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  1. i made a post about it a long time ago, and also replied to a similar post with this same argument. Nyx isnt bad, her skill 2 is amazing, and her skill 3 has alot of utility. even her 1 can be used as a banish of sorts. the problem comes with her 4, and how all of her skills combo. the idea i came up with was something like, making her a "jojo character", in other words, make her psychic abilities into a stand of sorts. her passive would be something like giving her an psychic entity that enhance the range of her melee, as well as bullets having a chance of jumping from one enemy to the next(for other types like beam weapons it could do something like add an extra "jump" that deals a portion of the original, kinda like an atomos effect but MUCH weaker, and for bows, it could be extra punch through. 1) would be possession, she sends her entity to take over an enemy, giving it the same effect she has. as well as lowering her threat level, and raising the possessed greatly. augment: damage done to nyx is sent to the possessed enemy. 2) same. augment: same. 3)same, with again, the effect of raising the threat level of enemies more, and lowering hers. augment: same. 4) basically a revamped version of the augment. she enhances the entity, giving her the ability to deflect bullets, melee attacks make the enemy freeze in place for a few seconds, while under the effect of the entity, nyx attacks will shoot out energy blades(the type of energy blade is based on the type of gun, with bullets shooting small daggers, arrows shooting a spear and beam weapons charging an energy ball that is shot when she stops firing). her melee attacks makes the entity attack around her with a massive energy scythe, normal attacks create slashing motions in front of her, heavies creating 4 arms(one on each side, front and back) that hammer the ground, ground pounds, create a field of spears from the ground that impale the enemies around her for a second. augment: similar to how nyx 4 works now, nyx will meditate and be surrounded by a massive energy field that absorbs all damage, while her entity separate from her body, the play is then able to control the entity, and attack using its normal attacks, (primary based on the type of primary nyx has, same for secondary, and its melee works the same as his reactions in normal mode). in order to maintain mobility, it could also be, that nyx stays inside the entity while the skill is active.
  2. pretty much this, we are past the point where each warframe can be completely unique, baruuk does alot of excal does, but he does it in a diferent way, that doesnt make it better than excal... what does make baruuk better is that he has a DR skill, which excal doesnt. trinnity has alot of good ideas, but terrible executions, her well of life is probably one of the most pointless abilities in the game, and, ironically, would be better served in someone like saryn, as a way to keep a "spore fountain". energy vampire is great, so is her ult... but the problem comes when building for one skill impacts negatively on the others. oberon is much more of a support frame, with mediocre, but functional cc. the major difererence between both is that, oberon got a role, trinity does not. she is a frame designed to be full time support. which just doesnt fit in today's warframe, aside from very specific cases.
  3. i think you misunderstood me, i dont disagree at all that they could revamp the visuals of his skills, i just said i would like the grass to look taller and fuller. watching ghost in tsushima in motion made me apreciate even more how gorgeous grass can look.
  4. i agree that the energy cost on renewal is insane, specially because of how bad it is to regain energy when using sustained abilities, there's a reason why pablo reworked firewalker to not be one anymore. it has a massive upkeep. the DR is a nice idea as well, in place of the armor, it would work amazingly well to support squishy frames better. his 4 i have no idea what to do with it, it takes too much effort to make it actually usable, so most of the time i dont even try. his 2 is great, but also think it could be expanded a bit... and i wouldnt mind if it got visually bigger as well, bigger grass looks better. his 1 is basically perfect as it is.
  5. to me, Nyx doesnt need a rework, she just needs a better 4. and possibly a tweaked 1. her 2 is amazing(as people are only now figuring out), her 3 has been solid for a long time. her 4 needs to change, as its only usefull as a safety button, and only really usable with the augment(kinda ironic thatDE made a giant drama about abilities that lock the player out of gameplay, but when it really screwed the gameplay, like nyx they remained silent). her 1 has a good utility, but just does no damage even with the augment. its only function is to lock certain high value targets like nox or bombards, for a time, so you can deal with the other enemies, but even that isnt that great. BUT, if they do a true rework, my advice would be to just turn her into a JoJo character. make her passive into a stand that enhance her attacks(melee gains a boostes range, arrows gain bonus punch-through, beams jump to a secondary target at 1/10th the damage(think atomos), bullets ricochet towards other targets dealing a portion of the damage, explosives gain enhances range that only affects enemies, keep her 2 and 3, change her 1 into sending her stand to possess an enemy(giving it that same effect), her 4 to empowering her stand to create an psychic entity around her(think Nero's DT in DMC4), that reduces incoming damage and shoots psychic bolts(without the stripping) when she fires her guns, and attack with a psychic blade when she strikes with a melee weapon.
