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  1. Check the patch notes Fixed toggle sprint carrying over into Wukong’s Cloud Walker (normal hold sprint did not) https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1163746-empyrean-ivara-prime-27012-270121/
  2. You are unable to use Garudas talons when you board crewships both as the host (solo) and as client. Kubrows losing loyalty when boarding crewships with them, no matter how you exit. Either omni recall or exiting the back they show as dead and lose loyalty. I'm guessing this is similar to the plains of eidolon problem where exiting killed them.
  3. Not a bug, kuva weapons have lower riven dispositions than their normal versions. Mod station shows values as per base version. All different versions of weapons (base, prime, wraith, etc) have different dispositions now.
  4. Personally I gave up with the configs when melee 2.9 (or whatever it was) dropped that broke them. I swapped to this; There is a context layer, full pull on right trigger plus direction on dpad for gear quick items.
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