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  1. Limbo needs another rework

    yeah, maybe this would work too
  2. Limbo needs another rework

    first of all, i use stasis, so... no firing weapons, i use a mios with a crit build (still need some mods to finish my status one) AND i use a limbo with avareage strenght, high efficiency, 160% range and 118% duration, this is a build more focused on trying to use banish with rift surge and stasis , for being at rift, getting enemies at the rift without needing to quit it and stasis'ing them,as limbo doesn't have damage focused abilities,basically a build around built around rift surge with banish, but the only synergy i can see that really works in limbo is cataclysm and stasis, and DE nowadays is trying to make warframes that have its abilities to synergise,and limbo, doesn't do this very well
  3. Limbo needs another rework

    no, by slow, i mean 15 minutes to 100+ exterminate (as i already said, excluding cataclysm because that's just ridiculous)
  4. Limbo needs another rework

    i haven't said you can't kill enemies, you can, but, its so slow, that i don't even wan't to start the mission, because i know that i'll take forever to do that and i don't think im the only one thinking like that...
  5. Limbo needs another rework

    yeah, they do, but are not as usefull as cataclysm with stasis,and as far as i know, abilities were made to use,all abilities, were made to use frequently, not to be in a level of "situational" that makes them basically useless
  6. Limbo needs another rework

    i know, his ABILITIES weren't supposed to kill, yeah i know this, but they were supposed to cc enemies and paralizes them, but just cataclsym with stasis do this well, his banish and rift surge, that are abilities that weren't supposed to be stationary like cataclysm, they were supposed for you to use while walking,and killing enemies with your gun/melee weapon, but they don't help us as they were supposed to, like, we were supposed to use them to kill enemies (use them to "cc" them and kill with our guns/melee), with the least chance possible of being killed, but they just don't do that well, as they are complex to understand and use correctly, and even if you understand how to use them, they don't help much as they are supposed to.
  7. Limbo needs another rework

    no its not
  8. Limbo needs another rework

    yes i know, his cc is amazing and can become invincible,stop the time, and etc (even because that is his passive, dash to the rift) but im talking especially to his capability of killing enemies, (not considering cataclysm, because that is just ridiculous) that he had in the previous update.
  9. like, a LITTLE nerf and add like an optional choice would be really cool.
  10. yeah, even after the rework, limbo still pretty useless and the first place troll warframe, his one is kinda nice, but to kill enemies and not be killed its basically impossible, if you don't have pretty close enemies to use rift surge, if there are no enemies around around the one you are killing inside the rift, limbo will need to quit rift, have a chance fairly high chance of getting insta killed by strong enemies, bring one enemie in the rift, and have another chance of enemies leaving the are he needs to trigger the rift surge, and this is horrible, because in the end, you'll need like 5-10 minutes to kill like high level enemies without getting killed, at the past i was a real fan of limbo, i loved his idea of dimensional traveling, but now, he is litteraly unplaybale, i needed like 20 minutes to more to kill 100+ enemies in oxomoco in void, using its abilities... so another rework on limbo, would be a good one, and try to make him usefull next time... (or atleast playable with his abilities)
  11. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.1

    you guys made me lose 11 eidolon intact cores with the returning the cetus from the plains crash >:/
  12. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY SON (resident evil 7 reference)
  13. Steve tweeted...almost there.

    AAAH I JUST WANT THE FREAKING UPDATE DE, GIVE IT TO MEEEE! oh,and probably tomorrow i think.
  14. literally unplayable

    Well, first of all, those are just 2 bugs, second, this is warframe, the third and most important one, this is a DEV BUILD, and only 2 bugs, and you are already saying that it is unplayable?