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  1. A quick search of YouTube will show you the couple hundred vids of different players hitting well past 1000. Since not every player records their play for YouTube, I'd say there's a great many that have done it. Granted, still a low percent of the population, but I'd estimate a good 15% have. Most don't on a regular basis because there's no reward for doing it. You don't get more for fighting harder enemies, so why do it? Rewards don't scale either.
  2. 1) Because DE has already set the game to go that high. 2) Because scaling it up to that level will scale all levels below that (if done properly). So this isn't an "end game" fix. It's an overall game fix. 3) The people screaming about "content drought" are a vocal minority. I highly doubt those people even come close to one percent of the player base. Most long time players understand the need to get new content correct and the need to fix the base content. At least when they stop to think about it. 4) More players leave from lack of challenge. Once players hit a certain plateau they begin to see that Warframe doesn't offer any "high level" challenges. Nothing on the Star Map even begins to put up a fight, Sorties are a joke (especially the rewards for such), and the means to get to higher level challenges (ie the Endless Missions) do indeed take hours, so are boring as hell. So perhaps, if DE actually scaled the game for challenge, they might see more life in it. Because pumping out hollow content players can blow through within a day of release is a great way to undermine the game itself. Not to mention it stretches thin DE's resources even more, and cranks up the burnout factor of those at DE trying to add content fast enough for those screaming for it.
  3. I'm not talking about the Dev's Level 30 "high-end content". I'm speaking of the scaling on endless missions. Once enemies hit level 1500 or so, one can see the broken scaling quite easily. By the time the levels hit 4-5k, it's ridiculous. The fact that DE had to push enemy levels that high pretty much proves how broken scaling is. As is the fact that players can still hit the 10k enemy level and keep going.
  4. Short answer: It doesn't. Longer answer: It's broken AF. The idea behind it works on paper (sorta), but when put into the game, the current system is just broke. Enemy armor scaling is ridiculous, weapon scaling is non-existant, Warframe ability scaling is a joke. When you don't have player levels (and no, frame/weapon ranks don't count), but you have enemy levels, there can never be a balance in scaling. Until, and unless, DE admits that, and works on that premise, then scaling will never work in Warframe.
  5. What we need are OPTIONS. Manual-Block or Auto-Block selection would solve a lot of issues. I would personally rather have Manual-Block and have to use the F key to get back to my Primary/Secondary even if it included a holster time. While some don't see the use in Blocking, many of us did. Block/Parry can prevent all that one-shotting and stun-locks that people cry about if used properly. Auto-Block also made every Shield/Melee (Arc & Brunt) weapon worthless, because their greatest benefit was the bonus granted during BLOCKING. Also, Blocking while meleeing stopped, or slowed, directional movement. This allowed to curb the animation-overuse we see on Stances now. While they look cool in practice, for actual gameplay the animations are sheet. "Hey look! You can break dance while getting shot and not be able to hit the target you were actually aiming at!". Wonderful. As for the comments from DE that we can not equip a gun.....yeah, and the system could be well planned out and programmed correctly too.
  6. Don't forget that all those mods like Electromagnetic Shielding that require you to block manually are now broken and unusable. Auto-block was the dumbest thing DE put into the new melee re-work, imo. Only there for lazy people, or those with no skill at the game.
  7. OP posts about an AI issue with Interceptions and people are focused on the fact that he alt-tabbed. So he can multi-task? Game is still borked, LOL And Pausing isn't an option in squad play, which he obviously was as he wasn't concerned with enemies going to anther node. I've actually had a few Interceptions with NO enemies spawning at all. Interceptions got messed up about 2 major updates back or so. Reported it then. Still going on.
  8. The big issue is the day/night cycles are too dang long for those with limited time to play. Fixing this would be ideal, imo. The new melee broke just about everything, but DE refuses to admit that, or do anything about it (Looking at the worthless Electromagnetic Shielding mod for one. RIP squad tank builds.). However, just doing a Capture mission on Earth will let you scan in peace, since someone thought it was a "good idea" to halt enemy spawns two minutes after the capture target is captured. [sarcasm] Yeah. That was a GREAT idea that stopped all the farming and didn't make this mission boring AF. Thanks! [/sarcasm] Helios would be nice too, but then people would be complaining about the need for auto-pickup of Ayatan Stars, etc ,etc. All for it, but I won't hold my breath for DE to add that as a QoL, heh. Oh, and before people jump on me to tell me how to get the scans, I have plenty, and am maxed on NW so I can ignore it from now until it's end as the boring crap it is. My mini-rant is mainly just over all the old bugs (and new ones from unfinished melee "rework") that plaque us and are never fixed, or even acknowledged.
  9. Bookmarked? No. I believe you have all the DE/Warframe data embedded in your cybernetic memory.
  10. Didn't see a patch note about changing drop rates, though it could be a stealth patch. Would still be noted in the drop chance table that DE publicly puts out. Forget where it is, and not going through those numbers anyway. Way to boring for me there, lol. More likely though, you were just blessed by RNGesus. He giveth and he taketh. Enjoy his blessings while you can, because you'll be cursing him to the deepest pits of hell at another date, hah.
  11. Wasn't that familiar with Bionicle, so had to do a bit of research first. But they have their own share of lore issues. According to Greg Farshtey, the appearance of the characters in this movie is not canonical. For instance, the main characters, the Toa, only have one hand in their mutated form, while their other hand is permanently turned into their weapon. In the official story, however, they had two real hands and carried a pair of weapons. Another discrepancy is the helicopter-rotors on the backs of the Rahaga characters, which allow them to fly. In the canon story, they traveled by swinging on vines and spider-webbing, or by grabbing onto the flying energy spinners they launched. In the movie, the rotor packs were only added to them to keep the pacing smoother and allow for more dramatic scenes. This is only one instance, but I'm sure there are more over the 10+ year course of this genre. So yes, all evolving stories have these issues. As for DE, they actually do a good job at it. It's only when you look at the details that you start to notice the issues. Kind of like looking into Bionicle 😉
  12. Had to quote this for truth.....and to thank you for the smile that truth gave me this morning, heh.
  13. Lore in fiction scenarios never works anyway. Be it movies, or books, or video games. There will always be snippets and parts that don't line up and mess. (To this day, there are people miffed over incongruities in Star Wars movie series.) The more the subject evolves (ie, the more the creators add) the more chance for incongruities. As DE adds to Warframe on a constant basis, one can assume there are going be many such incongruities. Trying to fix them, or to tie up all loose ends prior to releasing the additions, would tie up too much time and personnel, better used to fixing bugs that have been here since launch *cough* (Yeah. IKR.) TL:DR Games that get updates are going to have Lore issues and just blatant contradictions. Get over it and go play the game.
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