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  1. She is an exalted kavat not like other animals that is tied to a warframe in a very special bond that very few Tenno will ever understand. Having only default skin colors match in both Venari and Khora limits the full expression of their divine and unique bond. Sure fur patterns can come close to matching my theme colors but the off colored-ness has bugged me ever since khora existed. I love khora, her kit, her design, her deluxe. Yes a true Khora main with 700 plus hours on her and 300k plus kills with her and Venari. I have been requesting this from the first mention of a khora deluxe and wi
  2. Give Venari the option to copy warframe colors Thank you for the THICC in all the right places deluxe
  3. Allow option to COPY WARFRAME COLORS to Venari at least.... How many times do I need to request this? Like an exalted weapon has this option an exalted kavat should be no different. Speaking as a khora main. Thank you for the gorgeous khora deluxe skin
  4. Khora deluxe looks gorgeous, Thank you. Please allow the love bond between Khora and Venari stronger with the option to copy warframe colors to Venari. As exalted weapons have this feature, ideally and exalted kavat should be no different. Anyone on xbox that is a khora main with +10% usage and +1,000 hours in game I will personally gift khora delux bundle when it drops only for the first week of update. Message me here or on xbox. Cheers. ❤️
  5. This solution/nerf makes the melee utterly useless as a khora main. I am SO GLAD I didn't waste forma on it because I was going to go all out on this weapon today. Even going as far as to buying an over priced riven for it that now would start with a .5 dispo because I knew how this would give me an alternative to combo duration mods and the naramon combo counter passive. I enjoy tactical frames that can survive when casting their abilities frequently such as mag, nova, vauban, and khora to name a few of my most used frames. An efficient khora whipclaw is what I build for because sh
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