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  1. worsr case scenario more than half of de gets leyoff and warframe dies like dirtybomb or diablo 3
  2. the necromechs part that most of they're materials to rank up the faction and to build the necromech are in so low droprate that i the last 24 hours doing vaults and i still didn't got the last part to built the mech
  3. its a bug the same overlay sistem that show the transmissions also control the images you see on monitors and skyboxs and some times this happens i got it twice one on jupter and other on uranus imagine seen a massive til ragor on the sea
  4. i played the entire game for years and got some burnouts this update takes the cake to point that I have to uninstall this game to keep my mental health. so i ask does anyonegot this bad or is just me?
  5. add a cooldown to the necromech void shild and granade span it because they spam this abilities like a meza and limbo mains span they're ultimate abilities
  6. actually they don't mention the infestation just he was damaged
  7. and will turn half baked like kulva lichs ghouls railjack conclave thompers raids the plains of idolons and archwing you're asking for something that is too radical to a point that it was more preferable to make a entire new game with the amount of resources and time would be needed to do
  8. yeah they should have a cool down instead of being energy based like warframe and i just realized those the necromech get magnetic procs ? because if does we just discovered a counter
  9. the health bar turns grey theres a energy vortex and the necromech start shooting lighting like a tesla globe if you can't see that you need to go have exam you're sight because this a serious case of blindness
  10. one the infested actually can do fotosintesis it's on the lore and you know that mouth things that is used as fast travel i believe that flower things work the same way
  11. they need is to drip feed the sistem one sistem per step on the quest and teach demonstrating what sistem does on the quest instead of overview them and just send directly to kill vor
  12. so you want de to change the hole game for a petty reason that still will not work as the game would sttuter more after those changes as its unnecessarily making more assets to load and unload
  13. probably is categorized as deflecting damage and still doubt me go to the simulacron turn on the ai and shot at then and only exists one sentient with a massive shild kiddo
  14. the new ending mission screen is great for open world is but for the rest of the game sucks its a boring moba/arena shotter end of macth screen i don't want to see my worframe posing on a menu during load screams its worse then see the ship flying behind a menu my solution put some animations of the ships to returning to the orbiter or the warframes interacting on the interior of the ship like this is not a competitive game you can see every ones warframes from the start of the mission showing them on pose on loadscreen is redundant and bad design overall
  15. maybe is your settings as i can see everything pretty well and dosent hurt my eyes the orb vallis on the other hands is like looking at the sun
  16. already exists enemies that reflects damage juggernaut and Grineer warden and bursas also the sentient with the big shild
  17. i just find how they mirror the bad aspects of my dysfunctional family relatable but as people i find them all lkke shinji they are so flawd and broken that you see some semblance of yourself
  18. you waist the same amount of time in between bounty and the fases theres no difference or any benefit on changing the corrent sistem
  19. but de dosent want that they clearly stated multiple times warframe is a speed running game do objectives fast and quickly every mission on the game one bigproof of this is railjack that could had been a great exploration type of game mode in the end turned a bounty sistem on space
  20. you don't see the atrocities is just badly rinted also its vors prize but with a mmo reskin with iven less explanation
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