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  1. One of the aspects I think Warframe kinda drops the ball is how many of the "passives" dont feel like they add that much to a frame, but there's another thing that should also feel diferent when playing each one, the rolls. right now, only a few frames possess a unique effect to their rolls, like limbo's "rift dash", for that reason, I compiled a list with some examples i belive would add that extra flavor for each warframe, that is unfortunatelly lacking. Atlas - Stone Rush: Atlas will rush foward and petrify any enemy he comes in contact with. Baruuk - Disarming Dash: Baruuk will disarm any enemies he comes in contact with while rolling. Chroma - Chameleon Change: Swap Chroma's color effect,(to me, chroma is a missed opportunity, while his idea is good, i belive he should have a way of swapping his "color" in a mission, to do that, and still give control for players, i think it would be nice if we could have a unique option on his customization, allowing us to select 4 colors in his "rotation", that way, a player could leave all 4 the same, if he wants a single effect or customize as s/he sees fit and use the roll to swap to the next one). Ember - Phoenix Dive: Ember turns into a fire bird that procs burnning to enemies around her(as well as herself) dealing minimal damage, this would make her passive MUCH better, as players could stay on fire for as long as they want. Excalibur - Iaido Slide: basically, enemies that are close enough to Excalibur would be affected by a slash proc. Frost - Flash Freeze: freeze enemies he comes in contact with while rolling. Gara - Glass Door: Gara leaves behind a single "wall" of glass. Hydroid - Corrosive Wave: Hydroid turns into a wave(similar to his 1, but MUCH smaller and shorter), any enemy caught will lose their armor for a few seconds. Inaros - Sand Wave: Inaros turns into a sand wave that blinds enemies he pass through, opening them for finishers. Ivara - Hunter's Trap: Ivara leaves behind a small trap that will lock any enemy that steps into it in place, making them unable to move for a few seconds, Loki - Disapearing Act: Loki turns invisible for a second, while leaving behind a clone, forcing enemies to lose agro on him. Nidus - Devouring Frenzy: Nidus will damage any enemy he touches during his "roll", and heal an amount relative to the damage he caused. Revenant- Corrupting Fog: Basically a shorter version of his 3, but with a much smaller area. Saryn - Virulent Touch: Enemies that come into contact with saryn are infected by her spores. Volt - Arc Jump: Volt turns into a bolt of lightning that discharges electric arcs on enemies close enough when he rolls, proccing eletricity on any enemy caught. Wukong - Divine Myst: Wukong Turns into a myst, that heals allies and put enemies to sleep. Those are a few examples, some of them would be small changes, but enough to make rolls work as another skill. Some, like hydroid's, could be tweaked to turn his gameplay around a more active debuffing style, while others like ember's, would give them some reactive CC and even boost their damage potential.
  2. So the baits are going to stay the way they are? kinda disapointed on that...
  3. i still dont understand why wouldnt we be able to use, at least, our secondaries, seriously, the most ironic thing is, the k-drive is PERFECT to move in the PoE, but its pretty useless in fortuna, due to its sheer size, making the archwing much more usefull. since not only is the drive slower, but you also have to deal with the terrain. i just did a small test with zephyr, went to a mission with my k-drive, and while, it was one of my first times, i decided to go back to fortuna with zephyr's divebomb, got back in less than 1/4th of the time, and im pretty sure im being generous with the k-drive speed. i understand it having the speed it does, but not having any ways to defend ourselves REALLY makes it something only usefull for a fun little gimmick.
  4. a little bit of topic(but not by much) is that the "add elemental dmg to allies" mods that saryn(and the others) have doesnt give the buff to the player that uses them, so the vast majority of people will ignore them, now having that effect on her skill will pretty much cement how useless those mods have become to most of us. already costing a mod slot(and we have so few of them that using a skill mod is a massive question in most builds), and now wbeing out done by her own skill...
  5. i gotta say, they actually changed the panthera's secondary, but they actually made it worse. it now eats ammo like there's no tomorrow, and dunno if the spool was added to it, but im killing things alot slower as well(not counting the ammount of reloads i need). the sad thing is, i would have no problem with the changes, IF you had a better ammo efficiency, like it was before, or even, not consume ammo since, you know, its a blade that is spinning, so you arent really using ammo in the first place. the worst part is that the panthera's secondary was the only weapon to actually make good use of its "beam" calculations, the only thing it needed would be for multishot to add more blades...
  6. the game treats the phantera secondary as a beam weapon. that makes it a beam weapon, it not looking like a beam is irrelevant. it was the same thign for the quartakk(or whatever that gun is called), it was a riffle, but the game treated it like a shotgun. so they changed it to work as a rifle instead.
  7. sorry to say but the hotfix didnt work, last bounty had the axi S2, the new one, still has the S2.
