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  1. Haven't thought before this for melee 3 just hype. But since u ask I would like to see more info for our combos that just a screenshot with the keys, Streamlining stances and making combos more rewarding but not breaking the stream of the fight, Cuz all I've been doing now is mash eeeeeee with sometimes a right mouse click but except the changed animation I don't see why I should bother using that(right mouse combos) Edit: Must a combo timer please please!!!
  2. Joined a pub meso survival, right before 1st rehost (from dc probably) stalker spawned for one of the guys , rehost happens we kill stalker he gets down but never disappears or give loot. so 3 now except a stalker at downed state all normal. those 2 guys decide to leave and go to extraction at 22min while i stay explore the map, after the rehost time is stopped, oxygen is stopped some mobs spawn while heading to extraction, stalker still there at downed state went to extract to finish this madness after exploring all map 😛
  3. they only give at last part reward and not like the other bounties at each mid point so its very difficult to farm for the mats u ask for even for vox solaris standing cant get next title cause it asks for 15 while i have 5 and have done all the parts and the parts 1 and 2 more than 10 times and still 5 out of 15 and then we have the weapons that ask for these mats haha when they drop from 1 table 1 time per mission and it says(shows at least for part 1 that i did few min ago again!) it has 3 mid points that give rewards like other bounties edit: aka they drop once per mission while having a big reward table and not worth it really since high level and low standing and cannot restart them from the orb vallis (outside) (little duck is there for part 1>2 but not for the rest) (perhaps that standing was supposed to be for vox solaris and not solaris united?)
  4. When im picking mods for my warframe/weapon/pet/w/e at the search can you add more parameters like examples below when i search "<8" i would get all mods that have polarity drain less than 8 or the opposite ">8" more than 8 capacity or "<=5" or "=5"
  5. after i retrieved an unfinished extractor, the extractor ui disappeared until i reopen navigation
  6. did an exploiter orb and had equipped a riven mod to capture 5 fish without miss so i dont bother my teamates and i just leave party. caught about 20 fish with few misses in between and my riven mod is still veiled
  7. Can you add the extract only those who are present at extraction to all missions so runners can enjoy their fast maps and the rest also the same? Edit: it seems also at a void fissures after a rehost i used the same relic twice gathered 10 traces(?) twice but it did not open and after i completed 5min (survival) without key the 3rd time i used it, it opened. Edit2: Can you minimize the extraction zones? since some have loot past them but cant pass since ill extract (when solo)
  8. Went to to the highest bounty and the 2nd mission was capture/kill the target, but he was immune. tried it a 2nd time and again the same.
  9. so with the latest challenges we tried a limbo +3 others all with Corrosive Projection auras 1hour survival. As we played all npc had armor except few times, when told this at chat one guy said might be the rift's fault and we tried it and it actually worked, when all outside of rift all work as intended , npcs have no armor but when some1 is inside the rift, enemies have armor. Please fix!
  10. i dont like it they are only weekends maybe let them run for a full week? otherwise pretty awesome as always thanks :)
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