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  1. Several times today (more than three). There's something like a system to it. Last time I was in a group and ui locked when I didn't closed window while we were still flying to the goal. And when we did arrived - it was uncloseable. So, don't lag around, close it as soon as you see it!
  2. Same here, only playing solo (opening new nodes, trying out new equipment, so better not to pull strangers aboard).
  3. Same here. Apollo, Lua. After host migration no notices of reward and in quick-progress screen there are only listed rewards from before migration.
  4. Yes, I definitely agree that at the moment we don't have a real sniper kitgun and that's a shame. It will make some quite unusual secondary weapon probably. But as a primary it's a must. Just look at what we have: full-auto (rattleguts), kinda-shotgun (catchmoon), beam (gaze/vermisplicer) and launcher (sporelacer). The only options left are bow and sniper... and I'm quite sceptical about bow kitgun...
  5. That's exactly my point. Well, the Vermisplicer DEFINITELY isn't a laser, but it's a beam weapon. :-)
  6. Well, Rattleguts is hitscan both secondary and primary and is quite "the rifle" imho. The shotgun department is lacking, yes. Catchmoon and Sporelacer are shotguns mostly by declaration, not definition. Given decent number of pellets per shot and extremely wide range for crit/status balance we see in kitguns currently it opens quite the perspectives build-wise. And I do like the idea of different grips giving different number of pellets, not just pure damage. That opens even more build options...
  7. Opticor isn't beam weapon, it's charge. And we already have a chargeable primary Tombfinger. Don't think that Gaze/Vermisplicer will do any good as a charge weapon.
  8. Playing with numbers for some extreme kitgun builds, I suddenly realized that I want really bad a loader with very small magazine and extremely fast reload time. Considering current reload times on the scale of 0.9/1.3/2.1/2.3/2.9/3.1 and minimal magazine sizes varying from 5 to 29, such loader is to have reload time way below half a second and magazine size of just 1 (one) round for some chambers, thus the title. Even better ALWAYS magazine size of 1 round and different reload times for different chambers (rattleguts having maximum magazine size to get fastest reload and catchmoon/sporel
  9. Same here. Somehow got it to level 5 (probably being a host), but no further.
  10. Would be VERY nice to somehow convert Scarlet Credits from Scarlet Spear to buy rewards. I think I'm not the only one stuck with unspend... Either let the LD to sell what she was selling back then or Father (mebbe Grandma? she like to exchange) convert them at some ratio...
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