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  1. with this update RJ finally got in line with the fast paced gameplay of ground missions. Played it a few times and felt good. However there's still only extermination mission, so I'm waiting again for deadlock protocol which will bring more diverse gameplay. Another thing to wait for is RJ open space where you can be a space pirate or a space police
  2. How about also overhauling the visual effects of the anomalies? So instead of a small camp fire, small arc trap and a tiny hole on the wall, we get blazing flames with smoke and sparks, a big tear in the interior with wires and cables exposed, some dangling from the wall/ceiling, and a person sized puncture that can suck you in if getting too close? Certainly these proposed effects would better represent the graveness of the anomalies.
  3. you know, maybe void damage and status should be looked at first. You know, the damage type sentients were supposed to be weak against?
  4. it just doesn't do meaningful damage, that's the biggest problem
  5. alt fire is trash, but this thing is a better hema, both looking and functionality wise
  6. as long as DE doesn't get involved in this mobile game I can care less if it becomes the next Raid: Scorching Lego or a huge success or total flop.
  7. 1. ripline should be "get over here" where the enemy gets pull right to your feet and opened to finishers. base range should also increase 3. paralysis then is pretty much useless with my proposed 1. New skill is enraged, which increases melee damage as valkyr receives health damage or strike an enemy with melee weapon. 4. hysteria will no longer have invincibility. Instead will have 50% damage reduction, up to 75% damage reduction, scaling with ability strength. Drain is constant at 10 per sec unmodded. her claws will send out plasma waves, like this. So it will be wide angle and short range, but way better at crowd and still way more range than right now. Also a good time to buff her claw's status chance.
  8. Whatever the reasons may be, it gave us void abilities. Maybe it has ulterior motives but I see it as an ally for now.
  9. we need other ways to make enemy more survivable. e.g. dodging, equipment like hand held shields, increased movement speed, etc
  10. gesus Also I'm definitely not going to farm the heavily time gated Tridolon so that I can even begin to beg RNG to give me a good arcane. I'd rather buy as much arcane as I like at Little Duck. Good luck doing Tridolons while I casually earn 3 arcane grace per ground team session + victory payout.
  11. I saw some people complains about the reload animation of Corinth Prime, which is basically open chamber > load one shell that is worth 20 > close chamber, as opposed to individual shell loading of normal Corinth. I had an idea that is in the middle of both design. While it is certainly not possible to reload 1 shell a time for Corinth Prime as it would take too long, what about 4 shells each time? IRL there are speed loaders for shotguns that can load multiple shells into the barrel. By changing Corinth Prime to loading 4 shells per animation, you can reduce reload time while keeping the flexibility of shoot while reloading. It also allows alt fire for each 4 shell reloaded. So my suggestion is open chamber (slightly faster) > load one shell that is worth 4 until full or player fires > close chamber (slightly faster) minimal animation changes are required, most assets can be reused.
  12. -99.3% reload speed means that your reload speed is 0.7% of original value, or you reload takes ~142 times longer. So the UI isn't even telling you the whole story as you actually need 171 sec to reload, unless they capped the max to 120 sec.
  13. was looking if anyone has also experienced this bug, glad someone posted the bug
  14. really hoped instead of letting enemies hit the mallet to reflect damage you do various movements/dance to deal damage to enemies, which makes her kit way more active, kind of like gauss
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