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  1. Have you see those console casuls? All of them play on filthy pads on the streams. There are rumors that the game is made using pads as well. Not a single k/m in DE office. The keyboard you see on the stream is a fake.
  2. Prime and deluxe noggles when? yeh ok...
  3. Really? Maybe speak for yourself. I fad fun in the 4 missions. Played all 4 with pugs, no one complained do one left, had some new players. We had a bit of fun. So eh... at least it's good to know most will do the content, grab the rewards and move on not QQ about it on the forums.
  4. The rift sigil? Nice! Let the QQ from the "we had to suffer to get in we demand compensations!" veteran crybabies pour in. edit: I see it started raining already 😛
  5. Well we had Shrine of the Eidolon, Beasts of the Sanctuary, The Sacrifice so far. Is this the "DE are lazy, game has zero content and is dying for years" type of post? I'm sure if they rushed Fortuna and launched it in an unplayable state you would be commenting how they don't take time to test things and just want to get them out asap because they are lazy game has no content and is dying for years...
  6. You really think forsaken will be this big comeback for destiny at this point in time and it will blow warframe away?
  7. Shurihoshi Syandana Wow a Infested themed syandana? Perfect for nidus, cool looking. Finaly a tennogen item I'm interested in! Oh nvm it clips when he is in his final form... Why bother to make the infested syandana fit the infested frame right? You got me bro you got me...
  8. Ofc not, you know it only works one way. White people can't say the N word, blacks can say white cracker and get away with it:P
  9. This will never happen as much as I love what DE is doing with the game itself the chat bans are simple example of trying to eliminate what they consider "wrong think". Even warframe partners are calling them out on a constant basis on the "trap" fiasko. What can you expect from people who see the word "Fu*k" "boob" "d*ck" and start to blush and laugh like 8yr old children? I think half of DE staff is on that level of emotional maturity.
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