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  1. Hyped to hear about the Leverian! Are we going to get it on any past Warframes, or at least ones that need it like Wisp or Garuda? Though I'd love to see it even on ones that don't need it like Excalibur or Harrow. It would surely provide a lot of character to the Warframes that even quests don't aside from Octavia's Anthem.
  2. Twice now I've finished a round of a Void Fissure mission and had the relic reward screen just say "Loading..." instead of showing any rewards, preventing me from switching to another reward besides the default. I can still see the rarity of the rewards, which is how I know I just missed out on a rare drop because of this bug. EDIT: whoops, just realized this subforum doesn't have "& UI" at the end like the Feedback forum.
  3. Can you talk about plans with the Leverian? I REALLY love it as a lore outlet to still give us something cool and interesting without the huge development time of quests like Octavia's Anthem, and I'd love to see it added to every Warframe and Prime Warframe. It's a nice little focus on the Warframe itself, things relating to it, and nothing else.
  4. Ever since Update 25.7.0, previewing skins you don't own in the Arsenal is broken. The colors and base Warframe model don't change to the skin, only the helmet and any "accessories" that attach on top of the skin's model, so Deluxe Skins become a weird hybrid, and Tennogen skins just change the helmet.
  5. Just noticed it on the loading screen - the Liset Cydonia skin is missing glowing patterns using the Energy color that it used to have before 25.7.0. Would post a "before" pic if I had one.
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