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  1. Oh, thanks! I was using Mirage with shedu, and larvling probably got a hit from a doppelganger.
  2. Doesn't work for me, unfortunately. All I see is white bar "X spawn lich" and that's it, no icon above, no text - nothing. And all I need right now is another goddamn Kraken! :-(
  3. Well... this idea definitely has it's merits... But I think the all idea behind self-damaging weapons is to be risky... So, zero self-damage just kills this "Oh, sh****, I did it again! Smb, pls, rvv me!" mechanics... 🙂
  4. Well, immunity to self-damage sounds good... A bit too good, IMHO. AND, more important, you can't split immunity into 10 levels - only duration, but it's meaningless as soon as it kicks in in time to prevent said self-damage. Found another solution: disallow the self-damage to leave player with less than 5% of current health, raising to 55% at level 10. This way ANY weapon with self-damage will still be quite dangerous, but non-instakilling.
  5. The basic idea is simple: CS as it is now only worth any notice if it's maxed out. I suggest change the self-damage reduction to exponential, starting at 1/2 initially and then halving with each upgrade, 1/2 -> 1/4 -> 1/8 and so on, ending at 1/2048 (~0.05%). To compensate for this base damage reduction can be made exponential as well, only steeper, ending at some 16% or even 32%. This way even without any upgrade the mod is worth notice, and EVERY STEP of upgrade is NOTICEABLE... in both self-damage and base damage reduction. AND the mod will turn even most powerful self-damaging weapons into mostly safe... Maybe for this rework the mod need to be changed from 10-levels to 5-levels, starting from 1/3 self-damage reducing damage 3 times each level and 1% base damage reduction doubling each level. Or some other numbers - I think for maxed-out mod reducing self-damage to ~1/1000 is quite enough, and some 20% base damage reduction is appropriate as well...
  6. Another (but related) problem is with people that join after you did 99% of mission solo... Both issues can be resolved if match-making disables connection to the mission as soon as any one goal is complete (kill X fighter, kill Y crewships, disable turbine, explore anomaly - ANY one). This will greatly reduce the number of "mission jumpers". Moving quellor/pennant and other shinies to the end-of-mission reward will be great, too!
  7. When Frost's sphere catches wire, frames can't walk by wire through sphere - they are forced to jump down. Wire is partially inside that bubble and it throws everyone off of it
  8. Just to clarify things a little and a bump. The problem is probably with mic intake. When I check box "test the mic" I see the sound levels going up and down, but their color is slightly dimmed (as if greyed-out) compared to the rest of the UI (and to how I remember them when voice chat was working). However, no sound from mic is going to other players.
  9. Hmmmm... I do want my Rattleguts Prime, sure! 😉
  10. Got mic broken with this fix. I can't hear my friend and he can't hear me. Just a few hours before fix everything was fine. Checking "test microphone" in options->audio show grayed-out volume levels (I have a feeling it was brighter before) but no sound is echoed at all. Same for my friend. Mine is Windows 10 home, freshly updated, Core I7-4700HQ, 16gb RAM, GTX 850m, audio Realtek High Definition Audio, microphone is integrated in notebook. When I press key to talk, Windows shows in tray the icon "microphone is in use", but it looks like data stream is lost somewhere on the way...
  11. Well, given four abilities and four-component blueprints that means that modular archwing will consist of four part, not of three, as other modular items. OR some part(s) have to affect more than one ability... Well, only time will tell... And even then in few years that will be changed again. 🙂
  12. Suddenly got a hunch... Modular AW - just space K-Drives. No abilities of their own, only some bonus to "host" WF's range because space is so big (and maybe strength or shield/armor/health) and ability to fly in space. Current AWs will be, well, buried and forgotten or totally restricted to some very own missions... or converted to some very strange basic warframes, but even I can't believe that.
  13. Well, there are several answers here. 1st: crit-based shotguns (Corinth, for example). 2nd: make mod stronger, like 120% MS and -30% SC, and it will be quite welcome on some oneshot-anybody builds for, say Tigris. 3rd: not always we need perfect status (or simply can't afford one), like on Sortie with elemental-resistant enemies, so pure physical build will accommodate this mod. And many shotguns deal mostly impact, which isn't as welcome as, say, slash. And as final note - yes, it will not be popular mod... still, the idea just won't leave my head... 😉
  14. Got some ideas and a bit skeptical about them myself, still want to hear some opinions... Umbral Aura (don't confuse with umbra forma) - improves Tau Resistance as Umbral mods do. Fully ranked should be about 12%, 9 capacity and umbral polarity (or Aura Forma). Dull Avalanche - corrupted shotgun mod that increases multishot but reduces status chance. Fully ranked should be about +90% MS and -45% SC. Real evil, this one! Swarm It - augment for Amesha's Watchful Swarm. Activate ability again while it's still active to detonate remaining drones, releasing all prevented damage in rather short radius (about 100 meters in space and 10 meters on land). Malevolent Decoy - augment for Amesha's Benevolent Decoy. Instead of healing pulses emits enemy-damaging pulses, dealing 100% of received damage (multiplied by Ability Strength). Unlimited Vengeance - augment for Amesha's Vengeful Rush. No more stops preventing damage when energy pool is full, instead refills shields (at half ratio) and overshields (at quarter ratio), giving total invulnerability for the full duration of the ability.
  15. That's the only way known to me. The wiki used to have listed both delay/ratio, so it was a single point of reference, but no more. Yes, as far as I can tell - it's the same thing. However, the Railjack and all related mechanics are still very new and very in development. I'm sure to see at least couple more of patches and even then it still won't be final... 😉 That's Warframe, friend! Expect unexpected and unpredictable! 😉
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