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  1. oh no problem. lmk next time you're on and I'll invite you
  2. I'm on if you wanna trade. Feel free to invite me to a dojo
  3. I would also consider dual statistics mods in case you don't own them yet, also known as 60/60 mods. They're 60% elemental 60% status chance. They're generally good to have. Such as: Rime rounds , High voltage, malignant force, Thermite rounds - Rifle Frigid blast , Scattering inferno , Shell Shock , Toxic barrage - Shotgun Frost Bite , Scorch , Jolt, Pistol Pestilence - Secondary Pistols Vicious Frost, Volcanic edge, Voltaic Strike , Virulent Scourge - Melee. Heat and cold mods are obtained from spy missions or can be bought for cheap. Toxin drops from corrupted vor
  4. Also if you're on PC I'm happy to trade you some of these mods I've got extras of in case you're missing anything. (will have to check about berserker though.)
  5. Viral+heat is ideal for almost everything, it's one of the most powerful elemental combinations in the game.
  6. So before nightwave there would be alerts for nitain extract every eight hours or so, it was a pain in the buttcheek honestly, nightwave is way better. Plus if you're lacking, stay tuned for invasions that provide you with catalysts or reactors. As for nitain, nothing much but waiting on the intermission wave. You can also purchase reactors and catalysts built and ready to install for 20 p each wouldn't recommend unless you really need one and have the plat for it
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