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  1. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: Intro for missions (landing/entering sentient outposts basically every transition between levels...) that you get message to skip cinematic VISUAL: see observed result REPRODUCTION: enter as client spam space to find only host can do it and for all EXPECTED RESULT: press space as client once to skip it for himself only, and others if want can see it or skip it themselves OBSERVED RESULT: my warframe jumping like crazy when mission starts REPRODUCTION RATE: when im client(99% of my games im client)
  2. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: Trying to break a breakable wall at Sentient Outposts VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: try break a wall as client EXPECTED RESULT: breaking of said wall OBSERVED RESULT: not breaking of said wall REPRODUCTION RATE: when im client(99% of my games im client)
  3. today that i tried was at 1/3 missions was getting this when explosions were near the back hole but still cannot reproduce it prob some explosions from other skills/weaps do this
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Void Hole graphical glitches n2 VISUAL: 1st one did not capture here are 3 different ones and prob missed few more when inside ships and not gunning REPRODUCTION: throw void hole and wait for it to collapse EXPECTED RESULT: not glitchy graphics OBSERVED RESULT: glitchy graphics REPRODUCTION RATE: every void hole (probably)
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Veil Proxima Anomaly VISUAL: Objective not completed ( Anomaly one, not even after 2 rehosts) REPRODUCTION: Do a mission with anomaly, leave it for last ( but i dont think this matters ) EXPECTED RESULT: MIssion Complete OBSERVED RESULT: Never ending mission and only way out to quit and lose all rewards........................ REPRODUCTION RATE: 2 past anomalies 100% rate
  6. TYPE: In-Game, DESCRIPTION: Empyrean Mission VISUAL: Not have yet but will acquire one soon REPRODUCTION: Shoot a black hole with deferred tethering on EXPECTED RESULT: Normal black hole graphics OBSERVED RESULT: weird black hole shadow glitches REPRODUCTION RATE: every time a back hole was initiated
  7. 3rd day and still dont have mats to repair not a single item i have picked up..
  8. 2nd time this happens that mission results show x intrinsic pts and then after i leave dojo and go profile to see i always see lower than x pts
  9. i play a mission, results roll it says i have 9 pts and then i leave dojo , go and see i have 6 pts why? where did my other 3 go?
  10. that alt+f4 is faster than aborting a railjack mission or a failed mission exit just lol
  11. mission credis roll i have intrinsic 9 points, leave dojo go mu instricisics and i have 6. why? why i lost 3 pts?
  12. tying repairs with resources and failing cuz of not having enough resources and failing also removed all picked resources = forever failing...... ?
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