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  1. I have mastered everything in the game as of update 25.7.4. I have sent tickets before about this issue and the negative impact there is on the ability to rank up like everyone else. There was a response back about a UI bug yet there has not been an update or fix for it. With the old blood update in cert please tell me the fix for this issue because I don't see one mention about it in forum xbox announcements post. MR 28 will be reachable but I must gain 3,000 more points to rank up which happened last time when MR 27 was obtainable if this issue persist.
  2. I appreciate all the free items and Gift of the lotus alerts for previous anniversary items. Not sure if anyone else noticed but I did not see a Seal of Honoring Sigil V. Did I miss the drop or was it just not offered this time around? I was looking forward to the perfect V sigil from the series of Seal of Honoring sigils in the past.
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