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  1. I encountered a situation in I can almost guarantee causing the GPU driver to crash (for my machine at least). I began decorating my 1-person bare dojo today (as it was almost empty previously) by adding decorations to the Architect Room. I added around 50 props and experienced 2 GPU driver crashes during the decoration process (a lot of crashes for just 30 mins of play). However, when I enter my dojo now with all the new props around, the GPU drivers almost always crash within 5 mins (it didn't do this previously, I was able to stand in my dojo for hours). It crashes almost every time within 1 minute. I tried this 8 times for consistency, and the drivers crashed every one of those 8 times within 5 minutes of standing in the dojo. I then played for about 2 more hours doing normal missions and experienced no driver crashes for the rest of the session. So hopefully this might shed a little bit of light on what might be causing these problems.
  2. For anyone who finds this post in the future, I found a solution for myself although I was not able to specifically identify what the problem was. I used a program called UU Accelerator (网易UU加速器 in Chinese) which allows me to connect to a proxy server in Hong Kong (or any region of your choosing). When playing Warframe while connected to a server in Hong Kong, I can finally trade normally without the invisible players issue. Unfortunately the program uses paid subscription. There are possibly free candidates that achieve the same thing but I was not able to find any. Someone more tech savvy than myself might be able to give a more knowledgeable response in this regard. What I can conclude from this is that the issue (at least, the cause of the issue specifically for my problem) is China specific and DE's approach to this issue is limited.
  3. My Warframe client will cause my NVIDIA drivers to crash resulting in a white screen and forced minimise of the game window (I am playing in borderless fullscreen). This happens randomly and immediately - some days there is no crash at all, some days it happens every 15 minutes of play time. I can't play the game properly as this effectively forces me to forfeit any missions as soon as the crash happens. Every second I'm in game I'm consciously praying it doesn't crash. I don't want to play this way. Relevant Specs: Windows 10 Zotac GTX 980Ti Intel 4790k 16GB RAM I have already: -Used DDU to completely uninstall and then install the latest NVIDIA drivers -Tried playing on every graphics quality preset -Tried playing with Debug Mode set to on in NVIDIA Control Panel -Tried playing in Borderless Fullscreen, Fullscreen, and Windowed -Turned V-sync on -Turned V-sync off and FPS limiter to 60 -Verified game files using Warframe launcher -Checked hardware temperatures for overheating during playtime (all component temperatures nominal) Notes: -Driver crash only happens for Warframe - never experienced once on any other game or application -Already attempted contacting support but they were unable to resolve my issue
  4. Yes, as these players are able to trade as soon as they appear - which sometimes takes so long they just leave. As far as I have been able to find, it is a problem specific to players in China, which also means there is not much information available on the forums about how to handle this specific issue, even though it is a crippling one.
  5. I live in China and I'm having the issue where trade specifically doesn't work. Players are invisible (not just visually, but don't register at all as a trade option) when attempting to join a dojo (doesn't matter mine or theirs or even maroo's). I've heard others in China have had this issue before, but I have not seen any of them actually find any kind of solution to it.
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