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  1. then play other games until the content is ready. I really don't get why players are having such a tantrum over this.
  2. They didn't have a whole work day as yesterday is a Bank Holiday in Canada
  3. personally, i think the RNG nature of the Riven should go away. Have the 3 random stats per Riven, but have the stat value fixed. If nothing else, this should help on the database side and allow more wiggle room towards giving players more riven storage.
  4. if it had been limited to just Thursby then yes, but the unicode name is too much a coincidence for us to be accused of over analysing it.
  5. Whilst i can applaud the efforts they went to for the ARG, with this I think they have gone a little too far. If their intend as of late yesterday was to hold off and go with release Thursday, then they should have said so plainly. It's not as if they can get out of it if they can't release tomorrow as the hints they have dropped are too specific to be anything other than a release date.
  6. I guess it's assuming the Profile for the npc called Thursby released by Bis 23:30 last night (UK) was a hint on the release
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