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  1. lulialmir

    Natah must Die! (Spoilers)

    "I want ordis to stop simulating her" Me too...
  2. lulialmir

    Something that might suit warframe

    this Rage meter, would need a whole lot of hits taken and hit done, to charge it up, and, if it still not sufficient, make it cooldown based, just like the old focus 1.0 (the only difference is that this one would actually worth the wait.)
  3. lulialmir

    Something that might suit warframe

    Equinox would still in need to ramp up It damage,but as its range would be incredible that it would increase in no time, as a trade off, rage would decrease the amount of damage the equinox can absorb to use his 4 (by a considerable amount) or even preventing from some abilites that might use this system to break the game, from benefiting from it (I would rather have it tweaked) when i said, tweak it a little, i didn't mean all the system, I meant it for some warframes
  4. lulialmir

    Something that might suit warframe

    That "overcharge" system, would serve to all Warframe types, for ex: having an oberon using it in battle, would increase its healing done, change to proc rad, increase its armor corroding and etc. Another ex would be trinity: with it, link would have much more duration and reach much longer, blessing would have more duration too, EV would give more energy (you would need to know how to use it in this case, since it can "nerf" EV with de duration, making it take some time to make the pulses) And i didn't count that it would even reduce the cost of everything
  5. lulialmir

    Something that might suit warframe

    I know, but a good solution for this would be just tweaking it a little, to prevent players to exploit it.
  6. After some time I came up with an idea, that might suit a game like Warframe. But this "thing", it's not an item or anything, Its a mechanic, that a lot of Hack' n slash games has... A "rage" system. Something that doesn't require your Warframe's energy, but requires you to hit, or be hit by enemies to start charging up. Once It's complete, you can use it to overcharge you Warframe, increasing It's overall stats, like velocity, armor, life, shields and etc, and increasing all its abilities powers for, let's say...60% (160% STR, 160% EFF, 160% RAG and so on). Maybe even changing some of their abilities And, depending on the Warframe abilities, it would also increment your weapons, for Example, You use this overcharge ability with Ember, and you get as a bonus, 100% bonus fire damage to your weapons. As Warframe is a horde, hack' n slash game, I think it would suit pretty well, and be a great increase to player's "arsenal"
  7. I want to rename my destreza (got a gud riven recently) buuuuut, im out of ideas SOOOO, i would love to see some funny ones you guys can come up with! please comment some!
  8. lulialmir

    Coming Soon: Devstream #110!

    those vandals weren't founder exclusive, excal prime is, the vandals were planned to get back in the game a long time ago
  9. lulialmir

    a way to make AMPs better

    Actually... Let's make operator great... they were never great, so it's not great "again" XD
  10. lulialmir

    a way to make AMPs better

    like, having more explosion range for granmu, with more damage, crit chance, crit damage, fire rate, putting some elemental mods and boom, you have yourself a faking cool triple infinite ammo grenade launcher, launched from a tiny kiddo's hand
  11. lulialmir

    a way to make AMPs better

    I was highly thinking about suggesting DE to improve the amps, but, i just thought of another thing that might be cooler, and add a lot more possibilities to the operator AMP: Mods. Just like the ones we have on our weapons, but logically, for the amps, mods that would for example: increase damage, recharge speed, reduce recharge timer and etc. And add more possibilities os amps, because right now we have 27 possible combinations, and which only like 4 of them are good for something, since they are weak af.
  12. I really like the savior decoy augment for Loki, it makes me able to basically stay infinitely in any mission (as long as I don't brain fart while doing so) and that is very awesome, since I always get on the way of a #*!%ing rocket, or just blindly runs toward a butcher that is about to #*!%ing punch someone in the guts due to the radiation proc, from the irradiated disarm augment (yes, I use both) BUT now the thing, when I throw the decoy, I normally want to throw it at a place where enemies don't see it, so in case i "die" I would teleport to a safe place, but there is one thing that the decoy does that doesn't help... HE SHOOTS LIKE A FUKING BASTARD WHILE SHINNING BRIGHTER THEN THE SUN! this attracts a LOT of #*!%ing attention! and I don't want this since I want to change places with the decoy when I die, and I want it to survive, not die to the enemies that run towards him, so there is one thing I would love to see in this augment: It would actually make Loki just throw a plate, that works exactly the same way savior decoy works now, but without the decoy itself and the shoot sound it does, this would make the savior decoy augment a lot cooler to play with... Oh yeah, and just a general suggestion to Loki's 1st ability (decoy), when I hold down 1, instead of throwing another decoy, i would change places with it, without needing to have direct eye contact with It, with the same range I can throw it, I would love to see this in his ability.
  13. lulialmir

    Why the Scythe Changes?

    What we have as scythes: what we want as scythes: lol
  14. wait, WHAAAT? SO THEY GET THAT #*!%ING FAR?? already at my favorites
  15. actually, this site has some wrong info, for ex, i tried some random zaw pieces, and it said i would get 32% status and 14% crit chance, but in fact i got: 22% status and 4% crit chance