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  1. lulialmir

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.3 - Limbo Prime

  2. lulialmir

    Natah must Die! (Spoilers)

    "I want ordis to stop simulating her" Me too...
  3. lulialmir

    Something that might suit warframe

    this Rage meter, would need a whole lot of hits taken and hit done, to charge it up, and, if it still not sufficient, make it cooldown based, just like the old focus 1.0 (the only difference is that this one would actually worth the wait.)
  4. lulialmir

    Something that might suit warframe

    Equinox would still in need to ramp up It damage,but as its range would be incredible that it would increase in no time, as a trade off, rage would decrease the amount of damage the equinox can absorb to use his 4 (by a considerable amount) or even preventing from some abilites that might use this system to break the game, from benefiting from it (I would rather have it tweaked) when i said, tweak it a little, i didn't mean all the system, I meant it for some warframes
  5. lulialmir

    Something that might suit warframe

    That "overcharge" system, would serve to all Warframe types, for ex: having an oberon using it in battle, would increase its healing done, change to proc rad, increase its armor corroding and etc. Another ex would be trinity: with it, link would have much more duration and reach much longer, blessing would have more duration too, EV would give more energy (you would need to know how to use it in this case, since it can "nerf" EV with de duration, making it take some time to make the pulses) And i didn't count that it would even reduce the cost of everything
  6. lulialmir

    Something that might suit warframe

    I know, but a good solution for this would be just tweaking it a little, to prevent players to exploit it.
  7. After some time I came up with an idea, that might suit a game like Warframe. But this "thing", it's not an item or anything, Its a mechanic, that a lot of Hack' n slash games has... A "rage" system. Something that doesn't require your Warframe's energy, but requires you to hit, or be hit by enemies to start charging up. Once It's complete, you can use it to overcharge you Warframe, increasing It's overall stats, like velocity, armor, life, shields and etc, and increasing all its abilities powers for, let's say...60% (160% STR, 160% EFF, 160% RAG and so on). Maybe even changing some of their abilities And, depending on the Warframe abilities, it would also increment your weapons, for Example, You use this overcharge ability with Ember, and you get as a bonus, 100% bonus fire damage to your weapons. As Warframe is a horde, hack' n slash game, I think it would suit pretty well, and be a great increase to player's "arsenal"
  8. lulialmir

    Coming Soon: Devstream #110!

    those vandals weren't founder exclusive, excal prime is, the vandals were planned to get back in the game a long time ago
  9. no need to say, i already tried to search for that... luckly i didn't click on image...
  10. Actually, the range we have for ensnare is good (my opinion) and venari, even with a new AI, the only usefull stance we have rn is the healing stance, the others are like, meh, and actually, after thinking again, i think strangledome should be turned into something else, esnare do everything strangledomes do, but without that annoying ragdoll ... and wtf is BDSM?
  11. Time to scratch the "Devs are incopetent and i can do a better job"...
  12. they [DE]layed her due to the damage 2.5 being canceled, and actually her 4th ability, even though is not as amazing as the exalted whip, they decided to change it, what will we do about it? we can just suggest. plus, they don't actually have a sense of what is going to be good or bad, they will only discover this, and some bugs only after releasing to the public, where youtubers and players will be able to criticize it
  14. like a feral trainer, or... cat trainer? didn't understood khora's theme that well too, why is the whip for? hurting her cat? but you know, her abilities has potential