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  1. I will try, got at least lucky on these last 1.30 h getting the sevagoth parts back
  2. Hey, I recently spent the last two hours playing these missions but when press the X or cancel on entering the game, still got forced to enter and pressed X again. I somehow ended up in the Orbiter but with no mission accomplish, I didn't recive any xp, loot from my entire 2 hours railjack void storm missions. I didn't abort the mission neither did it give me the option, it just said changing host and than I didn't recive anything, no xp, no relics, nothing after 2 hours of farming. Is this a bug or something? Cause first I thought it was a visual but now checking my xp and inventory I didn't recive anything after those 2 hours. Any solutions to this, or at least fix it so the next one dosen't farm for 2 hours and get their entire progress denied because of a host migration (10:00 am SWE time)
  3. I have current issues with the stalker. In steelpath. He got stuck outside the walls of the map and keeps teleporting me and remove my tennon powers not letting me finish the mission. I can't extract nor can I kill him, when did they add this teleport ability that forces your tennon or warframe teleport to his X coordinate. He also seem to have only 1-second cooldown on his force teleport ability and is not letting me leave the game. Help DE? When did they add this feature to the stalker? And why is it working against the player so hard that I'm stuck on a mission I can't leave because a bot can teleport me back to his coordinates 24/7. I hope this reaches to DE devs. I feel this this new feature just backfried pretty hard considering how buggy of a mess the stalker is
  4. So I was wondering about one thing, Does interception mission now have a script or something for the AIs? Cause the ignore Octavia ball, Frozen status effect(where the unti is completly frozen and can't move) and Nyx Chaos, they just don't care that they are effect and keep going at console as if those abilities didn't work at all. Had only this problem in steelpath interception missions where AI's ignore abilities and rush to the console. Is this a bug? or intentional to make abilities uselesss in interception
  5. Specificly Rapolyst and Exploiter orb, they are so buggy it's actually insane. Was playing steelpath Rapolyst and his two things behind his back disspeared and he was walking out of the platform and falling every 30 seconds. Since I'm posting about how buggy these two bosses are I might as well mention that Rapolyst grab reach should be reduced as it's a death sentence for any solo players (meaning it will kill you regardless on time and how much hp you have)
  6. A quick question, are steelpath enemies suppose to do the same "lift up" target on the player? Cause lately I have been getting lifted up which means I become a ragdoll with zero gravity staying in the air for infinite time and just wait to be killed by the sub stalkers. I find it unfair as you can't move or do anything not even operator mode is safe from this lift up. Is this intended mechanic and if so how do I counter this?
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