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  1. All this is absolutely excellent! There's just one small problem. If you want to get this noticed, you should probably put it in the appropriate feedback forums. DE doesn't bother checking General Discussion. The mods may check it, but DE staff does not. I did really like the idea of "Contribute All," imagine trying to clip the cursor through a mass of decorations just to contribute to a single one. Oh wait, that's the agony that is my dojo. Would very much appreciate this feature.
  2. Carmine Penta was a Chinese exclusive for the longest time. I honestly don't care if it's good or not, it's nice to finally have something that's been unobtainable for eons.
  3. They're probably squashing bugs as we speak. Usually the final hours before release are filled with squashing last-minute bugs. Sure, there'll be bugs either way, but at least there'll be less if they finish squashing them now than later.
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