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  1. it has everything else buffed but this why is this left out? i know we have mod chance booster but we talk about steel path here
  2. high level orphix mission is unplayable solo and all maxed with 5 forma weap and still no chance to complete this mission at all orphix have too high hp, they spawn WAY TOO FAST
  3. TYPE: In-Game, DESCRIPTION: creating a party to do stuff and while i invite ppl some appear to be offline while we are talking in-chat VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: try to invite random ppl to party EXPECTED RESULT: random person should get invitation dialog for party OBSERVED RESULT: i get message that said person appears to be offline, while talking to me REPRODUCTION RATE: 50% of the party had said bug , one restarted and was fixed, another was invited by another member, 2 more just could not invite, out of about 8ppl i invited, 5 had said bug idk if its connected but sometimes i get message that i invited a person 3 times while i invited once (when it actually works) all this after last hotfix did not have them yesterday.
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