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  1. The new quarters

    I saw that the new quarters have been added, and i pretty much liked them. but one question i saw some videos of people entering other person ship. How do i do that? im really curious
  2. it's very grindy (VERY @(*()$ GRINDY!) but its completely possible. atleast you don't need to PAY real money, to get those 2 @(*()$ awesome frames.
  3. Keep it or sell it?

    I made vauban recently, but there is one thing... I SIMPLY HATED IT! and now im thinking: Should i sell him, or keep him? If i keep him, even though i hate him, hes a good objective defender frame and if i sell him, i won't have that good objective defender frame, but i'll have one more warframe space to use. and now the question: Keep or sell?
  4. FPS and freezing problems

    I used to run normally warframe, but recently that i got back at playing warframe, its litteraly S#&$. normally i run warframe at 60FPS at everything in max, without any crashes or freezing. But now, my fps, even at the lowest graphic setting, it doesn't even get at 50 fps, it stays at 20 and as it is not enought, the game has frequent screen freezing, and doesn't unfreeze until i restart the game, and this is making every bit of fun that the game gives to me,going into the trash can. its basically impossible, to play warframe at 15-20 fps and a constant game freezing.
  5. Game frozen

    Sometimes,when doing my missions, the game freezes and don't come back until i re-open the game.
  6. wow, those abilities you thought are way better than the ones we have now, they are just more powerfull, worth effort and... they are just awesome
  7. So this trade just gave me heart burn.

    oh my @(*()$ god, that plat numbers are insane...
  8. a while ago i made basically a hate topic for the people which was detesting the changes before it was released, but now that this update FINALLY came out , i would like to know your guys opinion about all the changes, even though we now have solid numbers
  9. Limbo needs another rework

    yeah, maybe this would work too
  10. Limbo needs another rework

    first of all, i use stasis, so... no firing weapons, i use a mios with a crit build (still need some mods to finish my status one) AND i use a limbo with avareage strenght, high efficiency, 160% range and 118% duration, this is a build more focused on trying to use banish with rift surge and stasis , for being at rift, getting enemies at the rift without needing to quit it and stasis'ing them,as limbo doesn't have damage focused abilities,basically a build around built around rift surge with banish, but the only synergy i can see that really works in limbo is cataclysm and stasis, and DE nowadays is trying to make warframes that have its abilities to synergise,and limbo, doesn't do this very well
  11. Limbo needs another rework

    no, by slow, i mean 15 minutes to 100+ exterminate (as i already said, excluding cataclysm because that's just ridiculous)
  12. Limbo needs another rework

    i haven't said you can't kill enemies, you can, but, its so slow, that i don't even wan't to start the mission, because i know that i'll take forever to do that and i don't think im the only one thinking like that...
  13. Limbo needs another rework

    yeah, they do, but are not as usefull as cataclysm with stasis,and as far as i know, abilities were made to use,all abilities, were made to use frequently, not to be in a level of "situational" that makes them basically useless
  14. Limbo needs another rework

    i know, his ABILITIES weren't supposed to kill, yeah i know this, but they were supposed to cc enemies and paralizes them, but just cataclsym with stasis do this well, his banish and rift surge, that are abilities that weren't supposed to be stationary like cataclysm, they were supposed for you to use while walking,and killing enemies with your gun/melee weapon, but they don't help us as they were supposed to, like, we were supposed to use them to kill enemies (use them to "cc" them and kill with our guns/melee), with the least chance possible of being killed, but they just don't do that well, as they are complex to understand and use correctly, and even if you understand how to use them, they don't help much as they are supposed to.