  8. im pretty sure the fire rate is about the delay between the shots themselves.
  9. Man im just Happy DE buffed the Twin Kohmak... was afraid DE was going to forget them.... "Cries in a corner"
  10. Dammit DE! how am i supposed to make a joke about the gorgons being bad when you buff them like that? Now i have to forma mine because they look awersome and might feel incredible to use... joking asside, great work buffing all of those weapon, hell, you guys even buffed strong weapons as well! but there are a few things i would like to see buffed in some of those. Twin Rogga, i guess their problem was never their damage(but i have to admit, with so little status and crit, they were kinda useless to use against anything after 75). but i think their problem is also in their reload speed. you pretty much spend more time reloading them than shooting. so i would like it to be sped up a bit(maybe closer to 1 sec since they only have 2 shots). Kohmaks, i loved the buff you guys gave them... i mean, i would have loved, if you guys had buffed them. please tell me you guys just forgot to say how much you buffed them? Vasto prime, FINALLY! the VP is one of my favorite secondaries, but the main reason i never used them was because i just couldnt find a riven with reduced recoil. latron wraith, i loved that the latron prime is so much stronger now. but why did you guys nerf the wraith? i mean, it was pretty much set, the prime was the status based one, and the wraith was the crit. now, its the prime is the latron to use, and the wraith is to throw away! seriously, is there any reason to use the wraith now instead of the prime? ferrox, i was kinda disapointed that the charge was unchanged, to me, the ferrox is an awersome weapon, but because of my hands, i can never use it, i would like it to either have a shot on release(instead of shot after done charging), or lower charge. but i guess im in the minority on that. sancti tigris, if i had to call one misstep(besides the latron one) it would be this one. to me, the sancti doesnt need a buff on its status, but on its crit, there's really no reason not to give it the normal 2x crit damage. seriously, the tigris prime already is a monster of a status weapon, does it need to be the better on everything as well? stradavar, i still think this is not enough, to me, the weapon should be a dual gun. auto for close and mid range, semi for sniping mid and long ranges. similarly, it should be closer to the tenora in that, it uses more bullets, but but shoots a more powerfull shot. the way i think it should be done would be either the semi auto to have 5-10x the dmg of the auto, but same chance, or it should have better status and crit, something like 10sc/10cc for the auto, 30sc/25cc but same damage. that way you could use it for diferent roles, depending on what you needed at the time. you could then mod it to focus on the semi auto, but able to swap to the auto in case of multiple enemies, OR mod it for auto, and use the semi to snipe stronger enemies. as is, people will still use it as a full auto gun, and pretty much never touch the dual mode that set it appart from other guns... not called tenora or argonak.
  11. Hello there Fellow Tenno. First of all, im glad to see that DE is still trying to make Mag a better and overall more fun frame to use. however, i think that in order to balance thigns out, and set her apart from other frames with some similar skills, DE ended up making Mag into a more generic warframe. Dont get me wrong, she is one of my favorite frames, i really like the idea of a character capable of manipulating magnetism, but unfortunatelly, thats NOT what Mag really is. Right now, Mag is just another frame capable pf creating death zones like oberon, vauban, limbo or octavia(and more) or a frame capable of recharging shields, like Harrow, Volt, or Trinnity. her magnetize is incredibly fun to use, but its also very situational, her pull can be used for cc, but its effects dont last long enough to compensate its long cast time. on the other hand, her polarize is mostly used to refil shields, since its strip capabilites is very limited, even with max power, and multiple casts, but even then, most players cant really make use of it, since(at least until now) warframe doesnt have a shield gate, and since shields dont gain bonus from armor, it can be stripped incredibly fast. finally her crush was meant to be the ultimate skill in the game, but now it takes too long, leave her open to enemy attacks, and even if she has the mod equiped, is unable to actually make use of it in most situations. so i decided to look into what Mag is supposed to be, and see if i could find a middle ground of reworking her skills, making her unique, while keeping the spirit of how her skills work. in a way, this "rework" is meant to change her into a frame that becomes stronger against stronger enemies, and that is able to use their defenses against themselves.. P) passive: right now, Mag is able to pull items towards her when she bullet jump, however, while it may have been usefull at one point, the speed of bullet jumping and the new vacuum(both the universal and the sentinel mod), made it much less effective, if at all noticeable, so instead, i would actually change it for a larger natural vacuum. 1)Pull: Like pointed out before, pull is an usefull cc ability, but its not as good as it should be, so instead, pull should also gain a stripping property, i would say around 5-10% of the enemy armor or enemy max shield. and like polarize, create shards she can later use as well. Pull would also gain a secondary effect; Mag can use it to pull shards to herself, if its an armored unit, it will create a Yellow shard, that will give bonus armor, if its a shield unit, it will create a blue shard that will give her overshield/refill her shield, and if its an infested unit, it will have a low chance to create a health globe. her mod would need a bit of a rework, like stated, its pretty underwhelming as it's effects arent worth the cost of equipping it. In its place i would give pull a very small chance to pull an energy orb(10% when maxed) from enemies it hit(not killed, as it is now). 