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  1. dont overthink these.. that ability that searches for ayatan etc. sure isnt viable on endgame play but helps newer player to even find it once. plus a hint that them exist. also if ur up for it u can use it j4f. i like it i like to search caches and medaillons and i woulnt like it if something automatically shows me them. there are already quite enough tools available to find them rather quickly. tho some help for some of the harder ones can be appreciated or a mechanic that shows me if i missed something.. i thought about this a lot and came to conclusion that if my radar would show it to me would ruin the thrill of search&finding them. but since there are super rare containers out there which i also love to hunt id say at a bare maximum if my sentinel would say smth like "secret detected" at the beginning of a mission thats already enough for me. lg
  2. gameplay like remind me this on Doom where u would kill enemys with diffrent weapons to get diffrent stuff. like burning enemy to get shield. sliceing them to get ammo and so on... again awesome change :) would like to see more mods for this and maybe more mod slots off/hacking. or make it a choice. will be fine. very cool stuff. thank you
  3. PoG PoG haha i love it i play arbitration j4f for all the fun things u can do somezimes and this new system makes that a weekly ohlolol it feels very overpowered but will be ok. just getting barely used frames to a point where they may rock is super exciteing plus everyone will now see every ability and frames in a diffrent view as before (from "useless" as some may say) love the changes it all goes toward more variety and playing all the diffrent options u have in the game. i love it :)
  4. id would just lower prices and even it out also, one can not simply buy infinite mods.
  5. dunno if it works but that shouldn't ? prbly ver low amount as well
  6. hi, would be funny if MR31 players could call om Baro everytime they need him and would come only for them. But can only buy the Stuff of the current week ? Would be fun not op. lg
  7. hello if possible increase the number of obejects we can place in the Dry Dock, its prbly limited for a smooth loading for everyone. still would like to see amazingly designed docks , from complete caves to real scifi halls :) "flying into the mounth of an cyclop" or what ever :D lg thank you for the work.
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