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  1. the reason i disagree is because her other skills(besides the k-drive) are close range and slow moving. meaning, they were designed for smaller spaces. the even sadder thing is, even they not only dont synergise, they actively work against one another.
  2. im not against the idea of k-drives in normal missions, but the key thing is, it need to be revamped BIG TIME. kdrives were designed as pure mobility for open world, but they 1 are slower than archwings(for obvious reasons), 2 couldnt be used in combat, 3 made you fall off for ANY reason. overall, i think DE should at least test things out before sending them, their "we will release broken and fix later" aprouch is starting to become a major issue to the players. its not even like this was a hard thing to see coming, as many players commented about this, when it was shown.
  3. Yareli is a frame that has alot of neat ideas, problem is, they were very poorly implemented, and worst of all, they were taking at face value without looking at how they should work in game. 1- It's a CC that is too limited and time consuming to use, it max at 15 enemies, when we can kill them faster than the ability can hit the target, it also requires 3 extra uses to "max" them, which by the time you get to it, will require more since the enemy at the first cast already died. its also a pretty boring skill to use, both visually as well as in game, instead of cold, should give the "WET" effect, making enemies suffer more from base elemental procs, cold procs freeze enemies, electric has 2x duration, toxic makes them explode when below 25%hp, fire will proc its entire damage in an instant. 2- The biggest culprit, its a k-drive that gives damage mitigation, at face value, its the perfect skill, mobility, DM, LOOKS fun... but, in practice its just a janky mess, its mobility makes controlling her harder, she gets a bigger hitbox, gets stuck all over the place, and to make things worse, DE forgot the main reason it doesnt work, K-drives were made to AVOID combat, you couldnt even damage enemies properly until a few updates ago(and its still janky), they should've take the idea of k-drive, and made something similar but unique to her, instead of just giving one to her and calling it a skill. 3- Her best looking ability, thing is, it deals pitfull damage against anything you would use abilities against, requires constant recast(even with the enhanced duration its still too short), and requires the player to hug enemies to damage them, a far better helminth ability than a Yareli ability. would work better if instead the discs were the damage mitigation, with shooting your guns would send the discs foward a certain distance before returning to the encirclement. overall, her best current ability, just sad that it works better as a helminth for melee frames instead. 4- TRASH, has absolutely no use, deals barely no damage, ragdoll enemies around, is a non ability. its main bonus is being the garanteed "helminth slot" so you can put something more useable on her. even when it was first presented, it already had people asking WHY? it should've been a separate undertow(except above ground), maybe make it sustainable and affected by the other abilities, for example, her 3 would summon another ring around it as well, while her 1 could drag enemies into the water ball.
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