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  1. Well.... New update came and it brought something. Thanks for DE to give us something to do but... I noticed few things while been playing the update with johnny randoms and having long chats with my few friends about the game and gaming. Im surprised that there isn't any real quest or explanation for Kuva Siphons. It would be perfect opportunity for Palladino for example to have little quest tutoring everyone, mainly new mr4 and mr5 and beyond players in how Kuva Siphons came to be, how they work and how to use operator to take them down. She could also prief everyone in about The Kuva Litches and hand over the tool. Tell a bit how it works. -Instead of finding new pointy thing attached in wrist after update without further explanation that what it is. Of course players who watched the stream know... but for the sake of story and the plot.... please, do consider that tutorial and quest would be required. Not just install new gear on and hope that people figure out. -Or invent their own stories. New Kuva relics... Day 2 and I'm already tired to farm them. It also might be that I am not as passionated and obsessed about Kuva as everyone else must be but mainly because after doing 10 Kuva Siphon missions, getting only 2 Kuva Relics. Speaking of they, could be just called Kuva relics. Just a thought. ^^ And day 2 wasn't any better. 10 Kuva Siphons was all I did and nothing more, not the usual stuff and result was 3 more relics. Yay. I'm not much thrilled, not when seeing what the rewards of these "thougher tier" relics are. Amber stars? Seriously? Amber stars that drop enough often from every mission from crates and containers? It surprises me that riven shards don't do the same thing. What I try to say that as Kuva relics are, they aren't worth time or the effort. And has there been any Kuva Litches yes. Not a single one. I did see Stalker-sempai though. ❤️ I'm not really surprised that finding a kuva larvae will be like finding needle from haystack though. Surprises me still that Stalker-sempai showed up more sooner than them. Which reminds me that Stalker mode is yet to come? Would be nice to have Acolytes back haunting..... which kind was missed opportunity during Halloween. And also relay reconstruction is way late this year too. At least getting Grendel will be challenging. Ps. Did new update squish Loki Knave's butt? O....O Please do give some buff on male frames too and not focus on female assets only.
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