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  1. I have found that modding Atlas is a nightmare. He needs stength and range but also health and armour mods along with augments that are not exilus spot. I have found the most successful mods to be +armour +health +Range +PowerStr but also the Rage and (to gain mana back) Hunter adrenaline. I know that duration is also good on Atlas to slowdown the decay rate but honestly feels like a wasted mod slot. Since yeah Zenurik skill tree and having a primed flow helps. It dosen't feel that useful when you run into so many eximus units or butchers that drain your mana and make the tree pointless. I was wondering what's the ideal modded build on Atlas cause I feel like I need more mods slots just to make Atlas work on steel path acolyte farming. Since he is in need of so many factors and his survivability is limited by the amount of rubbles and doesn't have any scaling DMG or survivability. I'm also using a helminth ability to help out with the with the high armour units (fireblast). Otherwise I think Airblast is good to group up the enemy but I have my operator arcanes to cover that. So I basically need to group up before going to max rubble to be able to survive and since I don't have any way of getting mana without taking dmg when I don't Landslide it feels unreliable. Honestly feel like the Landslide invulnerability should be DR to synergize more with him, but I do also understand it's his main survival tool except from his high armour. I just can't get my head around how I'm going to fit over 12 mods on this warframe just to make him work and still needing more mod loadout slots to get more help with mods that cover his unreliable nature
  2. Is it possible to buy the full set? Will the parts come together in the future?
  3. You can't kill Lephantis because he dicided to never open up and stay unkillable for the rest of the game. I had this happen to me 3 times of my trying to retry my sortie. But the same bug appeared that allowed Lephantis to never open up his weak spot and stay in that position until everyone leaves the game
  4. Hey everyone, if you don't know the pet Helious got nerf so hard and the only reason to using it has been nerf in the Sister of Parvos. This nerf makes this pet. Honestly, it's not even deserving of being called a pet anymore cause it's beyond hot lava garbage. Meaning it's inaccessible so bad I'm better off scrapping it deleting the item or giving away all the parts of it for free (Which I did) cause that's how bad this hot garbage currently is objectively. The set bonus mods that allowed you to not invest heavily on lets say Gladiator set bonus. Was the only thing Helious had going for. It's better off to take it for the MasteryFodder that has nothing unique with it or special in design and just deleting it from you inventory cause that's how objectively inaccessible bad this former companion/pet was. It's like adding two wheels on a stick and removing the wheels and breaking the stick and calling it a job done. Do you want a tiny broken stick. That also says you can't use it for anything except for the MR and inventory space taking. Like why?!!! It was the only good reason you would use this bad pet. Want to scan? Scan it yourself and buy the Simaris 3 scan buffs or use the other pet Oxylus who does the job 10x better than Helious. Like what's the purpose of this pet except MR-Fodder, no design inventory space taking, free ducats item? It's so horrible, bad objectively. The stats of it gets outclassed by every pet in the game! And the "melee" weapon A.K.A. the glaives of the helious weapon needs no comment since if you don't now is beyond how bad it's. There's a reason why people who use Helious for scanning replace the weapon or unequip it (unless the are doing the set bonus mods "gear hopping" usage) If it's about a preference. I personally love the aesthetic and how the cosmetics on Helious looks (So it's not that I hate Helious appeal. But there's where it stops, the only good thing Helious was for is now removed. Cause everything it does get outclassed really hard by everyone and everything. * Need scannig? Do it yourself with the Simaris 3 scan buffs. * Need to scan plants? Use Oxylus he has excellent mods for it * Need a pet with good Helios–Exclusive Precept mods.? Use literally anything else * Need any pet mods like Vacum or animal instinct. Literally use anything other pet since they can also use it. * Need ducats? Sell all his parts including himself for 1k credits. * Needs inventory space. Remove, scrap or straight up delet all of Helious parts. * Need companion slots. Delete Helious, problem solved. Because it's not worth to spend 20 plat when something as useless as Helious is taking your space * The only purpose you would ever consider using Helious got removed ----- I'm begging you DE to at least check back on Helious and make a rework or changes. Perhaps a buff or something. Because it's inaccessible how bad Helious is in his current state (after removing the gear hopping/melee set bonus). And he needs dire help right now. He doesn't even offer a gimmick or variety or anything
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