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  1. Just had a similar thing happen, but it was an enemy we couldn't see stuck behind a locked door hidden in an obscure part of the map.
  2. The idea of more Umbra Warframes was brought up and forgotten about last Devstream, could that be touched on? Are there plans?
  3. I really want to know how "deep" Railjack goes. We've heard about it replacing/working like the Orbiter, is that a nailed-down system or just an idea? We've heard that the idea is for it to seamlessly replace the loading screens and make the world feel more connected and MMO, how likely is that to pan out? Other questions I have: Is the "Giant iceberg forms in the sky and crashes down" idea still acting as a day/night cycle in Fortuna? We haven't heard about it since it was mentioned on a devstream months ago. I'd also be over the moon to know if there are other plans for future Landscapes! Mercury, the next planet in the star chart, or no? Every planet having one sounds like heaven and there's so much potential in the gameplay and worldbuilding. Will there be more Umbras? Excalibur Umbra has been kind of treated as his own standalone thing when it comes to The Sacrifice but people have fell in love with the idea of other Warframes getting their own versions, as I thought the original plan for "Umbra" was.
  4. Just wanna say I also watched the whole stream and didn't get him.
  5. Is there any progress on Damage 3.0 or is it on the backburner for now?
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