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  1. Ah yes, I completely forgot about this, I didn't relise that i've turned it down to Low and forgot that they had change that way of setting. Thanks for remind me
  2. I had just recieved Kuva Drakgoon and tested it. Turn out it didn't work like I remembered it should, there is no flak flying around and hit enemies, no visual of its flak even when i used bright energy color, at first I thought i've turned off some thing in option but no. There is no flak bounce of even when I use Fomorian accelerate. I've checked youtubers and saw that their Drakgoon work just as I expected, not mine. What happened? Is this a bug and anyone has this issue? Or there is a patch or change about the Drakgoon that eleminate that flak ricochet that I don't know? P/s: Please bear my bad English.
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