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  1. Same issue as Sniperdelit, but I only received operations emblem 1.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Varazin instant revives don't refresh until you leave the flotilla REPRODUCTION: Run mission from fl;otilla, use revive, return to flotilla and run another EXPECTED RESULT: Revives should be 4 warframe and 4 operator every mission OBSERVED RESULT: next mission from flotilla stays at prvious count, i.e. used 1 shows 3, used 4 have 0 REPRODUCTION RATE: Every mission from flotilla
  3. TYPE: Game DESCRIPTION: No kill codes being recieved by railjack squads VISUAL: https://imgur.com/Eu4luTc https://imgur.com/RSSw0ew https://imgur.com/M9U5nS3 REPRODUCTION: just play railjack segment of event EXPECTED RESULT: Kill codes recieved as yesterday OBSERVED RESULT: no kill codes in 20+ minutes recieved REPRODUCTION RATE:any railjack mission in event at this time,
  4. in Railjack session (solo so I'm host) after successfully completing a murex raid, returning to flotilla then going out for another I can exit into operator but I can't return to my warframe as it is saying ability use prevented. Can only die as operator or exit railjack to get into warframe again,. Entering murex, railjack etc doesn't help relieve this bug.
  5. You are unable to use Garudas talons when you board crewships both as the host (solo) and as client. Kubrows losing loyalty when boarding crewships with them, no matter how you exit. Either omni recall or exiting the back they show as dead and lose loyalty. I'm guessing this is similar to the plains of eidolon problem where exiting killed them.
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