 genetic codes.
  3. Those are for the primary versions. No more mastery after getting it from the secondaries. If you have built the primary ones it's just a visual bug, that gets resolved by taking them on a mission.
  4. Did the excavator take damage. If it had then even a full power one will take a power core. Instead of filling power it replenishes the excavator shields instead.
  5. Ballistica prime has its own unique ability compared to other cross bows.
  6. Are you running negative duration? Continuous abilities like hysteria use both efficiency and duration in their energy per second cost.
  7. Kind of one major difference, the first reward of the Ether Daggers from the quest was their blueprint same as plague star. So can be seen as like any other weapon blueprint, eg the boltor or furis from the junction rewards on your way to that quest. Broken scepter came with slot and catalyst, which should tell you not to get rid.
  8. You need to craft a key to access the derelict missions, have you done this?
  9. Yeah the mobile app shouldn't be used for any quest related items.
  10. Rivens are random which weapon, most likely one you don't own if you don't keep everything. Sheev is not missing I still have mine. You'll need to farm it, as it is only awarded from invasions, well the parts are. Collect all & build. Blade was in an invasion yesterday, hilt a week ago, heatsink is the rarest (about a month since last one).
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