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  1. I made a pretty cool machete zaw and love the name I gave it, but all we have is that weird grineer skin that currently exists...please let sword skins work for machetes? I mean, they share the same holster style, so...? Oh, and please address this issue with syandanas 🤗:
  2. This bug still hasn’t been addressed: I doubt they’ll address it, but i’ll keep posting until they do. 😘
  3. I regret purchasing the Misa Prime syandana, why? Because of this particular bug: 🙄
  4. what are those arms tho? They look BAD. I hope the legs are much better.
  5. Great! I can’t wait to finally use Xaku, they’re so much fun, but their current state is...crippling. Also, please let the team know about this bug that’s affecting the current prime unvault. Thank you so much.
  6. There is currently a tremendous bug affecting syandanas with external effects (I guess you can call them “energy tails”), most notably the Uru Prime and the Misa Prime, that disables their current state of colorization, and sends them back to their default state. There’s several instances of how this bug is affecting syandanas, and most notably, is the one in Railjack. Your chosen energy colors completely vanish from the syandana, and turn default blue: Railjack bug is very noticeable. This bug extends into other parts of the game that are hard to go unnoticed. Goin
  7. Yes! It will flicker to it’s default blue color for like a frame, just as you described, when moving around in your arsenal, or when exiting it. For instance, i have 2 shades of red on the “energy tails” on one of my configurations, and they will flicker blue when changing to a different load-out, or switching back and forth between the other different configurations. And as a matter of fact, today I decided to switch to the Uru again, and lo and behold its now suffering from the same bug as the Misa! What gives? I went into the simulacrum and tested this specifically. Each time I d
  8. Yeah, status is super fun, just watching all the bleeds melt everything ahaha. I was curious to try out the EkIIJai on a machete after watching a video of someone killing level cap enemies with a Machete Wraith!
  9. Woah, okay, thank you for explaining this to me. Now i understand what’s going on! So I guess only craft an Ekwana II Jai if you really just only care about status lol. 😅
  10. But even with 3 gladiator mods on my Warframe (Ash) and Sentinel (Deconstructor), and some decent crit chance added from both the riven & sac. steel, shouldn’t the zaw produce red crits? Something seems to not be working for the weapon to display having 40-something crit chance, and to just barely be producing orange crits?
  11. I did some testing yesterday (crafted 2 different zaws: a Cyath-Peye-Vargeet II Jai and a Cyath-Peye-Ekwana II Jai), and found that no matter how much crit chance you put into the one with the Ekwana II Jai link, it will not benefit from the mods. With a riven & sacrificial steel, which brought it’s base crit chance from 10% to ~40%, the zaw was unable to produce red crits. On the other hand, the Cyath-Peye-Vargeet II Jai seemed to work completely fine, and was able to reach red crits with only it’s base stat of 32% crit chance. Unless this is a “feature”, the zaw I spent a ton of
  12. Please look into the Misa Prime. Right now it’s bugged and keeps losing its color when you switch into archwing or die in a mission. This glitch is very annoying and it seems that the Misa Prime is the only syandana in the game with this type of glitch. Thanks.
  13. Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know Danielle was the designer working on balance changes at DE. /s What was even the point of @ me with something as stupid as this? lol
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