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  1. quick correction, k-drives aren't gilded
  2. Was it a power surge or something similar?
  3. I mastered every item and immediately alt + F4'd to go play overwatch for several weeks
  4. 7 prism can kill shields but it also doesnt work with void strike
  5. Warframe needs romance options so I can marry ordis
  6. Press C by default, most people have it turned off though
  7. "low fps, 80's" *Me with 9 fps* 👍 Have you tried optimizing download cache? It's been known to cause issues
  8. That assumes you run sarpa, imo there's no reason to anymore since you can 1-shot an eidolon with redeemer
  9. Do note that crit tiers suffer from diminishing returns so it's usually not a great idea to use steel mods if you are using blood rush/gladiator
  10. Just need a decent weapon build and any frame modded with basic survivability
  11. Every day i'm amazed at how many people ask questions on the forums that can be answered with a simple google search and click on the wiki page, I didn't even know the game had a forums until I had over 1000 hours in the game (much less how to use it )
  12. Doesn’t fluctus have infinite punch through anyways?
  13. Sabot rounds isn't worth the slot, if you want dps use automatic trigger, and corrosive does a lot more damage to sentients than viral
  14. Worst value to cost is frost since prime is a downgrade to stock
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