2)Magnetize: Mag's bubble still is her most iconic skill, and is already strong enough as it is. however, with the changes to pull, i belive magnetize should also sinergize; by entering a bubble mag will cast out her bonus armor/overshield, and add it to the shards already in it. not only that, mag can also use pull to control the bubble(and like volt's shield it would cost energy as it is in use), and even collide it with another to stack the enemies inside and the shards/damage, giving her a mobile use of the skill that could be utilized in multiple inventive and fun ways.(like collecting multiple enemies not already inside the bubble, or swinging it around like a giant club, or maybe using it like a giant shield that she can aim to defend herself or others. her mod would stay basicaly the same, 3)Polarize: similarly to pull, Polarize should still strip armor and shields, however, being able to magnetize enemies, mag should also be able to affect their weapons, ranged weapons will gain a penalty for accuracy, meanwhile melee attackers will have more dificulty swinging their weapons, making them attack slower. her mod would also require no changes. 4)Crush: Crush is a skill that, in theory, makes sense, but because of how damage works, it end up being less pratical and more dangerous to use as enemies get stronger, however, Mag should be the opposite, her crush should become more powerfull based on the amount of armor/shield the enemy has (since she is using that weight to crush the enemies inside). The way i would do it would be for crush to deal damage directly to the enemy hp, based on its armor(in the case of the grineer) or shield(in the case of corpus) and turn them into a crushed mass dealling damage per second while they are in that "crushed" state and it would last based on its duration. for its mod, i would change it so when killed, enemies will explode dealing a % of their max health(similar to mods like acid shells or vulcan blitz but probably not as strong)in an area, affected by range mods. so there it is, its not perfect, but i belive that making her closer to a "the bigger they are the harder they fall" while also giving her more control over the battlefield, is the way to make her better.
  12. idont see how what i said has anything to do with your argument, i said her skills are great support, and are really usefull for diferent people who dont want an offensive frame, the fact that rhino has an amazing survivability, or excal being able to blind alot of enemies is pointless in this conversation. im not saying she is the best, im not saying she is mandatory and everyone who dont use her is wrong, and im not saying rhino is bad,nor that excal is pure dps and cant do anything else. all im saying is, Trinity would be usefull for players who want a diferent style of gameplay, and making her so end game will turn ALOT of new players from farming her because: 1) ambulas farm is one of the worst farms, its ok to do a couple of times, but when farming its not uncommon for people to need 10+ runs. 2) she is basically full support, and while Rhino's roar, excal's blind, and mag's magnetize can be really good, energy vampire is a unique skill its one of the very few that can give energy back to the whole party, and in the beggining, very few, if any players will use energy pizzas or even have good eficiency mods, making her great for parties. and again, excal is excelent, and rhino is on my top 5, but that doesnt change the fact that, trinity is a great support, and for people who wants a full support frame, she is one of the best.
  13. thats my point, trinity is a great support unit, not only does she play well with others, she can enhance the gameplay for alot of diferent frames that have a harder beginning, also, she is meant for parties, and sometimes, people justwant to bring a support frame instead of a dps. they can already kill very easily with their weapons, so it complements their gameplay style. all im saying is, she would fit much better near the start of the star chart, since thats when people need a support the most.
  14. its not even about the easy way, the only reason most people adivised on excal first, was based on how hard/late it was to get, now? its as it should've been, pick whatever you think looks good. warframe is not the type of game to focus on min max from the start, sure excal is easier, but like you said, easier doesnt mean more fun. also, i find it kinda sad that his point for not getting trinity early was, "because you can use excal instead". and all im saying is, diferent frames for diferent styles of gameplay, some people just dont want excal, saying its the easiest, or the "better for beginners" wont change that.
  15. Look, Excal is a powerhouse, but pure DPS is not the answer here, not everyone wants to play him, diferent frames for diferent people, also, trinity is great for parties, specially early on. finally, taking mag first is not a mistake, sure, both her and volt are made of paper, but that doesnt make either of them bad, i went with volt, i suffered much more than my friend who started with excal, but thats the thing, if i were to restart, i still would take volt, because i enjoy him much more than i did Excalibur, hell, i probably would take Mag since she is in my top 3 favorite frames to use. all im saying is this, diferent people play in diferent ways, thats why we have so many diferent frames, if DPS was all that matters, there would only be a single frame, a single weapon, and a single skill. never forget, diferent strokes for diferent folks.
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