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  1. Baro having the item would be better than Baro not having the item, but not by much. Since the rotations are so inconsistent, you might have to wait 3-6 months for the item you're looking for, assuming you don't miss a single Baro. Then it becomes dangerously philosophical.
  2. Hey, calm down. Man's been on twitch for the 3rd time in his life and you're getting pissed off because man don't know how twitch works. I will posit that if you want to teach someone something, being understanding is probably a good quality to have. Now that you have made a clear distinction, I know for the future that Prime Gaming and 'normal' twitch are distinct entities. I didn't know until just now that twitch was a free service. I will take your advice and watch devstream come next announcement, assuming my VPN is still working. Although don't forget that the original issue I had was tha
  3. Respectfully, your statement is not a solution to any of the problems I described. My statement is not a criticism of your response. It is a criticism of your ideology. It is a makeshift workaround where the player still has to operate around the developer's decisions to primarily cater to a US/EU demographic rather than a global audience. In my opinion, a solution is a change that caters to the player, not the other way around. Maybe you will disagree with me here. Even if I could access Twitch, it would not address the awkward livestream times, because this would be an impossible proble
  4. I don't care that much about cosmetics, and I didn't mention anything about cosmetics in the OP. It's a shame if I can't get them, but I don't need them for game mechanics. So I think it is somewhat premature to conclude that I am a steadfast completionist or a fanatical purveyor of silly hats. I also do not understand why you have elected to establish a framework of morality for spending for me, when I did not once mention cost being an issue in the OP. That being said, this contributes to my original point, because there will be others in the same situation as me who do care a significant am
  5. Stop releasing content I need to sign up for Twitch with to claim. Not everyone lives in a country where Twitch is available. At the very least, create an alternative method to obtain the content. The game should not be withholding content from me because of where I happen to live.
  6. I agree the current drop method is poorly implemented. It does not reward (and therefore incentivise) efficiency, endurance, or group play. It is a effectively a loot box system that costs time instead of currency, which is perhaps equally egregious, unless you don't value your time.
  7. Nidus was the only frame that could open the Helminth, so it is not an assumption, it is a conclusion based on an observation. The special relationship between them was not just implied, but tangibly implemented. I wasn't expecting any further lore between the two to make any sense because I assumed the helminth post-segment would be warframe agnostic (which turned out to be correct), but to not get any lore at all is disappointing.
  8. One of the reasons I was excited for Deimos was because I believed we would finally unlock more information about the mysterious connection between my precious boi Nidus and the Helminth. So imagine my ever-growing disappointment as I slowly discovered there were not even any special voice lines between the two while using the Chrysalis system, let alone lore points. Has anyone found any information at all regarding this?
  9. We can define the Helminth as 6 groups that each have a pool of resources populated arbitrarily. There are two primary enumerations in each group that are of interest to a player : A - The number of resources you will most likely not accrue over time without any specific intention to acquire them (somatic fibres, argon crystals, cryotic) B - The number of resources you will most likely accrue over time without any specific intention to acquire them (ferrite, rubedo, nano spores, etc) This is a subjectively objective list of B category resources in each of the 6 groups fro
  10. I will echo the existence of some of the most oppressive trade bugs listed in the OP that I have experienced: Invisible players after joining the dojo. Relatively common for me. Although 'invisible' may be a misnomer, because invisible players would hypothetically still be able to interact. 'Fixed' by waiting an indeterminate length of time for client and host to register each other in the dojo scene, sometimes never resolves. Often results in unfulfilled trade and frustrated traders. I have heard unsubstantiated claims that this is exacerbated by attempts at cross-regional trade.
  11. I almost exclusively play Nidus, but I attempted to queue into as many 4-man premades as possible, and there was always a Nekros in the group. 20 mins after my original post, I was doing another uneventful vault run, when I suddenly witnessed my first floating scintillant. I realised my pedantic investigation of the vaults was largely unnecessary because the world object is indeed quite telling. Oddly, I claimed it successfully along with another squad member, but the two other squad members were not able to (allegedly).
  12. Title. I have done at least 30 x 3 iso vault runs at this point, along with countless 'incomplete' vault runs due to DC/bugs. I have gotten a total of 5 scintillant drops in all of those runs, all of them from Necramechs, because apparently floating Scintillant doesn't exist for me (and yes I've looked, I've spent 10 mins combing vaults at a time in solo because that is how desperate I was to get even 1 scintillant). This is a travesty to me, who, after the Kuva weapon valence implementation, thought DE finally realised people don't actually want to run the same nonsense over and over again. I
  13. Trading is still impossible due to invisible players.
  14. Allow us to change/disable end-of-mission music. Really annoying to have to alt-tab back in just to press Exit to stop the music.
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