  6. What if, instead of having undertow and kraken, we just have kraken, with hydroid summoning it, we keep the effect of undertow, but the visual of the kraken. which instead of slaming enemies, just holds them in place while squeezing them. because, lets be honest, there's no reason to keep both undertow and kraken, specially if he gets a survivability skill. i like tempest barrage, i just think it needs ALOT of tweaks to be good. so here's my idea. Passive, hydroid's roll is changed into a smaller version of his current 2, he basically turns into a wave, cleansing any status effect currently affecting him. 1) instead of TB, he shoots a wave foward. that deals damage, BUT, more importantly, locks enemies hit in place. as if they were floating up to their waist. and oppening them up to ground finishers. augment: the wave has a chance of disarming enemies. 2) i really like the water form, and, like some of you, i also made a post a long while ago where i made something like that. augment: in this form, shots received by hydroid have a chance of turning into ammo for him. 3) i would give him his tempest barrage and put it here, except, he doesnt need to be locked in an animation to cast it, instead, he throws a spear into the area, and it basically marks the place of the barrage, the shots then come and bombard the area, locking all of it with each shot. they could also keep the "hold" mechanic, by enhancing the shots with a splash effect that enhance the target area. augment: give each shot a random status effect from corrosive, viral, cold or blast. 4) would be the mix between kraken and undertow, where hydroid summons the kraken, there could even be a "press e to ride it" sort of thing and double jump dismount, while with the tentacles grabbing enemies that come close(while also having other arms that flail around and smash into the ground), by holding the button will change it to its alternate mode(and you hold again to change back), basically will submerge the kraken, basically turning it into the original undertow, augment: for kraken mode, the same as his current 4, for undertow mode, the same as his current 3(similar to vauban).
  7. to me Broken needs to be... a broken warframe, something that doesnt work correctly. for that reason this is how i made my version. similar to atlas, Broken is able to naturally collect scrap from downed enemies(as well as downed allies and his own body if he is killed), scrap is used in a variety of ways. PASSIVE: stability level, as broken take damage, his body starts to break down, becoming more unstable. the more unstable he gets, the bigger the strength variation(min dmg deals less/max dmg deals more), his guns gain bonus multishot but with less accuracy/higher spread and his melee attack gains enhanced range. both with random elemental procs. if Broken is killed while holding more than 100 scraps, broken is able to purge that amount of scraps creating a blast of energy that stuns enemies and stabilize his body. SKILL 1 DIVEST: take armor, health or shield from enemies. based on race(if grineer - armor, if corpus - shield, if infested health) he also gains energy for his internal battery. SKILL 2 PRIORITIZE: energy mode: diminish power and defense to enhance his battery. power mode : buffs damage from weapons and skills but loses stability faster. safety mode: by entering SM, broken is able to raise his stability level, meanwhile damage taken deduct from his scrap, SKILL 3 MAKESHIFT DEVICE: broken is able to use his collected scrap to build a turret that uses either his primary or his secondary weapon(offensive mode), or consume part of his battery energy to make a decoy that attract enemy bullets(safety mode), or an energy pylon that recovers ally energy. the longer he holds the button, the more scrap(and energy) he uses. he can oly maintain 1 makeshift device at a time. SKILL 4 OVERDRIVE: by expending the energy gathered in his battery, broken is able to go into overdrive, gaining move speed, enhanced shield(if he has any), melee aspd and fire rate. however, the longer he remains in overdrive, the higher he becomes unstable. and if he reach his limit, he will self destruct, causing a massive explosion that causes all "combined" element procs on enemies caught in the blast. in safety mode, overdrive is turned off automatically once battery empties. in energy mode overdrive depletes battery slower, and turns into power mode once battery empties. in power mode, battery(stressed battery) consumes faster. there is alot of variation that can happen. like for example, since this frame is meant to be broken, it would be interesting if it had diferent costs for its skills(imagine it from being partially repaired using diferent tech, one part from a grineer, another from a corpus and so on). so in this example, his skill 1 wouldnt use energy, but instead have a cooldown, that would be faster based on duration, skill 2 would also not require energy since it only changed its mode, skill 3 would consume scrap and energy based on the type and skill 4 would use its battery. finally, i thought, what if, this frame started with less health and shields, or even without shield, requiring it to gather some from enemies, this would also mean, a diferent play style, focussing on survivability(something that a broken frame would be based on). this build would also give alot of synergy with abilities and modes, meanwhile, it would require the player to make use of all their tools, punishing mistakes, but rewarding smart play, with the potential of infinite lives(like nidus), but also a quick death if too greedy.
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