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  1. lets not forget WHY amesha + Cyngas is the meta. its not because they are "the best choices", but because they are pretty much the ONLY choice. i just tested out both the grattler and the vectus neither could deal enough damage to be worth using. thing is, im not talking about being less optimal here, in the case of the vectus, i was doing a charged shot, and dealing 116 damage to a normal fighter(forgot the name, not that i trully care what it's called). the grattler damage was much better, sure, but hitting enemies was borderline frustrating because the shots felt like they were avoiding the target, i needed to be almost inside enemies to hit them, and even then, the damage was so low, it took 3-4x as much time to kill anything as compared to the cyngas with the same exact mods. then there's the archwings and yeah, amesha is the only one that is capable of actually surviving long enough to be playable. and oyu end up using their skills just to not die. then there's the loot, and lets be honest here, we all know why DE went with rng stats. its basically because the game mode has almost no content, so they needed a way to force people to keep playing it artificially. the results are, AGAIN, a mode that is fun, but ends up incredibly frustating, and hurts the game more than it helps. i have only piloted my RJ once, and it was only to test something, i have no desire to WASTE resources, to make something useless. and at this point, it feels like DE thinks players are some kind of suckers who cant recognize when they are being fed crap. it pains me to say this, but if anything, this update made me lower how i see them. and i think i will just take a break. again.
  2. i just went into a few veil missions in a row, using most archwings, and i can say, first hand, the reason everybody is using amesha, is simply because... you CANT use anything else, at best, odonata shell can hold a few shots from downing you, but even then, the fact it only works on shots coming from the front should be more than enough to explain why that's still borderline useless. then comes the best example of borking something to oblivion because "i dont understand how logic works", itzal's cloak doesnt work, enemies will still shoot you, and thanks to its lesser health, it means, everything kills you as soon as they look at you(and yes, they can still see you even after you cloak). it was so bad, i wasnt even able to test crush. elytron, im gonna be honest here, i didnt even bother, that thing didnt work well before railjack, dealing pitfull damage, and with a "defensive" skill so useless, most people even forgot it existed(well, to be fair, after mastering it, most people forgot elytron existed as well). this leads to amesha, the only archwing capable of actually surviving shots(and even then, you WILL get shotdown, because of crewships bombing you out of the gate).
  3. i still defend that Vauban need a good set of skills, each focusing on one aspect of a support, as well as a good survival skill. so here's my idea: Passive: Tech Aura, Vauban can select between 3 diferent Auras, that affect alies close to him(each with its own range), can select the active aura with his 2. 1) Tesla & Shred - when selected, Tesla grenades create an explosion that drains shields from enemies, while also stunning shield less enemies. when selected, Shred grenades rip armor from enemies, as well as give "negative armor" to armorless enemies(basically a weaker version of viral). MOD> overcook the grenade before throwing to transform it into a turret, tesla becomes a tesla ball, shocking any enemy that comes close, while shred, becomes a turret that shoots piercing shrapnel towards enemies. 2) select the diferent auras: a) Ammo Mutation aura, gives a small ammo mutation buff to alies(and himself) that converts useless ammo to usable ones.(affinity range) b) Fire Rate aura, enhance fire rate of alies(and himself)(medium range) c) Anti Nulifier bubble, creates a nulifier bubble of his own, protecting those inside it from nulifing effects like nulifier bubbles, and scrombas(small range) MOD> each aura gains a side effect, AM - gains ammo regen, FR - energy regen - Bubble - health regen. they would work like a lesser version of a equivalent small restore(between 50% and 25%) 3) Tech Armor, a secondary shield that uses armor and power, to reduce damage taken, once depleted, it releases a blast proc, throwing enemies close to him to the ground. MOD> when hit by bullets, convert them into ammo, when hit by melee, counters with an eletric proc. 4) Vortex & bastile, basically what they did now, with the diference being, not removing armor from enemies, but gaining enhanced duration. MOD> bastile effect remains, vortex gains range instead of duration. this would make vauban survive late game content, as well as fill multiple roles, including counter nulifier and scromba, he can enhance dps in diferent ways, CC, and still remain mobile, while also being able to secure a location(while still inferior to the other similar skills), he could support alies in diferent ways, including regen ammo, something kohm users would apreciate, while still not becoming a true subistitute to energy recovery, or more dedicated healers.
  4. dunno if outshine is the right word, the default choice for weapons that dont gain anything from anything else, would be better. reload speed is QoL improvement, almost nobody uses them because, they just arent usefull enough to be worth a modslot. for most weapons, reload is one of those things we have to "deal with", but i almost never see someone advising using them, meanwhile ammo mutation, range(for certain beam weapons), travel speed and even recoil have. so i dont think it will be the "main choice", but people will feel like its worth equiping if they get the chance.
  5. funny, didnt they add recoil, accuracy and projectile speed? last i check, all 3 end up adding to dps, specially the last one, which can make some weapons do 30% more damage due to fall off. now dont get me wrong, i really like that those mods are exilus. i just disagree that reload would, in practice, add more dps than PS for example. on the other hand, what they do is gather dust from not being used...
  6. wait, reload mods arent going to become exilus? why? they are almost never used, but can add alot to many weapons, like the twin rogga(which, lets be honest, really needs to be a 1 sec reload weapon).
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