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  1. For sure, I am not blaming others for not 'getting gud'. However when you've reached Veil, you expect a certain degree of knowledge such as prioritising crewships to minimise their cannon damage, prevent ramsleds spawning, and remove healing bubbles. The situation is not that different from an ESO mission where randos contribute nothing, but not as problematic because in that situation, a single person can effectively carry everyone else. You can host ESO with that expectation in mind. The difference with Railjack is that you physically cannot simultaneously pilot the ship and destroy Crewships.
  2. I don't think my expectations qualify as teamwork, it's just common sense...see crewship, destroy it, just like every other enemy in-game.
  3. Why do my teammates in Veil Proxima operate like bots? Virtually every pub match I've had, no one destroys the crewships until the very end of the mission. They prefer to either use the turrets or go solo Archwing and destroy fighters. They don't respond if I request crewship priority. If I take over crewship duties, every pilot manages to get the railjack to 0 HP due to knowing only how to shoot and not evade. This experience is extremely frustrating and makes me prefer solo mode.
  4. Finally got Munitions Vortex and then the mission decided to stop spawning Crewships at 3/6 destroyed. No choice but to abort. Strategy Used: Destroyed all fighters first then destroyed crewships.
  5. Even though I don't have trouble with any lich missions in terms of difficulty (Nidus main) the way the enemies in the mission level skyrockets for no apparent reason doesn't make any sense. Seems like Grineer mooks just level vicariously through a Lich they've never met or even heard of.
  6. My experience: 1st Lich: Kohm 2nd Lich: Seer 3rd Lich: Ogris 4th Lich: Seer 5th Lich: Seer I'm sick of running missions for the same meaningless 'reward'. Two solutions: Keep current RNG reward system and reduce murmur thresholds to from 30/30/70 to 15/15/30. OR Kuva Lich's generated weapon is influenced by the weapon they are killed with when they are born. Their weapon damage bonus is already arbitrated by Warframe 'element' so this would fit right in. Eg: killed by Kohm, they spawn with Kuva Kohm. Killed by Seer, they spawn with Kuva Seer. Killed with Quartakk, they spawn with randomised Kuva [Primary Weapon]. Killed with Kronen, they spawn with randomised Kuva [Melee Weapon]. Etc.
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