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  1. We all love those elemental+status 60%+60% mods, don't we? And would we love to have some PHYSICAL+status mods? Well, I definitely do! Given the current mechanics and that IPS mods are weaker than elemental damage-wise and quite tasty status-wise, it's probably better to make 'em not 15%+15% as elemental ones do, but 20% damage and 10% status chance base and per rank (+80% impact/puncture/slash and +40% status at max rank). And DE did promised to rework statuses to make them more appealing...
  2. Got to think about it a bit more. The only viable way to do it is to make it corrupted. So, base cost at 2-4 points, RoF is at -25% and accuracy is halved. Max rank cost is about 7-9 (3 or 5 ranks), RoF is about +50% (25% per rank for 3 ranks or 15% per rank for 5 ranks) and accuracy is quartered.
  3. Well, the name says it all: convert any semi-auto gun into full-auto! Not applicable on some bolt-action snipers, of course... However, there are little details... First of all, the only two things I'm sure of - it's of Vazarin polarity and of golden color. Then, it can be NO RANK mod with low capacity (about 4 I'd say) that gives full-auto at about 75% of listed S/A fire rate. OR it can have some ranks with fire rate starting at about 67% and going up to about 90-95%... However, I'm not sure that's enough for supposedly high max-rank capacity cost, so some other bonus is quite welcome, and most appropriate in my eyes is some status bonus, up to about 20-25% at max rank. ON THE OTHER HAND, converting S/A gun into full-auto gives benefits that must be countered, so, may be it should be a CORRUPTED mod, that not only converts S/A to full-auto and gives some 20% to status, but also reduces accuracy or crit chance a bit. And somewhat really off - it starts as a full-auto at 67% fire rate, then goes to 2-rounds burst at 150% RoF, then to 3-rounds at 200% and so on... but this is just two mods under one cover and I don't think that's a good idea...
  4. I don't know if I like the change itself, but still agree to already said: it needs to be more regular. Let's say every month or so... or when some certain weapon got it's use shifted significantly. And no "holy cows", please! Both Kohm and Detron are an adult weapons in their own rights! 😉 Sentinel rivens... Enough to say that I play with sentinel always disarmed for over half a year now. And no riven was good enough to change that.
  5. I do agree this mod won't save from, say, full-modded Lenz shot right under yer feet. I do agree that without vacuum pets mostly are "do a RM challenge and put it back in stasis". However, I do think that a self-damage weapons ARE fun. It's just yet another thing to keep in mind, to stop shooting blindly at anything approaching and to think WHERE are you shooting and where are you going to go if your shot falls just a that bit closer to you than planned. I do agree somebody may dislike that, but that's not a "bad game design" - there are too few self-damage weapons to be of any concern for those disliking them. Back to the topic of the mod. For it to be more useful it need a minor tweak: add damage falloff instead of a flat reduction. Like, say, from 50% at the center to 0% at the edge. So, the closer the shot - the more "oops" you get, and timely jump can even save you from the aforementioned Lenz right at ground zero. 🙂
  6. I meself still think it's better to add to 'frames a NEW slot just for augments (same mechanics as with Exiluses now)... And then give both exiluses and augments some extra special kick when placed in right slot...
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