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    PLATINUM GIVEAWAY | PC ONLY | Anyone Can Enter | Everyone is automatically entered into the drawing by joining the Club Group | Join now! | Sponsored by CIV Alliance

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    PC | Rank 10 | 6+ Years | 100% Research | Discord | International | MR5+ | Event Exclusive Trophies for CdG Red/Blue | Dark Sector Veterans | One of the most influential clans in the history of Warframe. | We are recruiting!

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    Fun, friendly, and chill alliance. Not too big to feel like a massive government; not too small to feel like a kindergarten! Just the right size 😉 Here are some high-level notes about us: International community from all timezones Helpful, respectful, and cooperative community with veteran help and game knowledge Occasional giveaways, contests, events, gatherings In-person presence for gaming conventions such as Tennocon Massive discord with various fun and Warframe bots Fantastic Alliance Emblem Historically have helped clans grow and helped with resources at the alliance level Dedicated Alliance streamer with Twitch channel (dezsaras: https://www.twitch.tv/dezsaras) No bureaucracy or micro-management. Open door policy and access to the alliance leadership without the tedious red tape! Whether you are a new clan looking to join an alliance or a player looking to join a clan in our alliance or you have questions about the alliance, please feel free to reach out one of our admins via Discord for direct communications and questions: Kiri#9773, mehrankimi#2891, fur#2037 Or you can reach out via our Discord server and state your intentions on the #introduction channel: https://discord.gg/6uuh2Sn We are the Inferno… Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven - The Inferno Alliance (TIA)!

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