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  1. Can we have a different message when one will extract and when all will extract? because i think even now not all know that you can extract solo at endless missions edit: obligatory happy new year 😛
  2. instead of having the same rewards as when launched originally an we have rewards like the balor fomorian or the corpus one? instead of the same so as to reward old players playing again the same context maybe? 🙂 happy new year! edit: was thinking maybe something like at 150-200 for a potato blueprint or something like that and every time the event appears for new players it starts from 0 and for the rest if they have done it once then it starts from 100 and they can do the extra 50-100 to get the new reward it has now that it spawed again edit2: cuz now for me it is just placeholder in my alert screen that i get nothing out of it 😛
  3. 3rd day and still dont have mats to repair not a single item i have picked up..
  4. 2nd time this happens that mission results show x intrinsic pts and then after i leave dojo and go profile to see i always see lower than x pts
  5. i play a mission, results roll it says i have 9 pts and then i leave dojo , go and see i have 6 pts why? where did my other 3 go?
  6. that alt+f4 is faster than aborting a railjack mission or a failed mission exit just lol
  7. mission credis roll i have intrinsic 9 points, leave dojo go mu instricisics and i have 6. why? why i lost 3 pts?
  8. tying repairs with resources and failing cuz of not having enough resources and failing also removed all picked resources = forever failing...... ?
  9. as title says my guns were showing all the time(stationary at where my ship was docked) while the empyrean intro was playing
  10. Like we have leave party to go solo at open world can we have the same option everywhere else? thank you 🙂
  11. i have to press shift to speed right? but then i have to double press shift to blink also? this does not feel right slowing down to blink...
  12. Today I got notification that my foundry item was ready but the only thing I was doing was imprinting my kavat. And at foundy 0 recipes to complete And no option to imprint or complete imprint on companion. Can you add these please? Aka option to imprint companions on mobile app.
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