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  1. about arcanes, it only degrades by 1 stack everytime the timer runs out, so it's actually good and the to lose all 12 stacks of 4 sec buff would need 48 sec. But I agree on the galvanized status mods, buggy af doesn't work on projectile weapons, which sucks because it would work wonders on the tenet diplos.
  2. What can't you kill with a braton? Was I wrong expecting a weapon type with specifically designed drawbacks and requirements to be more powerful than normal weapons, especially when the devs are advertising it as such?
  3. Oh I dunno, Maybe the fact that I have to go through many layers of farming, then have to summon it in with limited ammo and cooldown should suggest that it should be REALLY STRONG? It's like getting a minigun at the late stage of a game but realizes it's only as strong your M4 carbine.
  4. dunno this update can seem sudden to those who don't know it's coming. is this sarcasm?
  5. I too have 2 archguns, grattler and morgha, with all the shiny mods and rivens. those guns are pretty good, but only on par with the stronger primaries after the update. Was I crazy or were archguns supposed to be a BFG that can absolutely decimate any enemy with limited ammo? The only gun that truly felt strong was the mausolon and maybe the new kuva grattler (framing rn)
  6. I really like that guns are strong now I also love the fact that archguns are completely irrelevant now/s You thought the archgun mods are bad compared to their primary counterparts? Well the galvanized mods say screw you. DE plz this is easy to fix just buff archgun mods, slightly lower mod capcity (I'm looking at you automatic trigger) and introduce galvanized mods for archguns
  7. honestly as long as it's multi-barrel and spinning it's fine, the carrying method doesn't really matter that much. That said I suggested heavy weapon for 2 reasons it's big, and bigger is better holding from waist height is just the classic minigun posture
  8. An idea that has come and go for the past few years, the addition of a minigun-like weapon. And before you ask, I have Imperator vandal and supra vandal, so don't tell me to try modding other guns because no, they don't feel like a minigun. It's like telling: a car guy the 911 Turbo S and GT2RS are the same a PC builder an i5 and i7 CPU are the same a chef lime and lemon are the same it's not the same With that out of the way, the most appropriate way to add such a gun would be a suitcase-minigun transformer as a new heavy weapon. some feature suggestions: 3 or more barrels (IRL ones commonly have 3, 6 and 8 barrels for reference) base fire rate of 30 or more for the brrrrrt preferably a crit weapon because high fire rate already compensates for low status chance most likely fires energy projectiles because corpus, however opticor-esq laser would be pretty refreshing to see as well
  9. *screech in pain and annoyance* Holy crap DE weren't kidding when they say forma is their main source of revenue. But COME ON at least give us SOME innate polarities, this is simply painful.
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