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  1. I'm one of those people who didn't say it. In fact just last night I had a fairly lengthy discussion with my clanmates about when we suspected release might be, and our conclusion was that while there was a good likelihood of today (Tuesday) being the release day, the most likely day is tomorrow (Wednesday) and if not Wednesday then definitely Thursday. This tracks with what I wrote and with what the update in this thread today states. Hell, I'm willing to wait until the end of time for this update, honestly, and nowhere in my post did I demand a speedier production. I hope that the extra time taken leads to a smoother launch, honestly, since big updates like this are fairly notorious for their game-breaking side effects. I've even addressed your point precisely in my first paragraph; you're right that no one said it would be released first thing this week, but the inference is very clear for the reasons I stated and it's understandable why many people may have made that assumption. What's further is that DE is very acutely aware of the fact that the words they chose would produce that reaction. That's marketing, pal. So this backlash should have also been expected, which cuts right to the very point I was making in the first place (and one that I'll separate so that it's super clear this time). This is not the time for jokes it is time to be direct and transparent. The May 21 update should have been something akin to "We understand a lot of people may have expected a release today and, honestly, we did too. However, we came across [insert vague problem here] and it has unfortunately delayed the process. But don't worry, Tenno! We're still on track to meet a release date this week and this works out for the best since our traditional update days are Wednesdays or Thursdays anyway." I hope this clarifies my statement sufficiently to your liking. Oh, and also, I'll admit I was rude with my last line about the joke not being relevant. That was unprofessional of me and I'd like to apologize for it. I'd edit it out but I'll have it stand as a testament to my failings; we're all imperfect, after all, and I appreciate you pointing it out to me. We can't fix problems we're unable to identify, after all.
  2. This kind of jovial tone and making light of the expectations you've placed in players is a bit rude? I understand that the idea here is to present a cheerful face in light of missing the mark to keep people's confidence high and break the ice, but what you're doing instead is coming across as making fun of us maliciously. This doesn't sound like "let's be happy, things are still on track" it sounds like "lol you thought it was coming today, what a bunch of buffoons". Whether or not people were justified in doing so, a not insignificant amount of people who are following this update's progress took the previous edit to mean that we would have the update. And anyone who doesn't see why they may have made that mistake are lying to themselves; phrases like "finish line" and "come out swinging" were used, alongside the context of concern not about the finality of the build but of the ability to hotfix problems that the players would encounter, giving the very strong implication that things would happen immediately. The critical element in effective humor is timing and this was very much not the time. After hyping the release, inferring strongly about projected dates, and then missing those marks more than once, now is the time to turn off the jokes and be direct with us as a matter of respect and transparency. After all, that's what this thread is for: to be transparency. Being coy is very much the opposite of that (and as an aside I've been pretty annoyed with this recent behavior of pretending to be communicative and transparent while simultaneously obfuscating the heart of the matter, but this is not the time to get into that in detail). Finally, ffs, this update is about Alad V, not Tyl Regor. If you're going to make a reference as a joke at least make it properly relevant.
  3. I want to start by saying that I really appreciate this change. Truly, this is a step in the right direction. That said, I don't really understand why these mechanics exist at all, or why they're so wildly inconsistent between pets. No penalty is nice but this still doesn't address why kavats don't lose loyalty while kubrows constantly do, for both dying and every three days, just because. Don't get me wrong, I constantly pet them good boys all the time and never let them die, so it's not a problem as applied, but the fact that DE tacitly acknowledges that the system is flawed makes me wonder why we're still clinging to it. It's simply not consistent - internally or externally - or fair in general that dogs even can lose loyalty when cats cannot (not to mention this is extremely immersion breaking; dogs are the symbol of loyalty). It's my hope that as Pets 2.0 continues to (extremely) gradually roll out that we can introduce more QoL changes that make them competitive both with each other and with sentinels. I have a lot of kubrows and kavats that I want to assign to different loadouts just like I can with sentinels, but the clunky stasis system keeps me from doing that, which keeps me from even bothering to use pets on anyone other than Inaros. Kubrows are categorically worse than Kavats, both in terms of their innate precepts and the fact that they require more upkeep for no adequately explained reason, and the whole lot of them are categorically worse than robotic companions on the whole due to the weapon flexibility and ease of use. These are things that need addressing, and I have every confidence that as these small steps lead into the larger plan that they will be. Please don't prove me wrong. Finally, on an unrelated note, the inability to perform the Swap Polarity operation on K-Drives has started to infect other modular items, but not all of them. I've been unable to Swap Polarity on many of my Zaws (but not all) and one of my Kitguns (the other two let me swap just fine). There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why I can't do it, but this no longer has hold over a piece of equipment no one cares about but me. People love their Zaws and Kitguns. So I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a thing soon. Just a heads up from me to you.
