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  1. Hey with this hotfix the Prisma machete is now shown in game, is this intentional and if so is there any way to obtain it? (I had just levelled my last item when the hotfix dropped rip 100% item mastery ;-;)
  2. Some studies suggest that longer runs involving little movement increase the likelyhood of a trade ban
  3. DE has talked about this on stream a few times but it's unlikely they will/can implement it any time soon
  4. Assuming you're a normal human being with lots of time I'd say you could get everything done in a week, less if you rush crafts and buy mods (assuming starting from fresh account) though you could probably cut that down significantly if you plan out a route prior
  5. moar duration cap is around 1%
  6. All the deimos achievements are bugged and unobtainable (as far as I know) but should be patched fairly soon
  7. Why wouldn't I need more dps? The extra efficiency/heat cap simple helps to shave off a few seconds of downtime which all add up. why would I be sitting in front of a destroyer platform in the veil? Also it's not like 25% health/shield/armor would save me then and not like it would need to given how free repairs are. my railjack hardly ever goes into catastrophic failure unless I leave the room entirely. and when it does it's free and automatic to repair, so I'd rather have to worry less about energy cost or heat acreation. as for using lavos this is purely a personal choice for me because I'm
  8. Any frame with a half decent melee will work fine if you're having trouble with life support nekros can probably said but like the post above says you simply have to get better
  9. I just lavos cause I'm lazy and ironclad doesn't really do anything imo since you're practically immortal anyways and can craft more max health, I use either orgone or onslaught since they are the only ones that help dps at all
  10. There is also a (railjack) aura mod which increases efficiency by an additive 6% or something around that
  11. The forums cannot help you with account suspension only support can answer your questions
  12. Valkyr can 1-shot acolytes if you're into that
  13. Inputs per second is capped based on your fps, so in severe cases this can lower dps for semi automatic weapons and melee, however I average 18fps and this is rarely an issue
  14. Any decent melee + any frame works fine
  15. quick correction, k-drives aren't gilded
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