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  1. Yup. 100% agree with the OP. Old adage: Form follows function. Put the information needed, THEN change the looks.
  2. If a player from 2014 doesn't have Nitain, they need to find a new game.
  3. You do realize the OP is a vet and has plenty of Nitain? Vets are the only people complaining. Not the new players, lmao.
  4. I lack sympathy because I see new players coping with the new system already. The only people complaining are the "vets". You can say "Well, they don't know any better yet." though players I know that started just weeks ago, are fine. So, yes, I haz my sammich. I also see everyone else haz sammich. The only "hungry" people are those that don't want to make their sammich. Though, as for "no problem". I already stated that DE should have a way to gain Nitain outside of Nightwave. My statements have been that, while a problem exists, it doesn't need all the angst and panic being generated. DE already stated they are working on introducing new ways to get Nitain to the players, so they are aware of the issue. Looking at all the information instead of one part and panicking is what people need to do. In life as well as games.
  5. The difference, is that those hundreds of Nitain you have were farmed over the six years you've been playing. Play another six years and you'll have all those cosmetics and hundreds of Nitain under the new system. People are sick of grinding Nightwave, because they are trying to do in 1-2 months what older players earned in years. So you are correct, I still have no sympathy for those complaining. DE already said a new event was in the works, but they wanted to be able to launch it on all platforms simultaneously like they did with Nightwave. That takes time to get done. Mainly waiting on Sony and Microsoft for cert. So a new system is coming, and probably one behind that, and so forth, until there will be a continuous way to earn Nitain and cosmetics. Is it a grind? Yes. Is it time gated? Yes. Never said it wasn't. Just another grind and time-gate to take over the grind and time-gate of old. As for MR points, by the time those would matter, a player will have plenty of Nitain. So, again, the sky isn't falling.
  6. While I do think DE should have a way to obtain Nitain outside of Nightwave (no, the Sabatage don't, nor do the Bounties count. RNG chance is .67%), this is being blown out of proportion. Those that can farm Wisp easily, will have the Nitain on hand. Those that will need to play the game longer in order to be able to farm Wisp will have a chance to get Nitain in whatever new way DE comes up with. So people may have to wait a month or two to get it. My heart bleeds. This is no different than needing Argon prior to unlocking the Void. Play the game, and you'll get what you need/want. With the exception of wanting it all, and wanting it right now. It's called "effort". Google it.
  7. Well, for Relics, I would believe DE meant for their current system to have players work together to get what they want. A Rad Share squad, for example. If all take the same Relic, and all have refined it to the same level, the chance of getting what you want is fairly high. Hedging RNG in your favor. In reality, very few do this in Public Co-Op. Only Friends and Clannies take the time to do it right. So there is a way to improve Relic rewards to "nearly" perfect chance. I personally get more aggravated by the pure RNG chance of drops off of certain enemies. Like the pitiful drop table launched with Wolf. [Sarcasm] Because there's nothing a Warframe Player likes more than getting a completely useless mod drop off a bullet-sponge boss. [/Sarcasm]
  8. It already does. Those that know how to farm efficiently get the rewards they want faster. Though if you simply meant to remove RNG from the equation, I don't think that fits well into Warframe. While it seems good for players to get all they want super quickly, they would then be even more bored, and cry even more for more content. As the content can only be created so fast, there has to be a gate on it. In this case, the gate is RNG. Though, I would think that a LONG term reward would be a good idea. Like the login system being expanded to be able to pick more items, or for a whole new "Lifetime Faction" where you gain standing from certain long-term achievements to use to get items you want. Though, when I say long-term, I mean that it would take a dedicated player months to accomplish. And there are the bonus rewards to Bounties in Fortuna. Perhaps DE could simply expand on those to other areas and missions.
  9. Second star to the left,and all the way 'til morning. But, in answer to your question, yes, I would say you were the only one to notice that...or at least until now when you pointed it out, heh.
  10. Does this happen during solo play, squad play, or both? I solo when I fish and have never, ever seen this bug and I have been fishing since the release of PoE. This sounds like a issue with loading resources (I know, MotO statement), which may be aggravated by squad play, especially if you are not the Host. If during Solo as well, you may want to try to turn down some settings to lessen the load, or check your connection speeds and ping. I would also check correlation between if you just zone into the Plains directly from your Orbiter, entering in through Cetus, and if you are doing Bounties or not with either option.
  11. Except for Founders Pack, screw "exclusivity" other than for cosmetics. Personally, I'd prefer if DE would bring back the EVENTS to let people earn the items, but some are not possible to redo. Not sure on this event as was before my time. However, if the event is not able to be redone (or if DE just doesn't want to redo the event), then Baro is a decent choice of how to allow players to earn these items. Players still have to get Ducats to buy the item and, unlike the event, do NOT get the Blueprint to hand out. So when Baro goes away, the clans retain their exclusives on the Blueprint.
  12. Yup, the Forma challenge can go get stuffed up a Void. REALLY crappy to put this in and RUSH new players to use their Forma. Bad form DE, very bad form. Whomever thought of this, and those that allowed it to happen should be ashamed of themselves.
  13. And these reasons are WHY I think DE should put frames and weapons in the spot light. Showcase them and listen to player feedback from the showcase. All your responses only back up the idea for putting things out on Prime Time to get them worked on and corrected. I'm not fanboying DE, I'm saying they need to work on these frames. You all say the metrics tell them what they need to work on. Obviously they don't, or DE can't understand the metrics, because there ARE frames and weapons that need work to be usable and/or fun.
  14. Then that proves that the frames are good. Like I said in the last sentence of my original post.
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