  4. We're able to put forma in K-Drives again, everyone! This actually got fixed (somehow) last hotfix but I forgot to mention it and thank DE for the fix. I've finally gotten all the mods into my new K-Drive and am very happy doing sick tricks with it out on the Plains and the Vallis. Unfortunately now we're unable to perform the polarity swap operation but this is less of a problem, honestly. K-Drives only need two Formas at most. So it's much lower priority than when we were unable to do forma at all. On an unrelated note, I want to throw my hat into the "make Ephemera tradeable" camp, or at the very least please revisit the way they're obtained. For something that's supposed to be a show of prestige, there's nothing particularly notable or interesting about someone having gotten lucky. If there was some manner of achievement or challenge that we could use as a show of skill that would then unlock Ephemera for us, that would be much better. The way Bleeding Body was handled is definitely more along the kind of thing I want to see in the rest of them. Even if it was something absurd like a previously suggested "defeat Exploiter Orb 50 times", I'd be on board. Especially since then people who see you using the item would know that you are the once and future bad ass.
  5. It's me, ya boi dog idiot, with your daily reminder that we can't forma K-Drives! Look, I get it, there's only six of us who even use the damn things, but quit acting like a buncha glinty muckers and let us mod our planks already, eh? I'll make a post about it every time until it's fixed. Or at the very least until someone from DE acknowledges to me that they're aware of the issue and working on it. Thanks.
  6. Hello, it's me again, that one dog idiot who wants to use his K-Drive, reminding you again that we still can't forma our K-Drives. I get that the matchmaking problems are a major issue at the top of the priority list because we're still in the middle of a time-limited event and this major, game-breaking bug is causing people to be unable to participate through no fault of their own. That's fine. And honestly keep up the good work in squashing it. The inability to put forma into a piece of equipment is also a rather serious problem and the only reason no one cares is because it's happening to K-Drives, a nearly universally maligned addition to the game, as opposed to something like Archwings or a weapon or something someone actually cares about. The fact that this has been broken since 24.4.0, an update where new K-Drive parts were introduced, thereby increasing the likelihood that some of us would want to forma them, is frankly baffling and sets a bad precedent for when this actually does wind up happening to something more people care about. Would it take this long if it were anything else? I'd like to think it wouldn't. But if it wouldn't, why the heck is it taking so long for this? And you can't tell me this is something that hasn't been brought to your attention. I've made a post about this on the last five hotfix threads at least, and there have been multiple threads created in K-Drive Feedback, Fortuna Bugs, and General Bugs about the issue. Please fix it soon. I want to use my K-Drive, for one, and for two there's currently a Nightwave challenge to use Formas. It would be rad if I could use them on the one piece of equipment I have left that I actually want to put them in as opposed to wasting them on something I don't need to. Thanks.
  7. For anyone on Steam using a PS4 controller and experiencing the myriad of issues plaguing them right now, I'd like to boost attention to a fix that was given to me in the thread that first introduced Melee changes. While you can map Warframe's commands to buttons on your controller using the controller profile writer, you can also map keyboard and generic controller input buttons as well. You can do this by clicking on the button you want to map and then when changing the command either press Start on your controller or click on the "Legacy Commands" button at the bottom. It's a total pain in the tail to rewrite all the broken inputs using this method but I've been able to cobble together a working model for my controller. For anyone still suffering the weird af menu problems where all the buttons do strange things, in the Menu tab for the profile writer just map every single button to the corresponding controller input in the legacy commands and things will work fine. This should also future-proof your menu inputs in future updates since everything is using Warframe's default input commands instead of calling commands through Steam. Unfortunately this will break your gear wheel so you also need to change your D-Pad Down input under the Game and Melee tabs to the Legacy D-Pad Down instead of Gear Wheel. This fixes it. You can also do these fixes to Melee Mode and such to make your attacks work (binding whatever your melee attack button is to the corresponding face button or to E, whichever one you want, either works). And you can use it to customize your controller to do other things, too. It's weird, it's a pain to do, and it's wildly inconsistent in terms of how your profiles display, but it works. And maybe one day DE will actually take us into account before releasing massive changes to their controls. I'm hopeful.
  8. We still can't forma our K-Drives. This has been broken since Update 24.4.0 - an update where you introduced new K-Drive parts - and still has not been fixed. Being able to upgrade our gear is an essential and important core mechanic of this game and one that the K-Drive system demands in order to even be remotely useable. This is exacerbated by the fact that this week's Nightwave requires the use of three forma as one of the Weeklies. I sure as heck would like to complete that challenge by putting forma in the one thing I actually still have that needs them - namely, my new K-Drive that I spent plat to name and desperately would love to use! I get that not a lot of people use them but this sets a terrible precedent. If this were any other piece of equipment I'd want to believe that fixing it would be the tippy top of your priority list.
  9. Okay wait what the heck did you guys do? Half of my controls (controller user, steam controller profile, for the record) no longer function. I can't use my controller at all in menus and part of the buttons don't work in combat. I can't believe I'm going to have to hunt down and fix each individual button now, this is ridiculous. Nothing in your hotfix here even had anything to do with controllers so why in the world? This whole thing started when you rolled out the melee changes. I'm really beginning to wonder if it's worth the hassle.
