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  1. Some QOL change that are needed, when we are at the docks there should be a refill all button, and an toggle that let's us automatically refill all if we have the resources. Maybe an host after mission farming timer we can set. So we make sure we get any farming and refinement done. Being able to go tactical without disrupting other activities, especially gunning or piloting. I know the cephalon already talks when a crewships is near, but setting objectives as a pilot or gunner would be great as well. Single person talk commands are fine, but there also be a general notification system; maybe have the tacticians' tenno speak so they aren't drowned out like the cephalon. Not everyone uses mics, and typing takes too long(especially if you are piloting a slow or squishy jack) I know this is only due to a technical limitation at the moment, but clientside picking the next destination and making it hard to troll by adding a voting system if it's initiated by players who aren't the host. With that being said maybe a way for players who really have to go to leave without consequences, like a call or orbiter button. Locking/unlocking certain ship skill uses, I say this as someone who often plays as a crew member, I'm pretty lax with my resources as captain, but I would rather have the captain lock out an ability or resource than have to deal with them complaining about us using theirs. As other people have mentioned some of the artificial limits that feel fairly grating. While I don't think we need that many modules; limiting it to 30, is fairly annoying, I had a bunch of MK1/2 things I didn't yet sell off, and lost some potential mk3s. I don't mind having to manage this but this should be laid out better, with an easy way to mark things as junk or sell in bulk.
  2. Didnt get a screenshot of this, but I was doing a Saturn mission, when it started no one on our team(public) would get HUD displays, so we tried playing it like normal anyways for the challenge. Here was everything that went wrong after: -Shot down 200 fighters no progress could be heard. More kept coming. -No crew ship spawns. -base not interactive -slingshot was bugged -abort mission not available it said the mission was complete -ship was invincible, if we had a crit it would disappear and reappear after 1 minute -no interactivity on the jump console I had to alt f4 so hopefully my teammates would get some exp for their troubles. Before this I failed a mission with a part of the crew, and we went back to the dock, when we started the new mission we did get a quick complete screen. So it seems like it thought we completed the mission before we even started. Here is the order of what the crew went through: 1 success>dock>1 fail>dock>bug. Hopefully this gets fixed :)
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