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  1. after doing a melee attack and press roll backwards the warframe will flip foword instead of backwards and if you press to roll sideways it will roll backwards instead of sideways
  2. the railjack flight sistem is much better than the actual archwing flight sistem as you can do complex maneuvers easily and fast making dodging enemies and being able to counter them is one thing that archwing lacks and needs as they are small weak and slow making really easy to be destroyed as their weapons barely do damage and the melee attacks are useless and most abilities for some reason don't like odonata missiles having the ability to actually dodgeand engage in dogfight instead of desperately running away because limited moviment don't let you do engagement manuvers like the enemies do
  3. cut 1/3 of the archwing size on all videos and lives i have seen of the empyrean /raijack missions as i on the ps4 but one of the things that looks extremely jarring is the tenno getting 4 times bigger when he exit the railjack or the grinner ships and if you say is because the ship can't see for some reason make the ships bigger as a warframes that's has 1/4 the size of a corvette is ridiculous as 1/5 is makes more sense gameplay wise and scale wise
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