  10. Still no fix for being unable to put Formas into K-Drives. I'm going to harp on this every single hotfix at this point; y'all released a sweet new board, I want to use it. I can't do that if I can't put all of the (extremely necessary) mods in the dang thing. I even spent plat to name it so I'd really like to use it.
  11. So I still can't put any Forma in my K-Drive. I know that I'm one of only four people who still use the damn things after getting the achievements related to them but come on, how do you even break something that integral to the system and leave it broken for multiple updates?
  12. I know that I'm the only one who cares about this but can y'all please fix that we can't put Forma in K-Drives? I use K-Drives as my main method of transportation because Archwing makes me feel sick to my stomach with all the spinning (toggle for your experimental controls for Skywing when?). I really like the new board but due to all the extremely necessary mods (Especially Perfect Balance, which, by the way, was there any reason why you guys had to add a "fall off your board for no reason" mechanic only to fix it with a mod that costs way too much capacity and doesn't even completely negate it? Was being able to just ride K-Drives normally too much fun?) I need to put at least two Formas in it to use it. I'm not looking forward to grinding my board to 30 three times, but that's Warframe, baby! Can't even do that right now, though, because Formas are broken.
  13. I had no idea doing something like this was an option and I will be trying it immediately when I get home. If it works I will be immensely happy. Thank you, kind Tenno. Edit: Well, I had to do some weird thing with Aiming (Left Trigger apparently doesn't act as Aiming, it acts as Channeling, which led to the hilarious result of being able to channel as my operator) but this all seems operational now! I'm excited, now that I know how to access legacy commands I can actually do a lot more with my controller than I could before. Thank you so much again!
  14. I rely on the Steam controller profile writer in order to make my game work. Due to Steam's override of a game's onboard controller support, this is causing all of the problems described here and more. When I'm in melee mode I cannot swing, I cannot aim, all I can do is toggle channeling, jump, switch weapons, select and use abilities, and move my camera and frame with the sticks. The reason for all this is because the major, important commands for the "Melee Mode" profile no longer exist and they were not updated for the new change. The writer also does not have new commands that were previously unavailable in Melee Mode (namely, Aim and Fire). This is, sadly, exactly what I said would happen and what I pleaded for DE to ensure wouldn't happen when they posted their development workshop about this phase. There are a few ways to fix this but all of them are out of my hands. They all rely on DE updating the profile writer with the correct commands so we can create a profile that actually works with the bloody game. The worst part is, I built my playstyle primarily around melee and now the thing I used the most is dead and I feel naked as a result. While it may or may not be high on the priority list, I plead once again to whoever at DE handles this, PLEASE update the profile writer so it's useable again. Even if you fix all the issues for normal controller users, those of us who are reliant on Steam's controller support will not be able to use melee until you do.
  15. After having spent a day with the new system, I want to echo something that so many others have said: there needs to be a reliable, farmable way to acquire Wolf Creds outside of the level-up system. Not for me, mind you, because I have almost everything under the sun I could want from the alert items shop, but for those players who don't and who don't have access to the methods and materials needed to rise up the Wolf ranks as quickly and efficiently as possible. I've seen a lot of math in this thread but a material amount of it makes a core assumption that is wrong and makes the whole calculation even worse: the numbers only hold if the player can do all of the things. And if you're just starting out, you can't do a sortie (with or without friends), you can't do a Hydrolyst, heck you don't even have a reliable source of Ayatans given that the best way to get them is Arbitrations. Don't get me wrong, this is really cool and a nice gesture towards veterans so they can get rewarded with exclusive cosmetic junk (which, thank you, I want more cosmetic junk - I can take or leave the exclusivity part, but I love cosmetics). But newer players need a lot of the stuff on from the Wolf Cred shop - Auras, Potatoes, Nitain (so much Nitain), Vauban, Weapons... Practically anything that isn't cosmetic, and yet the lack of ways to get Wolf Creds slows the gains to a crawl. You know what the worst part about logging in to Warframe is? It's logging in and realizing you have to do that for another 100 consecutive days to get the mechanical thing locked behind a time gate, knowing it's going to take you literally years to catch up with no mechanic to get up to speed to where other people are. And for many new players, that is enough to make them leave. Y'all have now added a system that is materially similar to that, only instead of locking cool but ultimately unnecessary mechanical stuff behind it, you've locked actual, game-altering, necessary things behind it and made it so the players who need it most have the hardest time to get it. Also, and this is more of an aside than anything, but kind of a rude thing to do to players putting all the helmets and other cosmetics first on the shop list and hiding things like Vauban and Nitain at the bottom where they may not be easily noticed (and even less so given the way you changed the slider bars so they're not always apparent that you can scroll down). This is going to trap a nonzero number of players into wasting Wolf Creds on stuff they don't need. Please put the crunchy stuff first and the fluffy stuff second, at the very least. My tl;dr suggestion? Do what some other people have said: reintroduce an alert system but instead of rotating, random rewards it's missions guided by Nora that give you Wolf Creds upon completion. Even if it's a small amount, like five, having a constant source would go a very long way towards fixing what is currently the most broken part of an otherwise cool idea. And don't do it for me, do it for the new players who you guys are on record as saying deserve a better experience.
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