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  1. To get pieces for all the new items, simply do 10 waves of Io, 10 waves of ODD, and lots of waves of Xini. You are welcome.
  2. You shouldn't be able to remove Exalted Blade mod at all - it is literally the stance mod for the Exalted Blade, it cannot go elsewhere. As far as it not being maxed, did you forma Umbra? Mine showed it based on level up Umbra, 1 dot at 10, the other 2 dots once I hit 30 again. Maybe that is just me.
  3. Please add in names of items into the new inventory. It is horrendous to navigate right now.
  4. After spending a whole 3 forma on Titania + Mesa, which both are now arguably better for this along with Umbra, there is a lot of whining going on about the exalted weapons without trying to remod and reforma. DE - thanks, I was a doubter before in this thread, and now I can appreciate the change.
  5. Host migration errors still happening in Sanctuary. Please fix.
  6. See spoiler, I find this absolutely ruins Exaclibur Umbra for me at the moment.
  7. Let me join the chorus of people who are very unhappy that all the forma work we did on Titania and Mesa were completely ruined by this patch.
  8. Here is to hoping this isn't a repeat of the Sanctuary and Saryn.
  9. Thank you for the Trinity fix. While cute, she was ruining the game.
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