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  1. I have been playing since the beginning , I have seen this game grow from what it was. From simple to complex and advanced. This feedback is my gift to warframe as a huge thank you for the 2k + hours of game play that I got from this game and its still appealing to me. But First. Let me go ahead and say I am one of those Founders, end game player with high Mr and for a while I said the words :There is no Content... and u hear these words from many ppl , specially Veterans.. but m not here to Rant or stuff like that. I am here to open the view of WHY some ppl say there is no content , when there is. Yes, I am here to answer the $1kk dollar question, ( or at least try to ) which could be the very answer This game needs to jump to insane popularity again. *To answer this I must ask myself first, what made me play the original warframe back in early founder beta test ? My personal answer is: The fluid progression and game play , the feeling of getting better and stronger to face harder to kill enemies with increasing rewards all of that while being a space ninja, slashing ppl with tons of blood flying through the air along with other human pieces. << This is what made warframe my favorite game. Why then if the game is better now, I feel I am not getting content? Simple. We veterans have about 5-6 forma in our warframes, weapons etc( + rivens)... and can annihilate entire maps of monsters with a single push of a button and since we already maxed most mods, regular rewards tend to feel unrewarding ( but it is rewarding for other ppl , we just have nothing to do with 200kk endo anymore). How do you then create content for this kind of ppl? how do you create what could be seen as an endgame? . you have to return to what made warframe special ( * the bold small paragraph on the top) .There needs to be more progression and we have to get stronger..... ( BEFORE U SAY TO MUCH POWER CREEP ,WAIT). There needs to be new missions that demand this kind of power, with more difficulty ( not just spamming 400 enemies with napalm launchers etc). I remember when I had to take cover cuz the damage was legit, when I had to sit and wait for my shield to recharge to proceed to the next room etc.... This needs to return, that feeling of really facing a threat of getting something out of a hard mission that legit made you stronger.. that is the progression and CONTENT that many veterans are missing.. many will say there is no content cuz they are not getting better and if they do.. there is no reason for them to upgrade. Let the modding , the rivens, the formas the primes ( min -maxing) be a process of getting ready for something.... BEYOND. Something hard, challenging, WORTH getting into ,if you dare. All I want and need to return.... is a reason to use my arsenal. and for ways to improve said arsenal for greater things. Only then will I feel, I made some kind of progression. That is what I would call.... Some Mind breaking... CONTENT. My 2 Cents. <3.
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