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  1. you can't they removed also they removed the ability to roll and you can't edit the controls
  2. no the player base is shrinking and now de is making more advertising them before makingit more noticeble but forgetting to maintain or raise the quality of the updates or the game itself
  3. just here to tell remove blink from all archwings on the ps4 version
  4. i don't Remember if is one of text simaris or the mirage quest but is stated that transference limited is the the edge of Oort cloud wich is not infinite but extremely far like its the edge of the solar system and centaur
  5. on the concept art says that 2/3 of the of the orbter are power boosters
  6. the controls are awful it feels like super man 64 the are incredibly sensitive clunky goin up is terrible going down is awful the way it stops and move gave me a headache making a turn nearly made me vomit on the older ssystem this never happened and i played archwing allot
  7. is funny howa enemy for end game level player have a challenge and a nemesis but know everyone hate it because of that
  8. animation of the warframes and the archwing repositioning and re-adjusting when you stop or move to the side or backwards quickly to give a sense of weight and not like a and not like a cube hitting a invisible wall and being stuck in it
  9. i saw unce returned from a earth mission and since then all my load screens are the earth atmospherics one i getting so sick seen the liset on blue screen passing through 2d clouds
  10. technically that is the sound function be annoying like o the real prospctor tool
  11. the blood is tied with the particles and the slash proc less particles less blood or oil
  12. isn't supposed to you stab the lich until you can cipher the code to kill like mastermind and the murmurs are just hints for lazy people
  13. can we remove the mercy kill from the kuva larve it break the lore and makes the grineer look pathetic as their only enemy that can fight toe to toe with the tenno is only created if the tenno wants making the grineer the weakest faction on the entire game
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