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  1. I’m sorry but I strongly dislike your proposed nerf to her 1. It sounds very unnecessary, just like how DE decided to remove Xaku’s ability to recast Grasp of Lohk when they have max turrets.
  2. This particular change was so unnecessary. I’ve noticed that the colors will even decay while Vast Untime is active - wtf. Xaku really got screwed over with some of those round 2 changes.
  3. YES. Exactly! SO MUCH THIS. Say it louder for the people in the back please!
  4. This is the only problem I have with the round 2 changes. It makes casting and synching all of the turrets a struggle because I don’t want them to have seperate durations. Apparently it’s an intentional change so Xaku isn’t a better “disarmer” than Loki. That excuse for why we can’t recast at max arsenal is pretty non-sensical, because they can allow us to refresh it’s duration (how it was initially intended) without disarming...Xaku really needs that QoL back. And they need to revert the change to where Xaku’s turrets will turn black like almost seconds after casting. Such an unnece
  5. I haven’t played Lavos but I thought of an idea for his 1. Make his 1 to where his snakes will seek out enemies, latch onto them and siphon health to Lavos while emitting zones of toxin damage. When Lavos passes through those zones, the toxin can imbue his other abilities to create viral/gas/corrosive. Or we can keep how it works currently to a quick tap cast, and you can hold cast on 2 different enemies to send the snakes out.
  6. 😂😂 😂😂 LMFAO gurl bye
  7. Will you guys consider some of the feedback about the changes to Xaku’s 2, & not implement them to the frame with this update? Xaku mains generally agree that disabling the ability to rearm turrets at max arsenal is harmful to it’s synergy with The Vast Untime. Thanks for the update anyhow!
  8. I would like to put an umbral forma on Xaku, but I feel like that would just limit some build potential (for my personal playstyle, of course). Though I might consider refarming Xaku and giving an umbral build a shot.
  9. I subsumed a third one already! Mag and Saryn with Xata’s Whisper are some of my favorite loadouts! (:
  10. I’m extremely baffled at such a tremendous sh*t take. This behavior is intended?! Does he not understand how this negates the entire synergy between VU and GoL and to an extent, Gaze? It’s not even the fact that you can’t disarm anymore at max arsenal, it’s that retaining the max arsenal prevents further casts, which means if I want to keep up properly with enemies in any kind of scaling content, I’m prohibited from using VU for it’s intended effect, which is sustaining an even longer duration on my abilities to reduce the strain on my energy economy. Why am I prohibited? Well, if I
  11. I loved Xaku too, until they guttered it’s 2 and now i’m probably going to put the frame on hiatus until it’s fixed. 😔
  12. Yes, this would actually be much better than how it functions at the moment. Currently, the Vast Untime synergy with Grasp of Lohk is broken in missions with scaling enemy levels. Why they made this change is beyond me, but it can be fixed with your suggestion.
  13. Good f***ing Lord this is exactly what I was worrying about when they announced these changes. Why was this implemented? DE, please undo this change, this ain’t it. I spent a lot of time min/maxing 2 Xakus and don’t want to have to stop using them because of these changes. 🤬
  14. I’m not on PC, but from what I’m reading, it looks like Grasp of Lohk needs to be reverted to how it was before the round 2 changes. Or at least let Xaku recast it’s 2 irregardless of weapon cap. I just knew changing it’s functionality to mirror Shadow’s of the Dead was gonna be a bad idea. As someone who avidly mains 2 Xakus with 8 and 6 forma spread across each, please don’t ruin this frame. (:
  15. I made a pretty cool machete zaw and love the name I gave it, but all we have is that weird grineer skin that currently exists...please let sword skins work for machetes? I mean, they share the same holster style, so...? Oh, and please address this issue with syandanas 🤗:
  16. This bug still hasn’t been addressed: I doubt they’ll address it, but i’ll keep posting until they do. 😘
  17. I regret purchasing the Misa Prime syandana, why? Because of this particular bug: 🙄
  18. what are those arms tho? They look BAD. I hope the legs are much better.
  19. Great! I can’t wait to finally use Xaku, they’re so much fun, but their current state is...crippling. Also, please let the team know about this bug that’s affecting the current prime unvault. Thank you so much.
  20. There is currently a tremendous bug affecting syandanas with external effects (I guess you can call them “energy tails”), most notably the Uru Prime and the Misa Prime, that disables their current state of colorization, and sends them back to their default state. There’s several instances of how this bug is affecting syandanas, and most notably, is the one in Railjack. Your chosen energy colors completely vanish from the syandana, and turn default blue: Railjack bug is very noticeable. This bug extends into other parts of the game that are hard to go unnoticed. Goin
  21. Yes! It will flicker to it’s default blue color for like a frame, just as you described, when moving around in your arsenal, or when exiting it. For instance, i have 2 shades of red on the “energy tails” on one of my configurations, and they will flicker blue when changing to a different load-out, or switching back and forth between the other different configurations. And as a matter of fact, today I decided to switch to the Uru again, and lo and behold its now suffering from the same bug as the Misa! What gives? I went into the simulacrum and tested this specifically. Each time I d
  22. Yeah, status is super fun, just watching all the bleeds melt everything ahaha. I was curious to try out the EkIIJai on a machete after watching a video of someone killing level cap enemies with a Machete Wraith!
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