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  1. 1: I don't know about an upper limit of 8x mult for landslide man, the energy cost reduction by cast number three would essentially mean you could ignore the existence of energy. As for the buffs to compensate for no stat stick, it seems it would only need a base damage buff equivalent to one of the syndicate augments, and the ability to equip any melee riven (my personal preference) or its own (I do not like the idea of rivens for moddable abilities.). 2: I considered the shattering when punched idea before the pinball suggestion I made in the original post, but it made it too similar to gara's ability to smash her wall outwards with her lash in my opinion. 3: it seems so far that everyone else favors a cost decrease for petrify and I can't say I disagree. 4: I like the idea of the rumblers sort of shadowing your actions, but once again I feel like it makes it too similar to an existing ability (Wukong clone.) and I tend to shy away from abilities feeling too similar to other frames.
  2. I absolutely understand the difference in capacity argument, and I probably should have said something about a higher base capacity as well as the riven changes I proposed. What I proposed in letting Landslide equip ANY melee riven, utilizing it's own unique (landslide specific) disposition, would absolutely not take away the I/P/S stats as an option. As far as the syndicate augments I don't see them being as much a loss as most feel they would be considering the damage I can put out with an incomplete prisma dual cleavers setup with or without Justice blades. Again I acknowledge I may be in the minority on this one, I just value the ability to actually use Tekko/Furax/Ankyros on the brawler frame without having to build them for his fists rather than the crit/status builds they excel with.
  3. Atlas prime is here, and he has finally fixed the biggest complaint I had with atlas, his base stats were not as tanky as I would have liked (I know base stats on original atlas are pretty damn tanky, but I always felt in use he still got shredded quicker than my tankros build sans shield of shadows somehow.) and he felt less like a rock for it. Now that that part is solved I'd like to be "That guy" and share my own dream adjustments to Atlas's kit. Passive: Generally I like his passive, but with the QOL changes for Gauss's meter mechanics, the upcoming Ember meter, and the generally rock solid Nidus meter mechanic, ("Stacks aren't meters!" Shh, different name I know but its still a resource that you fill up and expend.) Atlas's Rubble is tedious, clunky, and often not worthwhile to invest in. For instance, Gauss merely has to move and his meter is capped in seconds, Atlas's best case scenario assuming no efficiency is that he uses at least 100 energy (75 to petrify, 25 to landslide for max rubble output.) for a meager return of around 75 to 250 rubble depending on group size, this is further made painful because anything lower than cap health steals that rubble before it is added to your meter for healing you likely don't need. As many have suggested I would start by allowing rubble to always be added to armor regardless of health and simply make the healing a third or so of what it already is. That fixes the most annoying part of the passive, Spending energy and getting health instead of rubble. The only thing I believe this passive needs beyond this is another equally simple change, larger amounts of rubble in all cases or a further reduced decay rate. This would make the passive feel less like a nagging, micromanage-y side objective in every mission. Landslide: I know many disagree with me on this, but all I want is the removal of the stat stick on this one. I don't believe it needs anything else besides the ability to be modded individually, but I suppose they could give landslide it's own disposition and make it accept any melee riven. The augment (Which at least from my recent testing seems broken right now, ie the trail is invisible and the effect is incredibly inconsistent.) should increase in width with range stat. Tectonics: After considering for a moment I've come to the conclusion that the way to solve the problems with this ability is simple. Punch it. That's right. leave it entirely the same, but allow atlas to cast his 1 on it to immediately turn it into a physics-enabled boulder that pinballs around the area with Glaive-like homing. Deals the same damage as when recast, plus 25% of the boulder health to the enemies stuck inside every time it impacts a surface, detonates after not moving/impacting anything for 10 seconds. Not cool enough you say? Hold on says I, for that's not all. Allow rumblers to pick up and throw/bat the boulder around towards enemies with enhanced homing, adding any enemies contacted to those already stuck in the boulder and causing damaging impacts. It's like your pets and the roller floofs but deadly. Petrify: I honestly think this one doesn't need my help. Rumblers: Like above, I want to be able to punch my unsatisfactory abilities into their new glorious purpose. I propose we be allowed to obliterate our rumblers with our 1 (only when directly targeted, aoe shouldn't count.) for buffs. Destroying the first rumbler should be a complete fill of our rubble meter. Destroying the second should give us a buff I tentatively would dub "Gorgons eye" a fifteen or so second buff in which petrify is emitted at a short range from Atlas's face (The way it used to work, sans upper body restricting animation.) for no more energy cost than what it takes to punch the rumbler. Well those are my thoughts. I'm sure a lot of people disagree and have their own Ideas, some folks are calling for a full rework still after all. But I'm open to discussion on these Ideas and wouldn't mind hearing feedback.
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