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  1. i Tried to reproduce it, but sadly couldn`t trigger it while in Simulacrum. Sometimes you quick melee in Razor wing or use the Heavy Attack , pressing then LMB doesnt trigger the guns again. I have to press f and change the weapon.
  2. Can confirm the Problem Fully. https://streamable.com/foyklp
  3. mit nm guten team gehts die abfang ist ne herrausfoderung ganz klar aber schaffbar ist halt nicht one shoot ne :d mit den archwings sind wir auch wieder nubys daher mit denken und taktisch vorgehen
  4. The Akbolto isnt the kid of weapon with the most dmg per shot but you can kill with one shot more enmies cause she pushes and punch trhough em :D works like a Boltor i love mine too even after 1400 hours o.o
  5. cant say no i got 24 forma back lol and arround 800 cores ^,..,^ cant be happier
  6. yea or called server crash o.o i would say
  7. Just to mention the between world of earth and hell where the world can colide are Called Limbo also so there isnt in any sense meaned to be limbo pole o.o
  8. nicht nur das auch dark sector 5 missionen im conflict machen und söldner funzt auch nicht Q.Q
  9. in wie fern ts design meinste icon banner etc? oder mehr, ja ich weiss ich bin alt, msn like den hintergrund ändern? solltest vll etwas genauer werden
  10. HackShield

    New Slogan?

    dude not the frame is the ninja cause its a danm suit YOU the Tenno are the ninja cause a japanese african german russian etc. is still one in a space suit :O. just wanted to mention.... >.>
  11. let my limbo his Tophat is fu awesome :D he needs a badass walking stil on first ability with that he does a melee fataility :O if you wanna play ninja here you go ninja gaiden ._.
  12. speed nova should be only be taken with a tream you know it can handle it if a someone rando join to 3 randoms with a random speed nova yap thats the life they think other can handle it or the nova think she can solo handle it . what she cant most of the situations xD
  13. Brakk Pryara(tenno lab secondary shotgun) Nukor can be nice Akstilleto or akbolto kunai hikou (p) Dispair i would go for or stug can mage a good one too
  14. OP you not gonna change anything there realstics and ppl who love trailer to show you what i mean here a good nice old example just enjoy and be realtic and let the trailer kids get spoiled and be not amused
  15. cause infested are a dump clone illness that spreads the universe o.o they can talk a little but they stay animals very sick animals :o so would have any sense in the sense of warframe sense. ._.
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