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  1. gonna test this as soon as the update finishes. this is something that should've been since day 1, if it works, it really makes me happy DE finally fixed it.
  2. of course you did, you trusted that DE would make the ability good after nerfing it to the ground. dont worry, we all did that mistake here.
  3. so, we still have a borderline useless duration on the energized munitions for some bizarre reason, k-drives got a new skin which is pointless as they are still completely useless as transportation, being slower, having less mobility, and cant attack, i still fail to see why cant we just have the ability to use our secondaries while on a k-drive. maybe even our melee. imagine, being able to do some jousting, or a drive-by. hit and run gameplay, on open world. it would still be inferior to archwings, but would at least be usefull, and more importantly, FUN.
  4. why is fire blast affected by negative str on the armor strip, if positive str does nothing for it? either make it affected by str, or not, putting that nerf in effect, only punishes builds that use less str for no good reason besides being a punishment for not using it at 100% str. im not even asking for the them to give the subsumed the 100%, nor saying the skill should gain a buff armor strip(which would actually be nice for higher str builds). just that the negative effect to be removed as it adds nothing to the skill. its crap like that that makes me think DE doesnt actually want p
  5. first thing i did was test it when i got the ability, it worked flawlessly. so unless they shadow nerfed it, i would guess it still works. i put it into a loki build for spy and went in a rescue. opened 3 doors using the ability, no problem.
  6. yep, some augments just dont work when subsumed,
  7. my counter counter argument is that, it feels like the trading is out of balance in regards to the trades. for example. just now, i went to fish, came back and was confronted with more than half of the fish trades asking for sporulac sac, a total of 46 of them. now lets remember that you get 1 sporulac sac from an uncommon fish, who is already hard to fish. and that is without taking into account the other items she asks as well. the way it is, it really feels like im being punished for not focusing on the tokens from bounties. in other words, deimos was setup to focus entirely on bounti
  8. man, i trully hope this was a ui bug of some kind, because if this is a shadow nerf... i mean, come on DE! nerf this, but not the cost for bile? really?
  9. dont forget the absurd resource cost of bile, which seems to be not only the most used material, but feels like its used by every ability. bile, the one with the least amount of choices, and each requiring alot of them. its almost as if they looked at it and thought "how much mat can someone with a resource bonus can get? now lets balance using that".
  10. yep, by the way, im not saying this to discredit anyone, i belive you guys are having login problems, im just saying i got in no prob as soon as the update dropped.
  11. belive it or not, im on right now, dont ask me why, but i managed to log in no problem.
  12. DE made a system that actually feels punishing to interact it the way they want you to. instead, what will happen is people will pick a few favorites and stick with it, since its so expensive to play around and test things up. its kinda seems like they made this as a resource sink FIRST, fun gameplay last.
  13. the whole problem with the "mr doesnt matter if you got taxied to hydron" is that, it means that person most probably knows people who are able to advise them on what to do and what not to do, so even in that case, mr still matters because it means they had to do the mr tests themselves. mr isnt perfect, but its the closest thing the game has to show people's experience with the game. which is the biggest problem of setting it with such a low mr.
  14. the problem isnt even that he is hungry, its that he is ALWAYS asking for bile, which is only 9 items, and he asks for alot of them.
  15. dont you know? they cant do that because vaccum is a sentinel mod...
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